Software to Retrieve Deleted My Documents Folder

Document folder is one which is the default storage of your computer. All the download materials are stored in this section. All MS Office attributes like document files, excel sheets, PowerPoint are also placed in this folder. Apart from these, your photos, eBooks, Bluetooth files, Outlook PST files are stored in this drive. To speak in a nutshell, this is the most important folder in your laptop or PC. Imagine one scene that you lost this drive accidentally. What would you feel?

Here I am sharing one experience of mine. Once I was deleting some junk folders from my laptop and unfortunately I deleted my documents folder by mistake. I was really worried by that time and searched for a recovery tool and found one in a name of Remo Recover which really helped me get my document folder back without any data loss. If you face such problem ever in future then I would highly recommend you to use one of the best recovery tools i.e.: Remo Recover.

Why to use Remo Recover:

This is really a million dollar question. And to get a satisfactory answer you have to read the below mentioned points regarding this tool.

  • Remo Recover scans the entire system in a few minutes and retrieves all the deleted data easily. It can recover deleted data from formatted or partitioned drives and also from the drives that are not mounted at the time of OS installation.
  • This software is compatible with most versions of Windows like Windows Vista, Windows XP to Windows 2000, 2003, Windows 7 / 8 / 10 and it provides a very good user interface with the simplest steps to run so that even a newly aware person can execute this tool easily.
  • This tool can easily identify and recover more than 300 file types and sort these files according to any one file configuration like file name, file size, file extension, etc.
  • By creating a Disk Image, it bypasses the Bad Sector area and then it recovers all the data that were previously preserved in that section.
  • One of the fascinating features of this tool is that after completion of the recovery process, it helps you have a preview for the recovered files and folders. You can access the data from the preview window which shows steady and reliable performance of this software, Remo Recover.
  • For time saving purpose, you can pause and resume the scanning process anytime you want with the help of the “Save Recovery Session” Option.

Scenarios of My Document folder Deletion:

  • Delete using Shift + Delete combination will surely make you pay for this. You won’t be able to restore the files from Recycle Bin as of manual delete helps you do so.
  • Third Party Application: Use of any unlicensed third party tools may delete your document folder completely.
  • Virus or Malware attack is another cause of losing your document folder completely.
  • Formatting / reformatting or partitioning / repartitioning of your storage drives at the time of new OS installation, there may be chance of permanent loss of the document folders.

Apart from these above said factors there may be some other causes that may delete your “My Document Folder” permanently. You should be very conscious about such factors of losing your valuable folder.