How Do I Find My Server Settings in Outlook 2010?

When we talk about Outlook 2010, things go sometimes complicated or at times very handy. Here in this article we will make it easier for you in locating the server settings in Outlook

Step 1: You need to open the File tab which is holding your Account Details

Step 2: In this step, you should click on the Info tab in order to open the Account Information and then hold on by selecting the Account Settings button

Step 3: Then you have to double click on the email account that you wish to look up in the available list of accounts

Step 4: Here you can easily locate your Account Type, Incoming Mail Server Name, and User Name

Cross check: It is recommended to check the Account Type, and it should not be set to POP. Since the SaneBox is holding folders help up on the server, which cannot be visible with the help of POP/

Well, the Sanebox is compatible with any email client or device. The main aspect of SaneBox is to work only on the important emails and get rid of unwanted emails so as to avoid saturation.

More about the Outlook PST File Repair Software

The tool to repair PST file from REMO assist you in fixing PST file not opening. There are various critical situations when you are using Outlook for instance; showing error messages whenever you are trying to access Outlook items or deleted Outlook items from deleted items folders. PST file gets corrupted, inaccessible and at times the MS Outlook PST file is large in size. All such circumstances are also resolved with the utility. Such Outlook PST issues are easily fixed with Remo Repair PST tool. You can use this tool to scan the Outlook data file as well assists in retrieving emails, appointments, calendar items, tasks, journals and other Outlook attributes in minutes.

In what way you can avoid PST file corruption in future:

  • MS Outlook application should be terminated properly
  • With the help of this tool, you can easily view the oversized PST file and generate repaired PST file which can be easily imported in 2003-2013 format
  • Anti-virus software protection should be enabled for avoiding external threats
  • Make sure that your PST file size doesn’t exceed its maximum limit

Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook Error

At times, you might face problem in starting the MS Outlook application installed on your PC. As you attempt to open Outlook email, you could get an error saying that

“Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Unable to open Outlook window”

With such Outlook start-up issues, you will ultimately fail to open or access any mails or other Outlook attributes. Hence, this can be regarded as one of the serious Outlook issue. In the meanwhile, the major cause for unable to start Outlook program is the corruption with the Navigation Pane Settings. You can recognize this easily by verifying the profile_name.xml file that appears to be 0 KB in size (where profile_name is your corresponding Outlook profile name).

Other reasons for start-up issues with Outlook include- Outlook running under compatibility mode, incorrect installation of Outlook program, opening damaged data file, files created in the older Outlook versions and others.

Methods to fix Outlook errors

Method 1:  Recover Navigation Pane

Go to Windows Start menu and type – outlook.exe /resetnavpane. Continue to open Navigation Pane Settings on your computer.

Delete Navigation settings pane: Go to Start menu and type %appdata%\Microsoft\Outlook in the search filed. Open the Outlook configuration files and find Outlook.xml file.

Method 2: Run SCANPST

You can also use the inbox repair utility to fix Outlook corruptions. Go to the Outlook folder location. Find scanpst.exe in the list and then double-click over it to open. Continue to browse your PST file and start repairing your Outlook.

Method 3: Use Remo Repair PST utility

Remo Repair is an effective way to deal with cannot start Microsoft Outlook error and other errors detected in the PST Outlook file. With simple steps you will be able to restore PST files, Contact information, Calendars, Notes, Tasks, Journals and other Outlook entities. This application works well with all Microsoft Outlook versions. Simply download the program on your PC, choose the option Open PST file and specify the folder location of your Outlook. Pick a scan method and allow the tool to scan and repair the errors. Finally preview your data file and save it back to some safe location on your computer.

Tool to Recover Deleted Partition Data

Are you worried on how to restore deleted partition? Well, in this page we will provide solution on the following things:

  • What to do after partition deletion?
  • How to restore deleted partition?
  • Other scenarios for the loss of partition

By partitioning hard drive you can manage your data to categorize your files. It’s also useful if you want to run more than one operating system. But, there are several scenarios where you may accidentally delete partition due to several reasons. However, in such situation, you need to follow few steps.

