Recovering your Lost NTFS/FAT32 Partition

disk imageA hard disk consist of memory space of blocks size. For excellent organization of available memory space, we divide them into partitions and each partitions can be identified by the groups of files and folders of a particular kind such as OS installation directory, a video drive, a documents drive, etc. that we keep inside it. When your system is unable to find a partition, then it goes missing and you are unable to access any data which are stored in it.

When encountering such cases we need advance services and Remo Recover – a data recovery software which offers recovery of your essential data from lost partition and more. To recover lost partition, you should follow the given steps:

Step 1: Download the tool and install it.

Step 2: Choose “Recover Drives” for advanced option related to recovery from a partition.

Step 3: Select “Partition Recovery” option.

Step 4: Pick up the partition from where that incident happened.

Step 5: Scanning of the whole hard drive will begin. You can also opt for scanning a file of a type but it is optional.

Step 6: You can select a file from the list of recovered files or you can recover the entire partition.

Step 7: Give a location to save them.

Salient Features of this Software:

Since a partition holds a very large space of more than 10GB so there is a possibility the disk might contain bad sectors, so scanning the whole drive takes times. In these cases Remo Recover can create a disk image of the lost partition by skipping the bad sectors which is useful as you have to scan the drive only one time. Remo Recover can also extract data from newly created disk image, thus it saves times. When saving the entire recovered partition you can also opt to put it into a compressed archive to minimize the size of the new generated compressed file.

Other Possible Cases of partition loss:

File system’s Header corruption:

Virus attacks on the system and tries to corrupt the partition header. Hence the partition goes missing.

Re-partitioning of your hard drive: 

Users also faces some problems when he or she attempts to modify a partition of the hard drive either by extending or shrinking it but this operation is not completed successfully resulting all the data of that partition goes missing.

Wrongly formatted partition:

This case happens when you accidentally format a partition of your hard drive to manage more available space. For example, you tried to format a C:/ drive but formatted accidentally D:/ drive. Hence all data present on the D:/ drive are lost.

Formatting NTFS to FAT

Some file systems gives better performance from one to another like FAT32 is limited to max file size of a single file to be of 4GB while NTFS offers features such as compression to files and folder which increases the efficiency of the computer. Without taking backup of your files when you format your drive  from NTFS to FAT32 or vice-versa  all the files present on your drive are lost.