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Hi, I have stored all important file in a compressed file format so that there would be less chances for corruption. But when I am trying to extract data from compressed file, it seems like broken. I want to get back data from compressed RAR file as soon as possible. Can anyone suggest how to… Read Article →

RAR is a compressed file format developed by WinRAR Archive tool. RAR file may include text, audio, video, document file and multimedia file. But sometimes due to few reasons RAR file may get corrupt and user is unable to access data. In such severe condition, user is looking for reliable tool to repair RAR file… Read Article →

“A Zip archive which was saved on my Windows computer’s local drive got damaged as a result of some unknown problem. I tried all possible default methods to fix it using WinZip tool but none of it really helped. I really have to extract contents from it as some vital data is kept in that… Read Article →

WinZip files are widely used in order to transfer large size file over the internet that reduces transmission time. Nowadays we normally compress files to save time and also space in the system’s memory. These files may also get damaged due to many reasons and became inaccessible. Don’t be tensed when WinZip files are damaged…. Read Article →

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