Free Tool to Unformat SD Card

Formatting SD card either intentionally or unintentionally without taking any data backup causes permanent deletion of entire files from it. Sometimes, we commit mistake and format our SD memory cards whereas some circumstances force us to format our SD cards that in turn leads to loss of entire data from SD card. Apart from accidental formatting, there are various other scenarios in which we format our SD memory cards, let us see them in brief

  1. Abrupt ejection of SD card from camera, camcorder, computer and other gadgets when read or write process is going on can damage its file system that makes it inaccessible
  2. Corruption in SD card due to severe virus intrusion can result in inaccessibility of data stored in it, which in turn force you to format the SD card
  3. Mishandling of SD card or using the same SD card on multiple devices can corrupt the card, as a result you may encounter format error message
  4. Formatting the SD card intentionally when you encounter various errors during file system conversion

Besides above said circumstances, there are plenty of other scenarios wherein we may format our SD cards. However, whatever may be the scenarios and reasons behind formatting the SD card, there is a monster data recovery tool that acts as a perfect solution for a query like how to unformat SD card. To unformat SD card Windows running computers, first thing you need to do is immediately stop usage of the formatted SD card to prevent overwriting of data files. Then, you can easily recover files from formatted SD card by using suitable SD card data recovery tool

How to unformat SD card?

Remo Recover is a perfect SD card data recovery tool that guides you how to unformat SD card on all Windows running systems like Windows 10, Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows 2000, Server 2003 and 2008, Windows 7, Vista, XP, etc. All you need to do is just download the free demo edition of this unformat SD card Windows software on your Windows system and execute it. It is well equipped with advanced scanning mechanism that assists in performing deep scanning of SD card and retrieving files from it. Once it finishes recovery process, permits you to view the recovered files in either File Type View or Data View. So that before purchasing the complete version of the tool, you can decide the ability of the tool by previewing the recovered files prior restoration

Advanced features of Remo Recover tool:

  1. It recovers all formats of photos, videos, audio files, and other media files from SD card, xD card, MMC card, SDXC card, SDHC card, CF card, and other memory cards with utmost ease
  2. Supports recovery of formatted files from almost all major brands of memory cards such as SanDisk, Sony, Samsung, Transcend, Kingston, Toshiba, etc.
  3. It is a non-destructive tool, as it operates in read only mode, and so it ensures safe and secure data files recovery without modifying the original contents of the files
  4. Not only SD memory card, it also supports recovery from all other data storage devices including computer’s internal as well as external hard disk drives, pen drives, USB flash drives, FireWire drives, thumb drives, and many more
  5. Easily restores formatted, reformatted, corrupted, damaged, and broken SD card that is formatted with various file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, and ExFAT

Tips to avoid data loss:

  1. It is always a good idea to have a backup of all the essential files and folders on safe storage devices
  2. Do not abruptly eject your SD card from any device during read or write process going on
  3. Never connect or transfer files to your SD card from virus infected device

Simple Steps to Restore Formatted Camera Memory Card

The main source for storing captured images, and recorded videos in our digital cameras is camera card that is most commonly known as memory card. We usually capture hundreds of images and record videos in various occasions like birthday parties, marriage functions, trip events, and many more. All these captured pictures and videos will be stored in camera card, which we use as an external storage device in our cameras.

However, sometimes we format our camera card and lose all our data within no time. It could accidental or some circumstances force us to format our camera memory card and lose all our data. Now, let us see some scenarios under which we format our camera card, so that we can be careful and try to avoid them in future.

  1. At times, when our camera card plugged in to our system, we format it by mistake instead of our computer’s hard drive. Thereby losing all our data within no time
  2. When the file system of our camera card gets corrupt, we format it in order to regain access to it. Usually file system gets corrupt due to improper usage of the device
  3. Virus/malware infection, formation of excessive bad sectors, etc. are the scenarios under which we usually format our camera cards and lose huge amount of data

Who knows the future happenings, so it is better to have a copy of all your important files. So that, if you come across any of these scenarios, you need not worry and also no need to invest on data recovery tools. In case, if you don’t have data backup and come across any of these circumstances, then you need to rely on powerful and reliable data recovery tool Remo Recover software to recover formatted camera card.

