Instant Recovery of Deleted Notepad Files

Notepad is the most simple text editor that is included in all major versions of Windows OS for creating and editing unformatted text files. It also helps in creation of HTML documents for Web page, writing source code programs, system scripts or editing system files as they do not require any text format. These Notepad files are saved with .txt file extension locally on the hard drive of your computer or laptop. But, under several instances you may end up with deletion of these Notepad files and lose all important information saved in it. For better understanding, let me explain you with real time example as described below.

“Hi, I am in need of serious help..! While deleting unneeded data from PC, I have accidentally deleted a folder containing few important notepad files. I checked deleted Notepad files in Recycle Bin, but for my bad luck I didn’t found any file as I have shift delete keys for deletion. I have no idea about how to get back deleted Notepad files. Can anyone suggest me some solution for recovering deleted notepad files? Thanks in Advance..!”

Most of you might have seen similar kind of data loss issue posted on Google in different blogs and forums. Based on the requirement, the one stop solution that has been suggested to recover deleted Notepad file is the need of some reliable and suitable recovery tool. With the advancement in technology, our industry experts have come up with highly efficient software named Remo Recover for Windows. By making use of Remo Recover Windows tool one can easily retrieve Notepad files after deleting them accidentally or intentionally. Before we know more about Remo Recover software, let us have a concise discussion on what are the factors due to which Notepad files may get deleted from PC.

Few scenarios for deletion of Notepad files:

  • Deletion of Notepad files during antivirus scan.
  • Accidental deletion of files while deleting redundant files.
  • Intentionally deleting few important Notepad files thinking that they are of no use.
  • Formatting of disk partition where Notepad documents are saved will cause deletion.
  • Emptying Windows Recycle Bin without checking its content will cause permanent deletion of stored Notepad files.

Possibly there could be many more reasons for deletion or loss of Notepad files from PC like bad sectors, improper file transfer, unexpected system turn off, OS crash, etc. In all such known or unknown cases, Remo Recover Windows proves to be the best solution as it help you out to restore deleted Notepad files easily at your fingertips.

Remo Recover Windows is the most proficient software that has been reviewed and recommended by many software professionals. Also, it is accepted by wide range of customers for delivering high end performance in restoration of deleted or lost files. The software not only lets you recover deleted Notepad files, but it also helps you to restore other files like PDF documents, Word, Excel, PPT, Access files, etc. Along with Office files, the tool is capable enough to retrieve deleted or lost pictures, movies, videos, songs, etc. One can use this Remo Recover program on all major versions of Windows operating system that includes Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Win 7, Vista, XP, etc.

Demo version of the software is provided wherein you use it and check the efficiency of the tool. If the software recovers deleted Notepad files as per your need, then you can go ahead to but the complete software and save the restored files.