Great Tool to Recover Data from Dead External Hard Disk

Evidently, hard-disks are of great use to us as we store our entire data in it be it music, video files, audio files, documents or anything. But simultaneously, one needs to have a copy of backup of that data as well. But if there is only one copy a particular data present on your external hard disk (i.e. without any backup) then chances are that you may end up losing your data under any unfavorable situation like your hard disk going dead! But whatsoever, you can always make use of Remo Recover utility to recover data from dead external hard disk.

Ultimate features of repair hd videoRemo Recover:

Remo Recover software comprises of whole bunch of amazing features to recover the lost data from dead external hard drive. Few of the prominent features high-lightening the force behind strong data recovery procedure is listed below:

  1. Products of Remo Recover are famous for their simple and decent interface and this one is no any exception either. This tool of Remo Recover is pretty easy to handle and to perform the desired data recovery from the external hard disk. Even the new users could also make use of this with very ease.
  2. This software provides you with the ‘Preview’ option using which you can view the list of all the recovered data once the scanning process is done.
  3. This tool is fully secure from any kind of viruses and malwares and any such unethical entities. Being encrypted with digital signature, this program ensures that your concerned hard disk remains fully safe even after its application.
  4. The option ‘Save Recovery Session’ has been proved to be a great business deal to its users since it provides them an extra benefit to save the whole scanning procedure. And seeing the accuracy and precision of the software when you get the registered version of this software you can continue from the previously saved session itself by selecting ‘Open Recovery Session’. You then do not need to go through the whole procedure again. Further you can ‘Save’ the entire recovered data to your desired location.
  5. Being compatible with any file-system based partition is one of the positive aspects of this data recovery software.
  6. Moreover, data recovery from various interfaces of external hard drives is also supported. For example: SATA, SCSI, ATA, PATA and SSD.

Method to Recover Data from Dead External Hard Drive using Remo Recover:

Retrieving your data from the dead external hard drive is a matter of few clicks. All you need is to follow the below mentioned steps to restore lost data.

Step1: Download and install Remo Recover on your Windows machine. Now run the software and click on ‘Recover Drives’ option from the main screen.

Step2: Now select the appropriate option (as per your requirement) from the wizard.

Step3: You will be made available with all the hard drives available or attached with your Windows computer after you select the appropriate option from the previous step. Then select your dead external hard drive from which you wish to recover your data and click on ‘Next’.

Step4: Then the list of all the recovered data will be shown to you which you can view using ‘File Type View’ or ‘Data view’ as per your interest.

Step5: You can also use ‘Save Recovery Session’ option to save the whole procedure and then continue with the ‘Open Recovery Session’ option to ‘Save’ the recovered files right from where you stopped.