What to do after partition deletion?

As soon as you come across partition deletion then the first step you need to do is not use the hard drive for saving any new files as it might lead to overwriting and reduces the chances of recovery. Don’t make use of manual methods as it may sometimes lead to further complications like registry issues and other partitions may get affected.

Actually, when a partition is deleted from the drive, you may actually think that the partition is erased from the HDD and cannot be restored. You may search for lots of solutions in internet but you may not be sure to choose which is right. To help you in such scenarios here we are providing solution. Just read on to know more…

How to restore deleted partition?

To restore deleted partition from the drive, it is necessary to make use of reliable recovery tool and in this regard, we suggest Remo Partition Recovery tool. This tool can recover deleted partition by scanning the entire drive to locate and restore partition. Works well on all latest Windows and Mac OS. Also, supports recovery of partitions/ drives from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, exFAT, HFS+, HFSX.

Other partition loss scenarios where this tool can be used are:

  • When you accidentally format the partition.
  • Loss of partition due to the use of faulty partitioning recovery tool.
  • If the partition table is damaged.
  • To restore lost, RAW partitions.

Why Can I not Open or Format my Pen Drive in Windows

Can’t open or format your pen drive when connected to Windows PC? To provide solution, go through this page and know how to open or format pen drive…

The first thing you need to consider is to try to remove your pen drive by making use of safely remove icon on the taskbar. For this, click on safely remove hardware, select your drive and click on OK. Then once again plug in the drive to check whether you can access it or not. You can also try to plug in your pen drive on another USB port. Sometimes, it might be due to the fact that your port might not work properly so plugging into another port may help you in such situation.

Sometimes, your pen drive might not be recognized / open as it is not having the drive letter assigned to it. In such case, open My computer and check whether your pen drive is displayed and showing the drive letter. If it doesn’t show then you cannot access it. To solve this issue, try the following steps:

  • Click on Start
  • There type Run
  • type compmgmt.msc
  • Then click OK
  • Click on disk management
  • Check whether your drive displays there and highlight it
  • Then right click on your drive
  • Later, select the change drive letter and paths option
  • Now, assign a new drive letter and make sure the drive letter you choose is not used
  • Click on OK

Another reason for not visible pen drive might be due to malware / virus. So, it is necessary to perform a full scan on your drive / computer with antivirus application. If the application tells there is no virus, then the problem is with your registry. However, by editing the filter on the registry this problem can be fixed.

Note: If you have knowledge on how to handle registry then go on else simply playing with the registry can damage your computer. Here are steps to fix registry

  • Initially, click on start
  • Then click on Run
  • Next, type regedit and click on ok
  • Once registry opens, locate the Upperfilters registry value on the following path:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlClass{4D36E980- E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

  • Now, right-click on the entry and select delete
  • Click ok

By following the same steps as before, you can find the LowerFilters registry value by using the following path:


  • First, right-click on the entry and select delete
  • Then click on ok
  • As both entries get deleted, close the registry editor
  • Then restart your computer
  • As the computer finishes starting up, try your pen drive again and check whether it works.

While following these steps to open or format your pen drive, if you come across loss of files from it then immediately stop using the drive and make use of professional recovery tool like Remo Recover software. The advanced scanning algorithm of the tool scans the entire drive to recover data from formatted pen drive in a span of minutes. The step by step procedure lets any sort of users to restore various file formats whether it’s audio, video, pictures, PDF, etc. with ease.

How to Recover Lost Files by Antivirus using Cmd

It may happen that your antivirus software might delete a suspicious file from your storage medium. Then what will be your next step?? Never conclude that files once Recover Filesdeleted cannot be recovered irrespective of the situation you have lost that particular file or folder. In this tutorial, you will get to know about the tricks in how to recover your files.

