Recover Folders from Mac

Using Mac is really an exciting and terrific experience any Mac user can feel that. Its stylish body, rich look will drag attention. Not only the hardware components of Mac are stunning, its software features like apps, functionality and user interface will make user feel more luxurious. The Mac OS is specially designed by considering the needs of a user or an individual which provides very ease in access.

To have control over your data on the system Mac provides HFS, HFS + architectures for manipulating data in the Macintosh. And also gives access to the users to manage permissions to the files and folders that are stored in their systems. Although the technology has developed a lot, but data loss situations are unavoidable. Let’s check a scenario where a user an important folder from his Mac system and how to recover that folder.

“I used to store all my important files in a folder and keep it on desktop itself for easy access. Yesterday I was randomly performing some operations and deleted the folder on the desktop accidentally. Quickly I reached out to Trash to find the deleted folder but surprisingly I didn’t find it in the Trash. I don’t know how the folder was missed from the Trash Bin. Is there any way to recover folders on Mac? If yes, then please let me know.”

Yes, there is solution to recover deleted files and folders from Mac. So just relax and go through this article to find a way to recover deleted folders from Mac. Isn’t it annoying if the same situation happens to you? So it is better to be careful while dealing with important files on your system. And always maintain a regular backup copy of your data.

But it’s ok even if you lost the data from your system you can get back all the deleted folders by using data recovery tools. There are numerous reasons due to which files and folders gets deleted from your system.

Improper Transfer: Suppose when you try to transfer a folder from your computer to another device or vice versa. If any interruption caused during the transfer of data may lead to loss of data from both the devices.

Emptying Trash: Many of the people have the habit of emptying the Trash without checking the contents in it.  Because sometimes you might have accidentally deleted some important files from your system and those files were moved to the Bin Trash.

Catalog Record Corruption: In Mac all the files or folders are allotted with a unique number by default. All these information is stored in the catalog record for easy accessing. If any corruption happen to catalog file will lead to data loss.

In such situation, if you wish to recover those deleted files then try Remo Recover Mac which serves your purpose. It is the best ever application that performs recovery process very effectively yet very quickly.

Some more features of Remo Recover Mac:

  • Any kind of file with any kind of size can be recovered like documents, images, large videos etc.
  • Supports all versions of Mac operating system like Mac OS X Yosemite, Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard etc.
  • Compatible with many Apple devices like Macintosh, MacBook Air, iMac etc.
  • Ability to restore data from HFS, HFS+, ExFAT based file systems.