Know How to Fix Files Become Shortcuts

Have your files and folders become shortcut and you are looking for solution to fix the problem? If yes, don’t worry we are here to guide the victims of such issues.

Most of cases virus and malwares are responsible for problem which results in shortcut of files and folders. Be patient and we are going to fix the issue step by step. Let’s have a quick view on the reasons for such error.

It is assumed that most of the users are having this error due to virus, Trojan and malware programs. When the virus entered into the computer or device then such problem comes into existence. Here device means I am talking about SD card, USB flash drive, memory card, microSD card, external drive, etc.

What you need to fix the above mentioned problem?

  1. Few minutes of time
  2. Reliable antivirus software
  3. Windows based computer
  4. A removable device (SD card, external drive, etc.)

Check if the folder is hidden

The steps to check whether folder is hidden or not is mentioned below:

  1. Press Windows Icon button+R to open Run option and type “cmd” in order to open command prompt on your computer
  2. Type attrib -h -r -s /s /d drive name:*.* for example type F in place of drive name if your external drive is with the name F
  3. Press Enter key and check whether your files and folders in your drive are back to normal. If it still persists then you need to follow next step mentioned below.

Launch antivirus software and remove virus

  1. Download and install a reliable antivirus tool on your computer to remove all harmful virus and malicious programs.
  2. Scan entire drive with the antivirus tool and check whether the problem still persists on your system. If yes, follow below mentioned steps and fix the issue.

Apply Data Recovery software and format the drive

To know how to fix folders turned into shortcuts, be patient because this is the last step and I am sure you must be able to fix the issue.

Download software and launch on your computer to perform data recovery from device. It is a user-friendly tool which consists of numerous features. You just need to follow onscreen steps and within few steps you have your files in normal condition. You are able to restore recovered files on any device like external drive, DVD, computer partition, etc.