Know How to Get Back Data from Formatted External Hard Disk

External hard drives are extensively used for storing or transferring data from one system to another. As they contain large amount of data it is crucial for them to be safe and secure. As an instance, if in any case they get infected by some virus, formatting that external hard disk turns out to be the only solution. Unfortunately if you happen to format your hard drive without any prior backup then how to get back data from formatted external hard disk would be a challenge.from-external-hard-drive-mac

Use Remo Recover to restore data from external hard drive:

Formatting is a process for removing all the data present in the external hard drive along with the any existing bad external entities such as viruses. Formatting creates a new volume on the file system.

Remo Recover is an amazing tool to which resolves the problem of how to retrieve data from formatted external hard disk. It incorporates a series of simple steps to restore data from external hard drive. This utility can successfully recover data from all brands of various data storage devices and is supportable on both Mac and Windows operating system.

Some noteworthy attributes of Remo Recover:

Recovering data from the formatted external hard drive is a challenge in itself and Remo Recover completes that challenge with utmost ease. This application comprises of several unique and user-friendly features which certainly make it top notch software in its own category.

  • Can recover more than 300 different kinds of files and folders with different extensions from Mac and Windows systems both.
  • Provides a very simple and understandable interface to the users with clear instructions provided at each step.
  • Not any technical knowledge is required to operate this software.
  • Is recommended by data recovery specialists from all around the world.
  • Provides a demo version which comes free of cost having almost all required features to scan, view and examine the lost data after the scanning process.

Data loss scenarios:

Data losses are inevitable and there are some aspects under which chances of data losses are high.

Unintentional or accidental file deletion or formatting the whole volume is one of the most common data loss scenarios. Also, virus and other malware infections causing damage to the external hard disk as mentioned in the above section too is a major problem.

Nevertheless, Remo Recover can easily help you to get data back from formatted external hard disk.

How to recover data from formatted external hard disk?

Remo Recover supports recovery of data from formatted external hard disk a simple manner. Firstly, connect your damaged external hard disk to your Mac computer and get started with the below mentioned steps.

  • Download and install the demo version of Remo Recover on your Mac and launch it. Click on ‘Recover Volumes/Drives’ options from the main screen.
  • Select ‘Formatted/Reformatted Recovery’ option from the next screen.
  • Choose the respective formatted external hard drives’ icon from the list of available hard drives and click ‘Next’.
  • After the successful completion of scanning procedure, you will be able to view and hence examine the data using ‘Preview’ feature prior to purchase of the product.
  • Make appropriate use of ‘Save Recovery Session’ and ‘Open Recovery Session’ if you like the working and functionality.
  • Click on ‘Save’ button to finally restore the lost data back from formatted external hard disk.

‘Save Recovery Session’ is employed for pausing and saving the on-going scanning state so that you do not need to repeat the entire procedure. You can further resume the previously paused scanning procedure using ‘Open Recovery Session’. Both of the options are available in demo version for free.