Screen Set-Top Box And Apps Enforce The ‘Screen Time’ Rules You Set For Your Kids

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In several homes, obtaining youngsters to show off their cell phones, pack up the video games, or pack up Snapchat will incite a revolt. And if your youngsters say they have to be on-line for assignment, you’ll not apprehend once the analysis stops and idle activity begins.

Every family can have totally different amounts of your time that they suppose is “enough.” what is vital is giving it some thought, making age-appropriate limits (with inbuilt flexibility for special circumstances), creating media decisions you are comfy with, and modeling accountable screen limits for your youngsters. Attempt these age-based pointers to make screen rules that stick.

The current generation of youngsters in most Western societies spends longer before of a screen than any before it. A study back in 2010 – before even the exceptional rise of Apple’s iPad and alternative tablets – calculable that by the age of ten youngsters had access to a median of 5 screens in their lives. That variety, alphabetic character suggests, has virtually actually up since.

In addition to the most family TV, for instance, several young youngsters have their own sleeping room tally together with microcomputer game consoles (Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox), smartphone, family laptop and a laptop and/or a pill computer.

By the age of seven the typical kid can have spent a full year of 24-hour days looking recreational screen media, claims Sigman. Over the course of childhood, youngsters pay longer looking TV than they pay at school.

Elementary and Middle Schooners. At this age, youngsters love TV shows, games, movies, and on-line videos. They start to explore a lot of and listen to concerning new shows and games from friends. As a result of they will access this stuff by themselves, it’s crucial to still supervise their activities and facilitate them persist with your rules.

Start with associate degree end point. Use no matter tools you’ve got — your DVR, Netflix, On Demand — to pre-record shows, cue them up, or set up ahead to observe at a selected time. That way, one show will not flow into the opposite, and you’ll be able to avoid commercials. If your youngsters are into YouTube, explore for age-appropriate videos, and add them to a play list to observe later. As a result of most games do not have inbuilt endings (and are, in fact, designed to create youngsters play as long as possible), set a timer or another cue that says “time to prevent.”

Help them balance their day. Youngsters this age want steerage from you on a daily set up that has a trifle little bit of time for everything. And staying concerned works: youngsters whose folks build an attempt to limit media use pay less time with media than their peers do, per a 2010 Kaiser Family Foundation study.

Practice what you preach. It’s tempting to stay reaching for your phone to ascertain email, texts, Facebook, or the news. However your youngsters are the primary to decision you out for not “walking the speak.” Plus, they will devour habits from you. Model the media behavior that you simply need your youngsters to emulate.

So what proportion screen time is healthy for a seven year-old, ten year recent, even 1, two or three year old? What proportion TV ought to a toddler watch? What number hours before of a computer? You’ll be dismayed at too what proportion time before of a screen has associate degree adverse impact on a child’s health and development.


NETGEAR continues to deliver practicality to finish the industry’s most versatile management support for its access points — quad mode. Quad-mode operation provides four totally different modes of management for one access point: Standalone, Ensemble, Controller, or Cloud Managed Mode. With the freshly discharged software package, the WC7600 and WC9500 Wireless Controllers.

Combining the support of controller management with the quad-mode operation provides important investment protection. The NETGEAR Ensemble Mode particularly suggests that these ProSAFE Access Points primarily act as a stepping-stone for instructional establishments that square measure increasing range the amount the quantity} of APs to support AN increasing number of devices on their wireless networks.

Ensemble allows colleges to migrate from standalone APs to a managed resolution while not the price and quality of huge IT, and at a tailored pay-as-you-grow pace. As their networks grow and wish to manage even larger teams of access points, they will merely add extra Ensemble teams. Or else, a similar APs may be controlled centrally with the NETGEAR ProSAFE 7600 and ProSAFE 9500 Wireless Controllers.

Key options of the ProSAFE WAC730 and WAC720 APs include:

  • Aggregate turnout of up to one.7 Gbps for the WAC730 and one.2 Gbps for the WAC720;
  • threex3 (transmit x receive) with 3 streams of knowledge for the WAC730 and a pair ofx2 (transmit x receive) with 2 streams of knowledge for the WAC720;
  • Dual-band operation with backward compatibility to 802.11n;
  • Power over LAN (802.2af);
  • Free ensemble management for teams of up to ten APs of a similar model; and
  • WPA, WPA2 and macintosh address access list.

