How to Transfer iTunes to another Computer?

Introduction about iTunes: iTunes is a media controlling application created and released by Apple Inc., for both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. User can possible to use this iTunes in order to manage and access both video and audio files on your PC or laptop.

Sharing or exporting Apple iTunes library from one system to another computer is made very effective and simple task. The most complex part may be that associating the two systems in one place and then know how to adjust the Mac systems and network for PCs. Suppose, if you unable to link or connect the two PCs or systems by using Gigabit Ethernet then user can constantly use an external data storage device like hard disk. So, just you need to replica the iTunes folder onto the hard disk, and then eject the internal disk from the first computer and connect it to another system then move the files from disk to the specific path in the second computer.

How to move iTunes library from one PC to another?

Finding your iTunes library:

  • First need to identify the iTunes library this task is quite simple then on the Mac system you can able to see a folder called as iTunes in /Music category whereas in Windows computer the path is C:\Users\HP\My Music.
  • Microsoft surprisingly provides the directory with two various names based on how you like to view it and sometimes, user can see it from a Window 7 Explorer under Libraries\Music directory.

Copy iTunes library over a network:

  1. In order to make replica of your iTunes library, first drag and drop iTunes folder from one particular system to the other.
  2. As you have related the two PCs by using Wi-Fi and which contains large music collection files hence you need to wait for long time.
  3. With the help of 802.11n wireless connection, user can get the enough speed to transfer iTunes music files.
  4. Consider that you have 150GB of music files depending upon the wireless speed it may take 4-5 hours to transfer all the music data files.
  5. Assume, that you have connected by Gigabit Ethernet, then it will take just 20-30minutes to transfer the same memory of files.

How to copy iTunes library by external HDD?

In order to replica iTunes library with an external hard disk then just locate iTunes folder as said above then copy and paste them onto hard drive. From HDD you can move the library on the hard drive in the applicable iTunes folder on Windows PC or Mac computer.