Learn to Repair QuickTime MOV File That Have No sound

MOV is a widely used video file format on iOS devices. It is compatible with QuickTime player on both Windows and Mac systems. But sometimes you come across the scenario that you are unable to play sound on system. Under such circumstances, you are looking for tool to fix QuickTime MOV file that is unable to play sound. Please suggest any third party tool to fix above mentioned scenario without any issue.

Remo Repair MOV tool is an advanced software to repair QuickTime MOV file no sound while playing. This software can also fix MOV file black screen QuickTime with few mouse clicks. With the assistance of this program, you able to fix corrupted MOV files due to compressing or decompressing, conversion of file format, use of unreliable software, etc. You can employ Remo Repair MOV tool to repair MOV as well as MPEG files from hard drive, external drive, USB drive, flash drive, etc. It is safe and secure tool to repair damaged and corrupted MOV files that have no sound.

Reasons due to which MOV files lost sound while playing

  • Sometimes improper transfer of MOV files from one device to another become responsible for loss of sound. It is the most usual scenario due to which user is unable to play sound on MOV files.
  • Virus infection or malware programs is another reason for corruption of files stored in system. When the MOV files gets corrupted due to virus infection there are few possibilities that files lost sound while playing.
  • Few other circumstances responsible for loss of sound on QuickTime MOV are during compressing or decompressing ZIP file, conversion of file formats, use of unreliable media player, etc.

You can Remo Repair MOV tool to overcome above mentioned reasons easily. This software is capable in repairing MOV files from corrupted, damaged, formatted, reformatted and broken drives.

Features of Remo Repair MOV Tool

  • It is designed and developed for both Windows and Mac based computers to fix corrupt and inaccessible MOV files in few simple and effective steps.
  • The software consists of unique algorithm that scans and fixes corrupt MOV as well as MPEG files from any data storage device.
  • It creates a copy of original MOV file and then repairs corrupt MOV file that have no sound. In any unfortunate condition, the original copy is safe with the users.
  • This software is also applicable in fixing MOV file black screen QuickTime. Apart from MOV files, you can also employ this tool to fix MP4, 3GP, MPEG and so on.
  • The demo version of this software is available on website for free. You can download and repair corrupt MOV files that have no sound or appear as black screen.

Software to Repair Corrupt AVI Video File

Ampeross-Ampola-Avi (1)Ampeross-Ampola-Avi (1) avi-iconHello Friends!! Last week while converting AVI video to MP4 file format suddenly system is turned off as a result of which video gets corrupted and I am unable to play on any media player. Can anyone suggest software to repair corrupted .AVI files in a reliable way?

Remo Repair AVI tool is an effective application used to repair damaged or corrupted AVI video with utmost ease. With the use of this software, you are able to fix few different format of video such as MP4, 3GP, FLV and many more. It is safe and secure tool in repairing corrupted AVI files as it is free from harmful virus and malware programs. You can easily fix corrupted AVI video from top storage devices like hard drive, external hard drive, pen drive, USB drive, flash drive and memory cards.

Benefits of Corrupt AVI File Recovery Software

  • Repair corrupt AVI video from both Windows and Mac based machines
  • Fix AVI files from different storage device including external storage devices
  • Creates copy of original AVI files and then fix corrupt AVI video file
  • Preview option is available for Remo Repair AVI in order to test the efficiency
  • Technical support is given to customers while repairing corrupt video files

Steps to Repair Corrupt AVI Video File  

Step I: Download Remo Repair AVI tool either on your Mac or Windows based system. Then install and launch the application in order to repair corrupt AVI video file.

Step II: Once you launch the software, then you need to browse for corrupt AVI video file stored in system. Select corrupt AVI video stored in system and press repair button to proceed the repair process.

Step III: Within certain time interval repair process is completed and you have your repaired AVI video on your screen. You can also preview the repaired AVI video in order to test the performance.

Step IV: If you feel satisfied with the tool, then you can easily purchase this software online and save repaired AVI video on desired location.

Scenarios for corruption of AVI video files

Error while Conversion:  In case, you are using unreliable software to convert video file format then there are possibility for corruption of video file. As a result of which user is unable to play video file on any media player.

