Utility to Perform Verbatim SD Card Recovery

Verbatim is a Japanese company that creates and markets storage media devices and various flash memory products.  It is excelled is manufacturing all kinds of storage products including SSDs (Solid State Drives), Floppy drives, Tapes, Multimedia cards, SD cards, CF (Compact Flash) cards, CD – DVDs, USB pen drives, Siprelay operations, etc.

Talking about Verbatim SD cards, these flash storage devices came in various categories and classes depending upon the data transfer speed and data storage capacity. For example, a Class 2 Verbatim SD card could be ideal for use in phones and tablets, whereas a Class 10 Verbatim SD card is specifically designed for professional photographers to capture high-res image and video data. any Verbatim SD cards can come in various data storage capacities ranging from a few GBs up to several hundred GBs of storage space.


Here in this page, you shall be made familiar with various reasons that can tend to cause data loss on Verbatim SD cards in particular and the steps to prevent them. Also find out how to conveniently recover all important data from Verbatim SD cards which is lost, deleted or inaccessible due to any reasons. And eventually, get to know why Remo Recover is the best Verbatim SD card recovery tool for recovering data from Verbatim SD cards, in particular.

Various reasons that can tend to cause data loss on Verbatim SD cards:

  • Virus / malware infections can cause severe damage to all the contents that are present on the SD card. Hence, it is better to refrain from using it on untrusted computing platforms in order to keep it free from malicious softwares and as well secure from various data loss hazards. Making use of any trusted antivirus app can help prevent unnecessary damage to Verbatim SD cards
  • Facing accidental or unintentional file erasure on Verbatim SD cards such as accidentally deleting selected items, formatting the memory card from within a housing device, formatting the memory card via an attached computer, etc. are some of the most general actions of data deletion on all external flash storage devices, in general
  • Physical factors such as heavy stress or strain, bending or breaking of the storage device, undergoing extreme temperatures, physical damages, corrosions, etc. are a serious threat to these flash storage devices that can cause data loss that is beyond restoration. So try not to expose your Verbatim SD cards to such harsh physical conditions which may cause such drastic results
  • Any corruption or damage to the file structure of the Verbatim SD cards due to any reasons may cause the device to get corrupted and to lose access to all its stored contents. Formatting the Verbatim SD card drive will be able to solve this issue, but you will have to retrieve all data from that flash storage drive as it will be totally wiped off after a normal device format
  • A Verbatim SD card device can be a means to store large volumes of important data. Using it on multiple computing system such as on your digital cameras, PCs, phones, card adaptors, music players, and the like can cause that device to turn inaccessible or damaged, having you to lose all of its contents

Retrieving lost / missing / deleted data from Verbatim SD cards:

You can, with high probabilities, try and retrieve all missing, inaccessible or deleted data from a Verbatim SD card using a reliable and powerful flash card recovery application called Remo Recover. It doesn’t matter what is the cause for data deletion / loss on that device really is, as this tool is designed to work well under all data loss situations. By making use of this tool, you will be able to effectively restore all lost / missing / deleted Verbatim SD card contents within just a few moments of time via any Mac or Windows based computer.