The Best Apps for your Mac that Make your Life Easier

Apple added more apps and offers free download option to the people via Mac App Store to your new Mac OS X. Macintosh apps is a simple way to get more from Yosemite toting Macbook Air or Mac Mini. The App Store offers many Mac games and handy applications that is available for free as well as paid and you can transform it in your own way that depends on the way you use the utility and enjoy with your device.

The top 10 apps to install on your brand-new Mac OS X

The below listed 10 solid suggestions will make your life better and all new Macintosh user will be happier especially excited to use this freely downloaded apps on their devices:

LaunchBar: Just from keystroke a LaunchBar can be invoked that indexes and helps to link all sorts of stuff on your Mac machine. Its very easy to pick music, contacts, apps, emoji, search history, bookmarks, and more as it allows you to perform Finder actions by using Command-shortcut and also do calculations.

Default Folder: The Open dialog, the Save dialog and Finder window navigation are the three elements upgraded in Default Folder increases efficiency. Once the app is installed it wraps all your open, save dialogs and you can also snap the last opened document by setting the file-navigation dialogs.

TextExpander: This is the modern advanced version of “macro-instruction expansion” or “macros” to replace common phrases with some keystroke. By TextExpander you can compose message with selectable fill-in values to automate replies.

1Password: The 1Password is a secured app to generate integrated password based on your rules and even stores one or more identities like address info, credit card details, etc. Versions are supported and easily run on Windows, iOS and Android.

Dropbox: This app contains single folder in which you can store anything and also synchronized to any system logged into the same account. It offers two types of sharing. The shared folder synchronize the contents to all user who have joined the folder and the shared link helps any recipient to browse the contents or download file or folder. Any changes made in Dropbox is updated very easily as it maintains copy centrally.

Skype: This app is mostly used by the people to make and receive calls to landlines and you can group Internet calls with higher quality. Skype has inexpensive calling plan with cheaper per-minute rates, both audio and video calls are supported, transfer of files, screen sharing as well as instant messaging.

CrashPlan: It is best to archive your files, preferences, and apps and able to recover older drafts. You can backup any selected document locally to any drive by the CrashPlan and also provide peer-to-peer option.

Airfoil: One of the Apple’s audiovisual-friendly device AirPlay has certain limitations such as iTunes Apple tool that has AirPlay option that are overwhelmed by the Airfoil which takes only audio output / input from any software and route it to any AirPlay-compatible receivers.

VLC: All kinds of videos can be played using VLC that can read different audio formats and convert videos which it can not read. Directly open YouTube URLs, you can subscribe to podcasts, create video playlist and also play Internet radio channels.

GraphicConverter: This is used for image file by which you can edit image, crop, re-size and up- and downsampling is also possible. GraphicConverter is very much similar to Photoshop and import images directly from cameras and upload to Google+, Flickr, etc.