Need Storage Device That Deal With Increasing Data Flood

Budd Van Lines, vice president and CIO- Douglas Soltesz, is facing a severe issue of increasing flood of data on his system’s storage device. This problem is not only faced by him, but other people also having. So, they are searching for the new storage technologies to deal with the data deluge.

Douglas says- if you gave me an endless amount of storage medium, I could save my data in it. The latest four months of high quality observation video from the organization’s workplaces and warehouses now expend 60 TB hard drives on his NexentaStor NAS and SAN platforms. Video is one reason his storage needs are growing every year, 50 % to 80 %. In the event that he had twice as more storage capacity, he says, his clients would simply request to keep their video twice as long as previous one.

Current hard drive technology finishing their decade long keep running of steadily expanding densities, IT stores are waiting for the launch of new technologies with respect to storage devices, for example, shingled magnetic recording (SMR) and phase change memory (PCM) to support storage space densities. Meanwhile, they are holding down expenses and boosting the information access with programs that de-duplicates, virtualize, and stores information on disk drives, server-side flash memory and solid state drives (SSD).

With the increase in business profits, the need of storing more data in hard drive storage device also increases for the people. Due to this, drive might not be sufficient to save huge amount of files. Then, user thinks of deleting few data which are not important for them. In this process, they do a common mistake and erase wrong data and it will be data loss problem. Hence, in order to recover data go through this link.

A senior vice president of storage vendor Seagate Technology Mark Re says- After consistently using for about 10 years, it expands densities, disk that utilization PMR  (perpendicular magnetic recording) are topping out at around 1TB for each square inch says Mark Re, a senior VP at capacity seller Seagate Technology.

In the 2nd half year, Seagate will start transporting drives that utilization SMR (shingled magnetic recording) to crush more information onto drives by covering the information tracks on them like shingles on a rooftop, a capacity expert at IHS iSuppli, Fang Zhang says. That ought to in the end help drive densities to 1.3T to 1.4T bits for each square inch, says Re, who includes that Seagate’s SRM drives will begin with desktop structure elements and spread to different platforms, for example, storage device arrays on next year. The following development, which will take drives to 5Tbits for every square, is heat assisted magnetic recording (HAMR), which utilizes a little laser to change the properties of the drive.