Software to Recover Data from Unbootable External Hard Drive

dead flash drive recovery on macThere are always chances for failure in technology. For such circumstances, we always employ back up plan in order to protect files and folder. In computer hard drives, we always store important files such as photos, documents, videos, songs and losing them is really horrible condition for us. But sometimes due to certain errors, data lost from hard drive and also user is unable to boot computer. What can I do? Is it possible to recover data from external drive that won’t boot?

Remo Recover can be implemented under such condition to recover deleted or lost data from external HDD that won’t boot. This software can be easily downloaded and installed on all the versions of Windows and Mac systems. When external hard drive is connected sometimes it happen that installed operating system crashed as a result of which external hard drive become unbootable. Under this condition, you can use this reliable software to recover data in few effective steps. For detailed information, refer this link:

Steps to Recover External HDD that won’t Boot

Step I: Download, install and launch trial version of Remo Recover software on Mac or Windows system. Then you have three options available on main screen.

Step II: Select “Recover Drives” option to recover data from external hard drive that won’t boot. Then you have to click on Partition Recovery option to proceed recovery process.

Step III: Choose external drive from which you want to recover files. The software initiates recovery process and within certain period of time you have list of recoverable files.

Step IV: Once the recovery process is completed you are able to preview recovered files on system to justify the performance of this software.

Features of Remo Recover Software

  • It recovers deleted or lost files from external hard disk drive that won’t boot. You can easily employ this software on Windows as well as Mac systems.
  • This software allows user to recover formatted, reformatted, corrupted, broken and damaged external HDD. It includes easy and simple steps to recover so that even novice users can recover data with utmost ease.
  • Using this tool, you can search recovered files with the file signatures such as file name, file type, file date, etc. It consists of “Save Recovery Session” option to resume the recovery process any time.
  • Demo version of this software is available to check the efficiency of this software. It allows user to recover files for free but you need to purchase this software to save recovered data.

Scenarios when external hard drive refuse to boot

Abrupt Ejection: If user eject external hard drive from system abruptly then there are chances that external hard drive refuses to boot.

Virus Attack: When you connected external hard drive to infected system then harmful virus entered into the drive. As a result of which portable hard drive become unbootable on your system.

File System Corruption: Due to virus attack on system, file system gets corrupted and operating system is unable to locate files on external hard drive. Sometimes there might be chances that external hard drive become unbootable.