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Are you worried on how to restore deleted partition? Well, in this page we will provide solution on the following things: What to do after partition deletion? How to restore deleted partition? Other scenarios for the loss of partition By partitioning hard drive you can manage your data to categorize your files. It’s also useful… Read Article →

Remo Recover Software: Remo Recover application is one of the best software available in the market that shows you how to recover data if partition is deleted. And check out how to install this Remo recover application and recover the deletion partition using the following video link: By utilizing the Remo Recover software you… Read Article →

“Recently I bought a new Lenovo ThinkPad desktop and I noticed that the hard drive has only two partitions in it. One for OS installation files another for desktop system driver. But I needed a separate partition to keep all my schools project files, media files and operating system files apart from each other. By… Read Article →

A hard disk consist of memory space of blocks size. For excellent organization of available memory space, we divide them into partitions and each partitions can be identified by the groups of files and folders of a particular kind such as OS installation directory, a video drive, a documents drive, etc. that we keep inside… Read Article →

Partitioning is a method of dividing a mass storage into isolated sections. Under DOS system, you can partition a disk and each partition will work like a separate disk drive. This improves disk efficiency and has many other advantages. But however, sometimes partitions might get lost or cannot be recognized, when you operate your computer. Whether partition… Read Article →

“In recent times I installed Windows 8 OS into my system. Ever since I am new to the Windows 8, I am little bit confused while using it. Yesterday while I was making trials on my system I accidentally formatted a partition from the system. I don’t know how it happened also. But at worst… Read Article →

“Yesterday night I mistakenly formatted my E drive on Windows System which contains a lot of important files, now I am so helpless and struck in my mind of having no idea to recover files after partition format. Can anybody help me to restore formatted partition data?” Partitioning hard drive plays very important role in… Read Article →

“Hello. I am using Mac computer which is installed with latest Operating System. My Mac machine runs on HFS+ file system. I was working on some important project on my Mac computer from past several months and all credentials related to that project was had saved into a HFS+ volume. Everything was working properly, but… Read Article →

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