Use of Unreliable Software: Sometimes use of unreliable media player tool corrupts header of video files which results in corruption of files. Due to corruption of video files user is unable to access and play AVI video files on system.

Virus or Malware Programs: Virus and malware programs are responsible for corruption of video files. When you are downloading video files from unauthorized sites then there might be chances for virus infection which finally results in corruption of files.

You can use Remo Repair AVI tool to fix above mentioned scenarios with ease. It is compatible with Windows and Mac versions so that you can easily install this software on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Yosemite, Leopard, Mavericks and many more.

GoPro Video Repair Tool for Mac

GoPro is an action camera that most of the users prefer to use for diverse group of activities such as fishing, skiing, hunting, rock-climbing and many more. It offers number of features like waterproof, durable, lightweight and generates high definition video which drive many people to use them.

Yet, due to plenty of reasons that are known and unknown to the Macintosh users, your GoPro video become corrupt and doesn’t play as expected. Some of the situations which makes GoPro videos unplayable are explained below:

  • When GoPro camcorder freezes due to extreme temperature or improper usage
  • Capturing video footage using GoPro camera when its memory is full
  • Abrupt removal of memory card from GoPro camcorder while filming or transferring videos from Mac to other storage devices
  • Accidentally changing the file extension of GoPro videos while changing its file name
  • Playing GoPro video file on unsupported media player
  • Improper shut down of Mac OS X when GoPro camera is connected to it

First of all you should take extra care of your valuable GoPro video, but unfortunately when they are corrupted you shouldn’t lose hope. Certainly, you cannot capture the same footage once again, but luckily that’s not the end. By using advanced GoPro video repair utility from Remo, you can safely repair GoPro video and make them playable within fraction of minutes.

How GoPro video repair tool from Remo works?

Remo Repair AVI is an effective video repair software which will repair GoPro video file that is not playing on any media player within few clicks. The software effortlessly fix corrupted, damaged or even broken video from GoPro and make it playable without further damage to the original video file. Since, this application works in read-only mode which will never modify or change the original GoPro file content while fixing it. It works exceptionally well in repairing GoPro videos that are recorded on different models of GoPro camcorders such as GoPro Helmet, GoPro Hero securely.

Additionally, Remo Repair enables you to repair unplayable GoPro video that is stored in various devices like internal / external hard drive, SD cards, USB drive, iPods, etc. Other than fixing GoPro video file, you can use this utility to repair videos created on different camera brands such as Samsung, Kodak, Canon, Panasonic, Nikon, Olympus and so on.

Other added benefits of using Remo Repair applications are:

  • Repair inaccessible GoPro video files that are oversized
  • Fixes various file formats like audio, picture, images, documents, etc. from HFS, HFS+ and HFSX file system
  • Videos that are not playing in QuickTime media player will also be repaired by this video repair application
  • Even repair GoPro video file that is not playable due to synchronization issue
  • Toolkit is compatible to repair video files on all popular versions of Mac OS X
  • Demo version of Remo Repair program is available for free of charge which you can download and preview the repaired video prior purchasing the software
  • It comes with user friendly GUI that gives directions to the Mac users to operate the utility and you can also contact us anytime if you have any issues related to the tool

Safety measures:

  • Before capturing video footage ensure that your GoPro camera battery is full
  • Avoid ejecting memory card while GoPro is still processing video file
  • Do not use the same memory card on multiple devices

How to Repair HD Videos in Mac

The reason users prefers to watch HD videos is mainly for clarity in both audio as well as visual elements. But corrupted HD videos will make you go crazy. You may have the video shot with your friends on a vacation and you need to repair it. Remo video repair utility will fix the broken or corrupted HD video files easily.  The HD video repair tool mac works on each and individual pixel of the video and repairs it for the purpose of graphical display.

