Recover Pictures from Memory Card

Memory cards are a powerful and convenient means of data storage and transfer. It is a tiny coin sized flash memory drive but it has enormous amounts of file storage capacities – ranging from few hundred Mega bytes to several Giga bytes. There are also various categories of memory cards available depending mainly on their size, data storage capacity and file transfer rates. Some of the most famous memory cards are SD cards, microSD cards, SDHC cards, and the like.

No doubt the memory cards are a very hands means of file saving and sharing but another side to these flash storage devices is that they are easily prone to different kinds of data loss situations. These scenarios can cause huge amounts of data loss when occurred and hence they are at best avoided. But sometimes, there are occasions that are simply unavoidable and there’s nothing one can do much about them in order to prevent them from occurring. In all such unavoidable situations where data loss is obvious, there is no option left with you but to make use of data recovery application to retrieve deleted / missing data from a memory card.

 A perfect data recovery solution for Mac:

In order to carry out successful and effective data restoration on your memory card on a Mac, you will require a trusted and powerful data restoration app. And one of the best tools around is Remo Recover for Mac software to recover images from memory card. It is an all in one file recovery utility for all Mac OS X based computers and other devices. This software can successfully bring back all deleted or lost items from a memory card. The recovery process is so easy to carry out that even a novice Mac user will be able to operate the tool with ease. Following are some of the most helpful features of the software.

Advantageous features of Remo Recover for Mac tool:

  • The software can easily detect more than 300 different types of files formats and retrieve all of them with accuracy. It includes almost all forms of media files, software APKs, Zip archives, and all other data from a memory card
  • The app supports file recovery on all kinds of flash storage devices that includes SD memory cards, microSD cards, pen drives, USB sticks and many more. Apart from flash storage devices, this tool can be used to restore data back on external hard drives as well
  • This tool is compatible with all major versions of Mac OS X that includes OS X Lion, OS X Mountain Lion, OS X Snow Leopard, OS X Mavericks, OS X Yosemite, etc.
  • A free trial version of the application is available to download and use which helps new users to test the software

This tool can get all your photos and other contents back of all file types even from a formatted Sony camera memory card. It is one amongst the most powerful apps that can successfully retrieve lost / erased pictures with ease. Also the interface of Remo Recover is totally hassle free and extremely simple to use even for beginners.