Initially: All you need to do is open start menu and browse command prompt. You can also press Windows + R key combination for opening command prompt

  • Now that you are in the command prompt, you need to write the code mentioned below and then press Enter

attrib –h –r –s /s /d f:\* . *

(f represent flash drive)

  • You should wait for the command prompt to execute the code. You will also get to know whether the command prompt asks you for another command.
  • Now it’s time to check the flash drive. Generally, it comprises of 3 – 4 files and 1 folder or only 1 folder with no name. You need to delete all the files leaving the folder aside. It contains the missing files. Reorganize your files or rename the folder according to your requirement.

In addition to this, you should also remember that antivirus programs are designed to detect and remove the malicious piece of code which are likely to affect your computer system. So whenever you perform system scan using antivirus software and realized that Kaspersky deleted my files then no need of falling into disappointment. As there are still chances of easy recovery which can be done by Remo Recover software.

Want to know what Remo Recover does?

  • It performs deleted file recovery which occurred due to antivirus software
  • You can recover lost files based on their unique signatures even after antivirus scan
  • The software easily overcome severe data loss scenarios
  • It recovers antivirus deleted files from various storage devices including hard drives, thumb drives, memory cards etc.
  • Works efficiently on all the latest operating system

Learn to Repair Broken RAR Files that Won’t Open

Hi, I have stored all important file in a compressed file format so that there would be less chances for corruption. But when I am trying to extract data from compressed file, it seems like broken. I want to get back data from compressed RAR file as soon as possible. Can anyone suggest how to fix broken RAR files in few steps?

With the use of Remo Repair RAR tool, it is possible to repair broken RAR file with ease. You can install this application on all the versions of Windows and Mac systems. It is 100 percent secure tool as it is free from harmful and malicious program. Using this tool, you are able to fix entire RAR file including data compressed such as video, audio, image, text, document, etc. The software contains advanced algorithm that repairs entire broken RAR files from system. The technical support team is available to assist users in repairing corrupt or broken RAR files in few simple steps.

Reasons due to which RAR files get broken and become inaccessible

Virus infection: It is one of the most common reasons for broken RAR files. When you connected your system with infected drive then there is possibility that virus entered into the system which corrupts the RAR file present in system.

CRC error: It happen when you download RAR files through internet. When user download a file through net then redundant data get induced to RAR archive files which may results in broken RAR file.

Inappropriate file extension: Sometimes you have broken RAR file while converting or renaming existing file. It usually occurs due to interruption while converting file format due to power failure or low battery.

Use of unreliable software:  The use of unreliable software to compress or decompress RAR file may corrupts data. In such condition, you are unable to access data compressed in RAR file.

In all of the above scenarios, you need to employ Remo Repair RAR to overcome above mentioned scenarios. This application suggest how to repair broken RAR files from external hard drive, hard drive, pen drive and memory card.

Features of Remo Repair Software

  • Consists of advanced algorithm to fix broken RAR files in few effective steps
  • Capable in fixing password protected files but unable to unlock the file without password
  • Sort out repaired file from list according to file name, file date, file type and file size.
  • Trial version of Remo Repair tool is available on website so download and repair corrupt or broken RAR file
  • 24X7 technical support is available to guide users in repairing broken RAR files via email, chat and phone calls.

Software to Retrieve Pictures

If your precious images has been lost or deleted from camera, mobile phone, or computer, then need not worry, just go through this article to learn how to recover photos easily in few clicks. Remo Recover is an ideal photo recovery software that brings back all the deleted or lost images from your storage device within couple of clicks. Prior learning how to recover photos from your storage device, it is important to know the reasons behind deletion or loss of images from the storage drives