Attributes of Remo Repair MOV Mac

  • The utility covers most of the HD video types such as AVI, XVID, DIVX, MP4, etc. So, you won’t get any file compatibility issue using this software.
  • repair hd videoWorks in read-only mode on corrupt HD videos, so the original file remains same and it splits the video into multiple parts for effective repair process and adjoins them at the end leaving repaired HD video.
  • The software is supported by all latest versions of Mac including Mavericks and Yosemite.
  • The utility repairs HD videos shot with cameras and mobiles of almost all major brands like Kodak, GoPro, iPhone, DSLR, etc.
  • It supports the audio and video codecs required for HD videos and thus enabling users to go with repair process seamlessly.

There are some factors which determine the video quality. It also affects the internal video algorithm leaving the file corrupted.

Some of the factors are:

  • Disruption while moving HD videos from external to internal memory and vice versa. During the disruption, the videos possibly get corrupt with missing partial data required to play.
  • The HD video data might get corrupt when converting it to different file formats especially to the HD file formats.
    When playing the videos with unreliable third party utility, it may try to play it with incompatible audio and video codecs producing broken video.
  • Malware and Trojan attacks on computer not only make changes to the programs but also corrupt media files including HD video.

Remo Repair MOV Functionality

The utility process the video files separately, leaving the original files unscathed. It uses a powerful algorithm to go through all the pixels in a video file. When it comes to HD video, it contains a lot of pixels as it gives you HD look by merging all those pixels at necessary places and produces great video quality. The corrupted video sometimes will act weird freezing the video player and stuck at some point leaving the video unplayable afterwards. Remo Repair utility identifies the actual problem as it contains solutions to many problems causing the video corrupt. It identifies and resolves by making necessary changes to the file but not alters the actual file.

You can download the free trial version and install it on your Mac. Follow the steps to try fixing corrupt or broken HD video files using Remo Repair MOV and see the results. The “Preview” option available in the version is used to view the repaired files. The activated version is required to save or retrieve the files as full playable HD videos to your desired storage media.

Fix AVI File Windows

“Hi friends I have so many AVI file stored in my Windows Operating System. Till few days there was no problem playing video files. But since two days they are not playing smoothly. I think those files got corrupted but I am not sure what was the actual problem. Is there any tool that can repair AVI file? If yes, then kindly share it with me.”

AVI is the most used video data file kind that’s gathering popularity currently pertaining to store video files with high definition.AVI supports lots of video formats without any codec issues and this made it more popular among users. Many times, you may come across some difficulties while playing AVI video files. Frequently, this particular problem arises when AVI video files get damaged because of a number of factors, such as, virus invasion, data file system corruption, quick electric power failing, and many others.

Even then, don’t get tensed, since you are the right place to get solution for your problem. You possibly can fix all the errors successfully that creates data corruption through the use of Remo Repair AVI software. It keeps the quality of output AVI video and will be same as just before data corruption. Before you go with the mending process, let’s list out the possible mistakes that could come while playing any infected AVI video file.

What sorts of difficulties you could possibly encounter while playing damaged AVI video:

  • The AVI video is playing but without sound and sometimes sound is audible but no video is playing.
  • The video will never open up in any kind of player.
  • The image gets freeze, but sound continues to play.
  • Audio, video is not synchronized.

Remo Repair AVI offers a clever approach that will help you in fixing corrupted or damaged AVI files which consists of superb functionalities. The software is very smart enough that it will find all the corrupted files and it repairs on its own with it’s in –built repair algorithm. It is a non-destructive program which creates a healthy copy of the damaged video file so that it won’t harm the original source file.

The software is shaped out with simple user interface which will help users to mend the files without any difficulty. As soon as it finishes the process of repairing the AVI files, the software allows the end user to Preview the results before restoring them to your system. The tool is available in trial version with all the features embed in the licensed version except the ‘Save’ option for storing files into your system. In order to save those repaired files you can buy the licensed version of the software. This feature allows user to evaluate the capability of the software so that a user can decide whether to invest on it or not.

Factors making AVI video file damaged:

You can find so many reasons for this particular AVI video file corruption like unsupported media player, unfinished download, codec errors, power outages, header file corruption, CRC problem, external risks, and many others. When these kinds of troubles come, you can find aid from Remo Repair AVI application in order to make your damaged AVI video playable on your Windows Computer.