Guide on Deleted Partition Recovery on Windows 10/8

deleted partition recovery“Recently I bought a new Lenovo ThinkPad desktop and I noticed that the hard drive has only two partitions in it. One for OS installation files another for desktop system driver. But I needed a separate partition to keep all my schools project files, media files and operating system files apart from each other. By using MS Windows Disk Management snap-in, i accidentally deleted the system driver partition. With limited internet connection I am unable to download these drivers. I don’t know how to recover deleted partition please provide a way to restore it back.”

MS Windows Disk Management snap-in is a powerful tool for creating and modifying the partitions of hard drive. When Disk Management snap-in tools removes a dynamic disk or partition from the disk, only the file-system boot sector 0 of the volume and volume entry is deleted rest of the data remains untouched. Hence we can easily restore all the data from the drive by using Remo Recover – data recovery software.

Remo Recover is a powerful tool for performing actions like restoration of accidental deletion of files and folders, recovery of a deleted partition, recovery from a formatted partition, etc. in the Windows operating system. If a partition of your external hard drive is also deleted, then this software is also capable of restoring all the data from it.


When scanning of the whole hard drive is completed this software prompts you to save the recovery sessions by “Save Recovery Session” option. Since the size of partitions is usually counted in GBs, to minimize the recovered file size you can store it in a compressed archive. This software is also useful when dealing with situations like hard drive is crashed, it does not boot up the operating system. Sometimes partition goes missing or it is inaccessible you will also detect them with this tool. This software is also beneficial when you have accidentally lost a partition and will to restore the files and folders which are present on it. It supports file system FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT for all types of hard drive in Windows. It comes for all Windows operating systems beginning from Windows XP to the latest version of Windows 10.

Procedure for recovery of deleted partition

Launch the application and select for “Recover Drives” section after it click for “Partition recovery”; a new screen will be shown listing the available hard drives. Click a relevant drive on which restoration action has to be performed on it. Then the software will start scanning of the lost files, the amount of time for scanning the hard drive is relatively dependent on its total storage capacity. When it is completed you can recover your selected files or you can perform the total partition recovery. Now save the partition with “Save” option.


You are only able to restore the data only when you have not created another partition and you have not done any copying or moving of any files or folders to that volume location.