  1. Formatting the memory card or other storage drive that is containing all your image files either knowingly or accidentally results in permanent deletion of entire files from that respective device
  2. While previewing the files on your camera or mobile phone, you may accidentally press Delete All button that leads to deletion of complete files
  3. Severe malware attacks on the storage drive containing photos can lead to inaccessible of the entire drive and so you are denied from accessing your files from the drive
  4. Interruptions like abrupt ejection of the memory card from the computer or your camera while capturing or transferring images can lead to deletion of few image files
  5. Trying to store image files even when the memory of the storage drive is full, sudden power outage while moving image files from your external storage drive to computer, accidental deletion, etc. are the other reasons behind loss of image files

To avoid these photo loss scenarios, it is important to have backup of all the essential image files. In case no backup is found and encounter any of these photo loss scenarios, then it is advised to implement Remo photo recovery software to retrieve your picture files.

How Remo photo recovery software works?

The software comes out with free demo edition, just download and install it on your computer. Both Windows and Mac version of this software is available. Mac users download the Mac version, whereas Windows users download the Windows version of this software. Then, how this software works is explained below in step by step

Step 1: Launch the software by double clicking on its icon. If you want to recover photo from the external storage device other than the computer’s hard drive, then connect your external drive to your system. In the main screen you will see three options “Recover Photos”, “Recover Files”, and “Recover Drives”. Since, you need to recover photos, click on “Recover Photos” on the main screen. No doubt, selecting “Recover Files” also brings back your image files, but specifically you want to recover photos, it is more convenient to select “Recover Photos” option

Step 2: After you click on “Recover Photos” button from the main screen, it takes you to the next step, where the software displays the list of drives detected on your system. Here, select the respective drive from where you have to recover your photos and click on arrow button, which is at the bottom of the right hand side

Step 3: As soon as you click on the arrow button, the software starts scanning the entire drive, which you selected in the previous step. Once it completes the scanning process, it displays the list of recovered files, which you can view based on “File Type View” or “Data View

Step 4: Now, the software allows you to save the entire recovery process with its in-built “Save Recovery Session” button, so that you need not rescan your drive again and again, while executing its complete edition

After previewing the recovered image files, if you are satisfied with the tool, then activate the complete version and save the recovered files by using “Open Recovery Session” option

Know How to Fix Files Become Shortcuts

Have your files and folders become shortcut and you are looking for solution to fix the problem? If yes, don’t worry we are here to guide the victims of such issues.

Most of cases virus and malwares are responsible for problem which results in shortcut of files and folders. Be patient and we are going to fix the issue step by step. Let’s have a quick view on the reasons for such error.

It is assumed that most of the users are having this error due to virus, Trojan and malware programs. When the virus entered into the computer or device then such problem comes into existence. Here device means I am talking about SD card, USB flash drive, memory card, microSD card, external drive, etc.

What you need to fix the above mentioned problem?

  1. Few minutes of time
  2. Reliable antivirus software
  3. Windows based computer
  4. A removable device (SD card, external drive, etc.)

Check if the folder is hidden

The steps to check whether folder is hidden or not is mentioned below:

  1. Press Windows Icon button+R to open Run option and type “cmd” in order to open command prompt on your computer
  2. Type attrib -h -r -s /s /d drive name:*.* for example type F in place of drive name if your external drive is with the name F
  3. Press Enter key and check whether your files and folders in your drive are back to normal. If it still persists then you need to follow next step mentioned below.

Launch antivirus software and remove virus

  1. Download and install a reliable antivirus tool on your computer to remove all harmful virus and malicious programs.
  2. Scan entire drive with the antivirus tool and check whether the problem still persists on your system. If yes, follow below mentioned steps and fix the issue.

Apply Data Recovery software and format the drive

To know how to fix folders turned into shortcuts, be patient because this is the last step and I am sure you must be able to fix the issue.

Download software and launch on your computer to perform data recovery from device. It is a user-friendly tool which consists of numerous features. You just need to follow onscreen steps and within few steps you have your files in normal condition. You are able to restore recovered files on any device like external drive, DVD, computer partition, etc.