Quad-mode holds many potential for growing businesses:

Quad-mode operative allows substantial investment protection, with Ensemble Mode permitting these ProSAFE Access Points to act as a stepping stone for growing organisations.

It additionally allows organisations to maneuver faraway from standalone APs to a managed resolution while not an important IT value and at a pay-as-you-grow pace that suits their desires. As their networks grow and that they ought to manage even larger teams of access points, they will merely add extra Ensemble teams, a NETGEAR ProSafe Wireless Controller or the cloud based mostly NETGEAR Business Central Wireless Manager. Having the ability to deploy the APs altogether management modes offers investment protection for years to come back.

Reliable, high performance and price effective

The NETGEAR WAC730 ProSAFE® Wireless Access purpose could be a high performance twin band 802.11ac AP supporting up to a mixture turnout of one.7 Gbps (450 Mbps for two.4 Gc and one.3 Gbps for five GHz). WAC730 Business Access purpose operates in either standalone mode with AN intuitive computer program or in Ensemble mode for centralized cluster management of up to ten AP’s of a similar model.

It’s absolutely positioned for patron’s stern superior turnout, most performance, and intensive coverage for readying in mid-sized enterprises, K-12 education, and hospitalities. The WAC730 Wireless Access purpose comes with period of time warrant and 24×7 chat support to relinquish user a chunk of mind of hardline quality.

Best Hard Drive, SSD and Storage Solutions

In this page you will see general storage drive reviews and advice for buying SSD and various factors to consider when you actually purchase the SSD brands hard drive.

SSD (Solid State Drives)

  • Performance: In terms of performance, currently Samsung SSD 850 Pro which offers complete in-house solution and SanDisk Extreme Pro is really good choice with 10-year warranty.
  • Mainstream: Reliability and performance are the biggest concern about SSD buyers. Samsung 850 EVO is a top rated drive which uses 3D V‐NAND and very high performance. The Vector 180 is also a great deal and if you are in search of cost effect drive than BX100 which is the best low price hard drive.
  • mSATA: This drives are mainly designed for embedded solutions and ultra-thin portables. One of the top performing drive which provides both performance and storage capacity currently available is Samsung 850 EVO mSATA SSD.
  • M.2: Similar to mSATA, this M.2 class devices are built for embedded solutions and ultra-thin devices but includes many more advantages and not limited to mSATA’s legacy architecture. This kind of devices are very costly but offers power consumption and better performance.

3.5″ Desktop Hard Drives

  • Enthusiast: The WD Black 6TB is a good choice for consumer performance HDDs. It is a perfect solution for those who are looking for SSD alternatives with huge capacity and best deal if you are using for gaming applications. But, if you are looking for low price then Hitachi Deskstar 7K4000 is a good option.
  • Mainstream: The key point of mainstream system builds are now SSDs but still the Seagate Barracuda LP, home servers and the Seagate Desktop HDD15 are really good option due to low cost and power consumption.
  • NAS HDDs: Many hard drive vendors started segmenting disc for specific use. The most preferred NAS devices are WD Red Pro (4TB) and the Seagate Enterprise NAS (6TB).

2.5″ Notebook Hard Drives

  • Hybrid Hard Drives- The first hybrid HDD is Seagate with Momentus XT. It is available up to 500GB and 1TB and the hard disk itself uses extra 4GB flash storage efficiently.
  • Enthusiast- The Western Digital Scorpio Black is one notebook that constantly rise to the top. Those who are looking to update their laptops for gaming performance to SSD based system, Cruicial MX100 SSD is relatively a good option.
  • High capacity- A standard to almost every notebooks computers is the Samsung SpinPoint M9 with 2.5-inch drives and also offers 2TB of storage in a 9.5mm drive height.

