Software to Retrieve Pictures

If your precious images has been lost or deleted from camera, mobile phone, or computer, then need not worry, just go through this article to learn how to recover photos easily in few clicks. Remo Recover is an ideal photo recovery software that brings back all the deleted or lost images from your storage device within couple of clicks. Prior learning how to recover photos from your storage device, it is important to know the reasons behind deletion or loss of images from the storage drives

  1. Formatting the memory card or other storage drive that is containing all your image files either knowingly or accidentally results in permanent deletion of entire files from that respective device
  2. While previewing the files on your camera or mobile phone, you may accidentally press Delete All button that leads to deletion of complete files
  3. Severe malware attacks on the storage drive containing photos can lead to inaccessible of the entire drive and so you are denied from accessing your files from the drive
  4. Interruptions like abrupt ejection of the memory card from the computer or your camera while capturing or transferring images can lead to deletion of few image files
  5. Trying to store image files even when the memory of the storage drive is full, sudden power outage while moving image files from your external storage drive to computer, accidental deletion, etc. are the other reasons behind loss of image files

To avoid these photo loss scenarios, it is important to have backup of all the essential image files. In case no backup is found and encounter any of these photo loss scenarios, then it is advised to implement Remo photo recovery software to retrieve your picture files.

How Remo photo recovery software works?

The software comes out with free demo edition, just download and install it on your computer. Both Windows and Mac version of this software is available. Mac users download the Mac version, whereas Windows users download the Windows version of this software. Then, how this software works is explained below in step by step

Step 1: Launch the software by double clicking on its icon. If you want to recover photo from the external storage device other than the computer’s hard drive, then connect your external drive to your system. In the main screen you will see three options “Recover Photos”, “Recover Files”, and “Recover Drives”. Since, you need to recover photos, click on “Recover Photos” on the main screen. No doubt, selecting “Recover Files” also brings back your image files, but specifically you want to recover photos, it is more convenient to select “Recover Photos” option

Step 2: After you click on “Recover Photos” button from the main screen, it takes you to the next step, where the software displays the list of drives detected on your system. Here, select the respective drive from where you have to recover your photos and click on arrow button, which is at the bottom of the right hand side

Step 3: As soon as you click on the arrow button, the software starts scanning the entire drive, which you selected in the previous step. Once it completes the scanning process, it displays the list of recovered files, which you can view based on “File Type View” or “Data View

Step 4: Now, the software allows you to save the entire recovery process with its in-built “Save Recovery Session” button, so that you need not rescan your drive again and again, while executing its complete edition

After previewing the recovered image files, if you are satisfied with the tool, then activate the complete version and save the recovered files by using “Open Recovery Session” option