Software for Restoring Lost Files from Dead Portable Drive on Mac

“My flash drive got physically damaged due to which I’m unable to access; it contains essential data about my project, notes, movies and some personal images. Is there any way to recover lost files from flash drive? If it is there, can anybody suggest how can I recover data without losing a single file?”

dead flash drive recovery on macNo matter how data got lost, you can always use Remo Recovery tool to effectively retrieve data quickly. It uses advance technology and unique algorithm to recover and restore back files on the desired location of the drive. The software scans deeply to retrieve lost data, even if the drive is physically damaged. Using dead flash drive recovery Mac tool (i.e. Remo Recovery tool) you can regain precious data from different drives such as flash drive, USB drive, hard drive etc. and supports different file system of the operating system. Since it uses simple GUI, which makes user to understand and use it easily without putting many efforts.

Steps to install and run Remo Recovery Tool to recover data from dead flash drive:

Download and Install the demo version of the software on your Mac system to recover files from dead flash drive and launch it to open main screen. Before this make sure that dead flash drive is connected to Mac system and select “Recover Volumes/Drives” option. Here, you need to select “Volume Recovery“. From the next window select the flash drive from which you have to recover data. Once the recovery process is completed, the list of recovered drive data will be displayed. Use “Save Recovery Session” for saving entire recovery process hence you can avoid re-scanning of the flash drive, in future.

Causes for dead flash drive:

  • Drive is formatted again and again.
  • Virus or malware can infect the drive and tend to lose all the files.
  • Using different file system, while formatting flash drive.
  • Improper usage of portable device such as ejecting or removing from the system.
  • Flash drive is physically damaged due to OS crash, hardware failure of system, Power failure, and so on.

Advance features of Remo Recovery Tool:

  • Software scans deeply entire drive to recover all the files.
  • It is capable of retrieving data from the flash drive using different file system such as HFS, HFSX, HFS+ etc.
  • Identifies various files such as pictures, audio, video, games, applications, graphics and many more.
  • Application has built-in special algorithm, which locates and restores lost files in couple of minutes and performs rigorous scanning to recover lost files from volumes that do not mount or fail to mount.
  • This tool supports different operating system like Windows and Mac.
  • It provides two options after recovery (i.e. “File view type” or “Data View”).

Points to Remember:

It is safe to download and install the Remo Recovery software on your Mac OS, because data loss occurs on your flash drive and many other types of drives. However, you must not use untrusted third party application.