Recover Formatted Camera Card with Remo Recover Software:


As soon as you format your camera memory card, immediately stop further usage of it in order to avoid overwriting of files. Saving new files on the formatted camera card reduces the chance of recovery. Then, make use of Remo Recover software and recover formatted camera card in couple of clicks. Advanced scanning algorithms embedded in this software helps in performing deep scanning of the memory card and recovering pictures, videos, music files, and many more file types. It comes out with free demo version, enabling users to evaluate the tool before purchase. After running the demo version, you are facilitated to view the recovered files either in File Type View or Data View. Then, purchase the tool and save all the recovered files at your desire location without rescanning your memory card, as you can resume with the saved recovery session using “Open Recovery Session” while running the licensed version.

Features of Remo Recover Tool:

Remo Recover software supports corrupted as well as formatted camera card recovery on different versions of Windows such as Windows 10, Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008, Windows 2000, etc. With this utility, you can retrieve data from xD card, SDXC card, MMC card, SDHC card, CF card, and many more memory card types with utmost ease. Apart from memory cards, it also recovers deleted and lost data from external hard drives, pen drives, flash drives, FireWire drives, etc.

Unformat Mac

Formatting is quite normal nowadays, people format hard drive / external storage devices knowingly or unknowingly and end up facing huge amount of data loss stored in it. To help you in all kinds of format related issues Remo has come up with the one of the excellent Mac recovery application known as Remo Recover for Mac. It is quite influential and easy navigation recovery tool. It is designed to perform formatted Mac recovery process in few simple steps.

It performs complete scanning and searching for recovering data that is lost due to formatting drive. It is built and developed with unique algorithm which makes it possible to recover formatted Mac along with complete files and folders stored in it.

Formatting Mac hard drive doesn’t really remove entire data from it, instead the file content will still be present after format process. Only thing is, you should not add any new files to the same drive as adding new data will overwrite the deleted one. So avoid adding new files into it.

Remo Recover Restores:

  • Deleted files and folders
  • Formatted disk data
  • Files from various storage devices such as internal memory and external devices like Memory cards, Memory Stick, USB flash drives, Digital Cameras, and many others
  • Different types of files like Audios, Videos, Images, and other documents of various file formats such as JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF, JPEG, TIFF, IMG, BMP, PSD, TXT, DOC, HTML, DOCX, PDF, XLM, and many others

Regardless of the reasons for formatting Mac, Remo Recover can still find your data! Remo Recover tool is easy to use, yet more powerful and dynamic that it is used daily by recovery specialists and many people world wide. It is compatible with all versions of Macs such as Yosemite, Mavericks, Snow Leopard, Leopard, Mountain Lion, and etc including various storage devices.

Few reasons behind formatting hard disks are mentioned below:

  • Accidentally formatting volume in order to increase the storage capacity
  • Intentional formatting of the drive
  • Format error while accessing files stored in it, which may force you to format the disk on Mac in order to access those data

Above are some of the commonly known formatting issues which many people may come across, but regardless of these causes Remo Recover is capable of recovering data from hard drive after format in few simple steps.

Features of Remo Recover Software:

  • Provides preview option of the recovered files before restoring them onto your host system
  • Recover file from hard disk drive having SCSI, SATA, IDE interfaces with FAT, HFS, HFS+ file systems
  • Restored data can be viewed either in “Data Type View” or “File Type View”
  • Free demo version of this software is available in the market
  • Retrieved files can be separated on the basis of its file name, file type, and file size
  • Do not alter the original content of the file while recovering. So one can feel safe regarding files and can fearlessly install this software
  • Remo Recover is free from all kinds of external threats, one can feel safe while downloading and installing this tool
  • Requires less installation space, hardly 50 MB


  • Maintain multiple copies of essential data
  • Make sure you have all files with you before formatting any drives

Restore Data from Laptop after Format

Laptops are portable mini computers that enable a user to accomplish all tasks which are possible using a desktop. These systems come extremely handy and useful for professional computer users, educational purposes, etc. Windows OS based laptops are equipped with more or less the same configurations that of desktop computers, with same Windows operating system.

