Fix Windows PC Issues with a Restore Point

Facing troubles in operating your computer after installation of new program or driver!!! Don’t worry we solution for such kind of problem. Every system have a restore point so as to fix the problem such as Windows crash or slow system operating speed.

Before we start with the process to restore the system at a previous point, let’s discuss few things about System Restore:

A system restore is actually a recovery tool through which you can reverse the changes that you made on your computer. It is a snapshot of Windows at a certain point of time. The system restore works as an Undo (Ctrl+Z) button in Microsoft Office.  It is quite common that you get into the trouble after installing application on your system. If you want to get back into the previous state then you need to follow the below mentioned steps. The best thing about system restore is that it automatically creates a new restore point after installation of new driver or any piece of software. However, you can also create a restore point manually.

Follow the steps to create a restore point manually:

For Windows 7 based system

  1. Left click on Start button and in the left pane open Control Panel.
  2. Type Restore Point in the search box at the top right of the screen.
  3. Click on Create a restore point in order to customize the restore point.
  4. A new window appears on screen with System Protection tab opened.
  5. Choose drive for which you want to create restore point and click on
  6. You need to name the restore point and the date and time is automatically added.
  7. Once you got the notification for successful creation of restore point the close the tab.

You should create a restore point at a regular interval so that you can reverse your computer to the latest point of time.

Steps to restore the system with previous point

  1. Open Control Panel > Type restore point in search box > Click on Create a restore point
  2. In the System Protection tab, select the drive and press on System Restore button
  3. Another window appear on screen choose either Undo System Restore or you can also choose different restore point as it depends on your choice
  4. Press Next button to proceed and then you need to confirm the restore point that you want to apply. Press Finish button to start the process.

Note: Avoid interruption while restoring the system to the previous point. It may leads to severe data loss after system restore. However, it is possible to recover data after system restore with ease.    


  • System settings are restored to the previous point
  • Applications that are installed after restore point get uninstalled
  • Drivers and Windows updates will get uninstalled that were installed after the restore point