Learn How Cars Talks to Roadways and Traffic Signals

It is not a surprise to see self-driving vehicles in Consumer Electronics Show in 2017. The manufacturers and suppliers are all set to display demonstration of this autonomous vehicles. This year many others exhibitors are ready to showcase similar technologies which allows cars to communicate wirelessly. These cars are equipped with embedded in road signs, traffic lights and other parts of the road infrastructure.

When cars seek advice from one another, it’s called vehicle-to-vehicle communications (V2V). Once they communicate with the route or traffic signals, it’s called vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I). Conjointly, the technology is thought as V2X.

The hope for V2X is that after cars and infrastructure are all equipped with compatible wireless technologies, the period, automatic communication among numerous vehicles can improve safety and convenience whereas reducing traffic and fuel consumption.

Because therefore few vehicles presently have V2X technology put in, the advantages to average drivers are mostly theoretical. In our demo, we tend to rode in cars equipped with systems by trade suppliers urban center and Savari that warned of impending collision with different connected cars throughout lane merges, emergency stops, and at intersections.

We additionally saw however these vehicles might warn a driver that he or she was approaching a construction website, or on the point of run a red lightweight, or perhaps facilitate alter speed to cruise through inexperienced.

In our demos, alerts showed up onscreen, however they may even be delivered by moving the driver’s seat or through audible alerts. However, these systems are deployed can primarily be up to automakers.

These V2X systems will add bicycle with different advanced safety systems, like autonomous emergency braking technology that uses camera, radar, or measuring instrument to find and forestall associate degree accident.

The Department of Transportation has been researching V2X for many years, however the concept has gained urgency within the past few months. In Dec, the DOT projected a rule that might need automakers to put in the technology in new cars that might share info concerning every car’s speed, location, and direction, also as different information.