Portable Storage

  • Standard 2.5: One of the top performance and high capacity of 4TB drive in this class is Seagate Backup Plus Fast Portable and the WD My Passport Pro is also suggested due to its high performance, good capacity and relatively easy to use bundled tool.
  • Portable SSDs: This are very much expensive and good choice for those consumers who are looking ultra-portability and speed and are ready to pay hefty cost. There are not many devices released in this category but some are Samsung Portable SSD T1 and Seagate Seven Portable.
  • Wireless: The portable wireless hard drives in the market have many options but LaCie Fuel Corsair Voyager Air and the Seagate Wireless Plus available up to 1 TB.

Desktop Storage (DAS)

  • Performance: LaCie is a perfect companion for media enthusiasts and professionals because of premium design and advanced technology used with all of their devices. Apart from various LaCie drives, the G-Technology G-SPEED Studio 4-bay is also a very good DAS.
  • Single drive: The current leader in this type of class is Seagate Backup Plus External Hard Drive, which includes 8TB storage space in just a single drive.

Pushing Computing Power to the Next Level

What is GPU?

A graphics processing unit (GPU) is well known as visual processing unit (VPU) and it is a particular electronic circuit designed to quickly manipulate and modify memory to accelerate the generation of photos in a frame buffer planned for output to a display. GPUs are used in various devices including embedded systems, personal computers, mobile phones, game consoles, and workstations. Latest GPUs are very resourceful at manipulating image processing and computer graphics and their highly parallel structure allows them more effective than other general purpose CPUs for algorithms that the processing of huge blocks of visual data is done in parallel. In some of the personal computer, a GPU can be current on a video card, or it can be embedded on the motherboard or in several CPUs on the central processing unit.

The term GPU was promoted by NVidia in the year 1999, who advertised the GeForce 256 as “the world’s first Graphics Processing Unit”. It was currently as a “single-chip processor with combined transform, triangle setup/clipping, lighting and rendering engines that can able to processing a minimum of 10 million polygons per second”. Competing ATI Technologies invented the term visual processing unit with the launch of the Radeon 9700 in 2002.

Pushing computing power to the next level:

  • GPUs have about 40 years and are naturally found on commercial video or graphics cards inside of a gaming console or personal computer. The focused circuits have computing power intended to make images appear smoother and more vibrant on a screen. There has recently been a movement to see if the chip can be applied to non-graphical computations such as algorithms processing large chunks of data.
  • Binghamton University computer science assistant professor Timothy Miller, Aaron Carpenter and graduate student Philip Dexterm, along with co-author Jeff Bush, have established Nyami, a synthesizable graphics processor unit (GPU) architectural design for general-purpose and graphics-specific workloads. This created a first time a team has taken an open-source GPU design and run a series of experiments on it to see how different software and hardware configurations would affect the circuit’s performance.
  • “As a researcher, it is very essential to have tools for credibly evaluating new concepts that may improve energy efficiency, performance, or other challenges in processor architecture,” Miller said. “While simulators may take shortcuts, an actual synthesizable open source processor can’t cut any corners, so we can say that any experimental results we get are especially reliable.”


How to Monitor Internet Activity?

A word of cautionary that monitoring program is controversial and most of the users are of the mindset that it is an attack of privacy to use internet. It always amazes me when doing radio and TV interviews on the topic of monitoring software, how often hosts ask if I feel that I am invading my children’s privacy by monitoring their online activity. My answer is always the same: “One in five kid’s ages 10 to 17 years has been solicited for sex online and one in 33 has been aggressively solicited, including the predator attempting to set up a meeting with the child in person.

Considering this details it is careless for parents not to monitor the usage of internet by their kids by online, with whom they are talking and what they are saying. And you can rest assured that any number of predators is trolling the Web at any given time who are more than happy to communicate with your child, especially if they sense parents are disengaged or absent. A sobering thought, but in many cases, an accurate one.

List of monitoring apps for internet activity:

Nagios: Nagios is one of the powerful network monitoring utility that allows you to ensure that your dangerous systems, services and applications are always up and running. It provides features such as alerting, event handling and reporting. The Nagios Core is the heart of the application that contains the core monitoring engine and a basic web UI. On top of the Nagios Core, you are able to implement plugins that will allow you to monitor services, applications, and metrics, a chosen frontend as well as add-ons for data visualization, graphs, load distribution, and MySQL database support, amongst others.