Solution to Convert OST to PST File

MS Outlook application is commonly used by everyone to send / receive emails and when you make use of Outlook tool, the mails, calendar, task and many Outlook items gets saved on Outlook Exchange server and on your system. The Outlook files which are saved on your system are kept in Outlook data files.

Outlook data files consist of two types OST file and PST file, these two data files are used by the MS Outlook.

OST file: OST (Offline Storage Tables) is the offline folder created by the MS Outlook application and MS Exchange to keep the offline copy of the content present in MS Exchange server. Whatever the changes you like to perform can be done in Offline folder later when the Outlook gets connected internet then changes get upgraded to MS Exchange server. In Some situation we cannot able to access the content present in OST file because of some unknowing reasons like corruption, damage or virus attract on your OST file, but by converting the OST file to PST you can easily access to the content of OST file on your pc. Now, how to change my Outlook OST file to PST? before discussing that let me explain you the reason for OST file corruption.

What is the main reason for OST file damage / corrupt?

MS Outlook application should get upgraded frequently, if refuses to upgrade the Outlook application then the OST file which was created by the Outlook might get damaged and OST file cannot be access by the user.

When you are performing some operation on OST file, if your MS Outlook tool gets terminated suddenly without any notification then your OST file gets corrupted and becomes inaccessible on your system.

If your system Operating System gets infected by harmful virus or malware then it infects all the saved files and application available on your system such as MS Outlook OST file also gets damage due to virus issue then your cannot able to access the content of OST file on your system.

If your OST file become inaccessible on your system then user search for alternative method to access the files of OST file, the best solution to access the corrupted / damaged OST file is by converting those OST file to PST file by using some third party repair tool like Remo convert OST to PST software on your system.

PST file: Personal Folder File (PST) file is another Outlook data files which saves the messages and other items of Outlook on your computer. PST file items can be moved or archive to another Outlook PST file, because each PST file has some size limit, when your PST file size limit gets exceed then you can move the files to other newly created PST file on your system.

Fix Windows PC Issues with a Restore Point

Facing troubles in operating your computer after installation of new program or driver!!! Don’t worry we solution for such kind of problem. Every system have a restore point so as to fix the problem such as Windows crash or slow system operating speed.

Before we start with the process to restore the system at a previous point, let’s discuss few things about System Restore:

A system restore is actually a recovery tool through which you can reverse the changes that you made on your computer. It is a snapshot of Windows at a certain point of time. The system restore works as an Undo (Ctrl+Z) button in Microsoft Office.  It is quite common that you get into the trouble after installing application on your system. If you want to get back into the previous state then you need to follow the below mentioned steps. The best thing about system restore is that it automatically creates a new restore point after installation of new driver or any piece of software. However, you can also create a restore point manually.

Follow the steps to create a restore point manually:

For Windows 7 based system

  1. Left click on Start button and in the left pane open Control Panel.
  2. Type Restore Point in the search box at the top right of the screen.
  3. Click on Create a restore point in order to customize the restore point.
  4. A new window appears on screen with System Protection tab opened.
  5. Choose drive for which you want to create restore point and click on
  6. You need to name the restore point and the date and time is automatically added.
  7. Once you got the notification for successful creation of restore point the close the tab.

You should create a restore point at a regular interval so that you can reverse your computer to the latest point of time.

Steps to restore the system with previous point

  1. Open Control Panel > Type restore point in search box > Click on Create a restore point
  2. In the System Protection tab, select the drive and press on System Restore button
  3. Another window appear on screen choose either Undo System Restore or you can also choose different restore point as it depends on your choice
  4. Press Next button to proceed and then you need to confirm the restore point that you want to apply. Press Finish button to start the process.

Note: Avoid interruption while restoring the system to the previous point. It may leads to severe data loss after system restore. However, it is possible to recover data after system restore with ease.    


  • System settings are restored to the previous point
  • Applications that are installed after restore point get uninstalled
  • Drivers and Windows updates will get uninstalled that were installed after the restore point