Likewise to Windows based desktops, there can be many situations that may force you to format your Windows laptop, and some of those most general ones are listed below:

  • The current version of Windows operating system has got corrupted on the laptop, reducing overall performance. Similarly, one may want to change or upgrade the Windows operating system version installed on it
  • The laptop’s hard disk drive is severely infected with viruses and other malignant softwares and the stored contents are irreparable. In this case, the only option to recover from this scenario is to format the entire volume
  • In order to change the file system of the laptop’s hard drive, such as from FAT to NTFS system, etc., one may have to format it

Let the reason for formatting a laptop’s hard drives be anything, the main thing is to create a backup all important data from the Windows laptop which is to be formatted, as a counter measure in case anything goes wrong during the process. But it is sometimes possible that you are not able to create backup due to any restrictions or you just ignored it before formatting, leading you to totally lose access to all data from the laptop.

Recovering data after formatting Windows laptop:

Formatting any storage volume completely wipes off all information that is present on it and resets all its settings to their respective defaults. After formatting, a laptop would resemble a new system which is just out of the showroom. However, there are a few third party data recovery tools that can recover data even after a laptop is formatted, and one of the most efficient and highly recommended app amongst them is Remo Recover.

While restoring data from a formatted Windows laptop, Remo Recover software scans for any remains of deleted contents on any given drive, fixes them and makes them available to the operating system. Following are some of the most resourceful features of Remo Recover which can be beneficial for restoring data after formatting Windows laptop.

Outstanding features of Remo Recover software:

  • Remo Recover app works flawlessly on all major versions of Windows OS that includes Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP, Windows 2008, Win Server, 2003, etc.
  • This software can be used to perform data recovery on all brands of laptops as long as they are running on Windows operating systems. There is a separate version of Remo Recover for all Mac OS X versions too
  • Has the ability to recognize and restore over 300 various kinds of file formats. This feature of Remo Recover helps in restoring each and every file that is important from a formatted laptop
  • Supports data restoration of deleted or lost contents on all Windows OS supported storage drives like external hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, and all types of flash storage devices

Begin performing data recovery after formatting laptop with the help of Remo Recover using the hyperlink provided and effortlessly get back all your valuable information.

Formatted Hard Drive Folder Structure Recovery

“Hey friends, I am using an external storage device to preserve my precious personal files which are systematically organized folder wise, so that I can easily find them quickly in my daily hectic routine and ease my work.

But recently I got struck into a huge problem, as a tragedy took place when I accidentally formatted my external hard drive. My external hard drive contains some vital files on it, and those files are well arranged in separate folders. These folders are related to my official work as well as my personal work.

While I was thinking how to recover formatted hard drive folder structure, one of my friends informed me that it is very much possible to rescue formatted hard drive folder structure with the help of recovery tool.

With the lot of expectation, I have downloaded few free recovery tools that demands restore formatted hard drive folder structure. But unfortunately these tools does not work for me. I do not know what is wrong with all those tool that have not provide me satisfactory results.

So now I am in need of a software that supports recovery of formatted hard drive with folder structure on Windows system. Can anyone suggest me a best and effective tool to restore formatted hard drive folder structure?”

Is there anyone else who is looking for a software that will recover formatted hard drive folder structure? If so, then simply have a quick glance over the below content and get the useful information that helps you to retrieve formatted hard drive folder structure.

What is a folder and folder structure?

Folder is a collection of file/files, in which you can create sub folders or you can simply place a single file or multiple files. A folder allows you to put any number of files in it and these files could be of any type like images, audios, videos and documents.

The arrangement of file/folders which is made within a folder is known as folder structure. This structure could be with respect to file/folder names, date of creation, date of modification, recently used, file/folder size, and type of files that a sub folder contains etc.

This pattern will help you to recognize or find the files/folders of your choice in very quick time. Whit this method you can save your valuable time and ease your work to its max.

