How to Restore Lost Partitions?

Partitioning is a method of dividing a mass storage into isolated sections. Under DOS system, you can partition a disk and each partition will work like a separate disk drive. This improves disk efficiency and has many other advantages. But however, sometimes partitions might get lost or cannot be recognized, when you operate your computer. Whether partition can be identified by system or not, depends on the partition table. If partition table is destroyed by virus or drive is deleted accidentally or due t any other reasons, you will not see the drive you need. But the fact remains, the data from the drive is not actually lost and can be recovered.

For ordinary people, to recover lost partitions is not simple and is a complicated process. An efficient lost partition recovery software is required to restore the lost partitions. Remo Recover Wizard Professional will solve this problem.

Common Factors for Partition Loss:

  • The user is unable to start the system due to booting problem. Under this condition system is showing message like “Boot Disk Failure”. This problem is due to Boot sector virus or corrupted Boot loader.
  • When the drive is re-sized, shrinking or merging the partitions i.e., repartitioning the partition is deleted unintentionally.
  • There is certain data on hard drive which cannot be read by the end user. They have potential to cause damage to hard disk and delete partition if they build with the time.
  • When we are doing partitioning and suddenly power fluctuates, in this circumstance there is a chance of partition loss.

If you come across the above listed problems, it is good to use Remo Recover toolkit to perform lost partition recovery. This partition recovery software has been designed and developed by a group of highly skilled experts. It is equipped with special scanning algorithms that help to restore partition data with greater flexibility. Moreover, this application has been reviewed and recommended by many industry professionals to perform lost partition recovery.

Prominent Features of Remo Recover Application

Remo Recover is a powerful tool to recover lost partitions on Windows system. It provides simple and efficient way to get back partition within short span of time. The algorithm used in this utility works in a read mode, thus ensuring that no contents of the partition are modified or altered during the recovery process. It easily regains partition that is removed while repartitioning using disk management utility. This wizard effortlessly recovers formatted and reformatted RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5 active partitions. Remo Recover software can be used to rescue data after formatting partition to different file system. It will help you to retrieve hidden or inaccessible partitions effectively. Any common user without any technical experience can recover partition data smoothly with its easy and friendly interface.

Remo Recover restores data from erased partition that support various brands of hard drives like Se-agate, Dell, HP, Lenovo, WD, etc. Using this toolkit you can recover partitions on external hard drive and from various portable devices. This partition recovery tool is used to recover partition which is deleted due to power surges, virus attack and so on. The program is available for demonstration purpose, which is useful for end user to check the effectiveness of the software. The demo version only supports the “Preview” option, user cannot access the “Save” option.

Tips for successfully recovering data from missing partitions:

  • Do not create more partitions when you need to recover a deleted or missing partition to avoid any overwriting.
  • Do not try to repair a partition, this may lead to further data loss.