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Formatting SD card either intentionally or unintentionally without taking any data backup causes permanent deletion of entire files from it. Sometimes, we commit mistake and format our SD memory cards whereas some circumstances force us to format our SD cards that in turn leads to loss of entire data from SD card. Apart from accidental… Read Article →

The main source for storing captured images, and recorded videos in our digital cameras is camera card that is most commonly known as memory card. We usually capture hundreds of images and record videos in various occasions like birthday parties, marriage functions, trip events, and many more. All these captured pictures and videos will be… Read Article →

Formatting is quite normal nowadays, people format hard drive / external storage devices knowingly or unknowingly and end up facing huge amount of data loss stored in it. To help you in all kinds of format related issues Remo has come up with the one of the excellent Mac recovery application known as Remo Recover… Read Article →

Laptops are portable mini computers that enable a user to accomplish all tasks which are possible using a desktop. These systems come extremely handy and useful for professional computer users, educational purposes, etc. Windows OS based laptops are equipped with more or less the same configurations that of desktop computers, with same Windows operating system…. Read Article →

“Hey friends, I am using an external storage device to preserve my precious personal files which are systematically organized folder wise, so that I can easily find them quickly in my daily hectic routine and ease my work. But recently I got struck into a huge problem, as a tragedy took place when I accidentally… Read Article →

Get Back Data from Accidentally Formatted Mac Hard Drive As you know in every systems including Mac operating system all the data gets saved on hard drive by default. Hard drive is an essential part which is also known as primary storage device that provides huge memory space to save different files types. They have… Read Article →

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