However as time, you could get stuck with some severe issues on your system, where formatting is the only option left for you. At this instance, you are forced to format your storage device which contains your valuable files and folders.

When you perform this operation, it is understood that the files and folders that are present on the hard drive will be vanished. But loosing those files/folders is not acceptable for you, as these contains important data in it.

Well here is where recovery of formatted hard drive with folder structure will help you out, and to make it happen you need to rely on the best and most trusted tool to restore formatted hard drive folder structure i.e. Remo Recover Windows.

Yes, Remo Recover Windows is that tool which can easily regain formatted hard drive folder structure, as this powerful tool is designed and developed with most complex code. So if you have ever performed formatting operation on your system storage device and want to bring back files/folders without altering its structure? Then simple make use of Remo Recover Windows tool and perform recovery operation of hard drive which is formatted.

Remo Recover Windows supports recovery of folder with its structure from a formatted hard drive on all the latest Windows Operating System such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008.

Some eye-catching features of Remo Recover Windows tool:

  • Simple yet effective tool to retrieve formatted hard drive folder structure
  • Free demo version available for every user, so that you can check out the recovery results before purchasing the licensed copy
  • Only few simple and countable steps to perform folder recovery operation
  • You can restore folders from hard drive after formatting which may contains files like images, audios, videos and any kind of documents
  • No need to worry about harmful viruses, as our recovery tool is completely scanned with good and latest antivirus application and it is totally virus free software
  • Supports recovery of folder from the file system like FAT, FAT-16, FAT-32, NTFS and NTFS5
  • Allows you to preview recovered data prior to save
  • This tool will help you to find folders based on its attributes like name, size, type and date
  • 24/7 our customer care service is available for you to assist you about Remo Recover products

Recover Data from Accidentally Formatted Mac Hard Drive

Get Back Data from Accidentally Formatted Mac Hard Drive

As you know in every systems including Mac operating system all the data gets saved on hard drive by default. Hard drive is an essential part which is also known as primary storage device that provides huge memory space to save different files types. They have the ability to manage operating system, Recycle Bin, system files as well as users files at a time efficiently. Once the hard drive gets corrupted, damaged or failed due to irregular circumstances then the entire data available in it cannot be accessed. If you have come across issues due to which formatting the hard drive is only solution, then opt for optimal utility called Remo Recover.

What are the frequent scenarios that are responsible for formatting Mac hard drive?

Formation of Bad Sectors – If there are increased number of bad sectors on Mac hard drive, then it will be unable to react for read/write operations. In such scenarios, usually it is best to format the hard drive to overcome bad sectors at a time. Bad sectors are small structures present on hard drive that are usually called as defective areas.

Accidental Formatting – Since, Mac hard drive can be divided into many segments to store different file types. Sometimes, users might format the partition containing important data instead of other infected segment.

Virus Attack – Sometimes, Mac hard drive gets infected from viruses even after scanning it using antivirus software. At such times, there is no other option except format so that it can be accessed later for other operations.

Since, hard drive is a default place where all the data available in Mac system get stored. It will be disaster for users to format hard drive that contains important files due to which they lose entire data present on it. After facing such scenarios, don’t panic!!! Here is an ideal Remo Recover software that can be used to get back data from accidentally formatted Mac hard drive in less span of time. Make a visit to the specified URL for more details about the recovery process

Why Remo Recover to retrieve data from accidentally formatted Mac hard drive?

  • Remo Recover is best utility that can be utilized to restore files from accidentally formatted Mac hard drive effectively
  • This software is designed with simple user interface to help all kinds of user for easy installation
  • It will scan the complete drive using strong recovery algorithms for quick recovery of data from accidentally formatted Mac hard drive
  • With the help of a feature called Save Recovery Session, rescanning of drive can be prevented during scanning process and hence time can be saved
  • Using an option called Disk image, it will create a backup from the hard drive containing bad sectors that can be used to recover files in later stage easily
  • This software is compatible on all latest versions of Mac operating system like Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks to rescue files from accidentally formatted Mac hard drive
  • Apart from this, Remo Recover can also be used perform deleted images recovery from iPod on all versions of Mac operating systems