Microsoft Network Monitor: This monitor is a packet analyzer that can possible to provide you to capture, analyze and view network traffic. This utility is handy and used for troubleshooting any kind of network issues and applications on the network. Main specification like support for more than 300 public and Microsoft proprietary protocols, Wireless Monitor Mode,  simultaneous capture sessions, and sniffing of promiscuous mode traffic.

Advanced IP Scanner: This is very fast and easy to make use the network scanner that can able to detect any network gadgets like wireless devices including mobile phones, WIFI routers and printers on your network. It provides to connect to common protocol services including FTP, HTTP, and other shared folders if in case they are allowed on the remote machine. You can wake up and turn off the system remotely.

How to Keep My iPhone from Dying Fast?

Apple iPhone is one of the advanced and amazing phone used to communicate with people, store professional and business data files, capture and record images, videos, other media files, etc. iOS 8 is the advanced mobile operating system that can be used in iPads, iPhones, iPads, iPod touches, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus which can offers plenty of features and functionalities than ever prior, informing to new app and upgrading get to latest smartphones can frequently get an impact on phone’s battery life. As if you’re using it for restore new specifications overloaded and some user can’t able to change out of their new operating system or the gadget other than them using in order to resolve all the battery issues.

How to identify and fix the battery issues?

Wait until the update finish: iOS updates can be used huge amount of power for the first time. Whether it’s re-downloading, re indexing content, and many apps or tools or otherwise having everything set up and ready, as your Wi-Fi connection may be consuming more battery power and the processor of the phone may be churning for hours in case if the one or two days and can be still restore or update. So you need to find the text on the Lock window saying that you just did that. Next, wait for some time and finish it.

Check for application issues: You need to check for the battery usage on iOS 8 operating system that can find something same as OS X Mavericks the design of the battery usage is similar to the iPad and iPhone. Need to customize the settings and it is located in the “Settings” options. Usually, the battery usage section, says that which app is consuming more battery and system services using battery power. Clearly, the ones using more battery power by just doing something wrong and have to shut down the device or gadget right away.

Upgrade your gadget as new: The simple and the biggest cause of battery power life issues with iOS gadgets or devices appears when you try to restore or upgrade from backup and not ready for new devices. A clear installation of new apps for the iPhone devices is incredible discomfort and can fix any kind of battery life problems. This is the neutral option that can be setup everything again such as stored games, email accounts, videos, and many more apps.


How to Transfer iTunes to another Computer?

Introduction about iTunes: iTunes is a media controlling application created and released by Apple Inc., for both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. User can possible to use this iTunes in order to manage and access both video and audio files on your PC or laptop.

Sharing or exporting Apple iTunes library from one system to another computer is made very effective and simple task. The most complex part may be that associating the two systems in one place and then know how to adjust the Mac systems and network for PCs. Suppose, if you unable to link or connect the two PCs or systems by using Gigabit Ethernet then user can constantly use an external data storage device like hard disk. So, just you need to replica the iTunes folder onto the hard disk, and then eject the internal disk from the first computer and connect it to another system then move the files from disk to the specific path in the second computer.

How to move iTunes library from one PC to another?

Finding your iTunes library:

  • First need to identify the iTunes library this task is quite simple then on the Mac system you can able to see a folder called as iTunes in /Music category whereas in Windows computer the path is C:\Users\HP\My Music.
  • Microsoft surprisingly provides the directory with two various names based on how you like to view it and sometimes, user can see it from a Window 7 Explorer under Libraries\Music directory.

Copy iTunes library over a network:

  1. In order to make replica of your iTunes library, first drag and drop iTunes folder from one particular system to the other.
  2. As you have related the two PCs by using Wi-Fi and which contains large music collection files hence you need to wait for long time.
  3. With the help of 802.11n wireless connection, user can get the enough speed to transfer iTunes music files.
  4. Consider that you have 150GB of music files depending upon the wireless speed it may take 4-5 hours to transfer all the music data files.
  5. Assume, that you have connected by Gigabit Ethernet, then it will take just 20-30minutes to transfer the same memory of files.

How to copy iTunes library by external HDD?

In order to replica iTunes library with an external hard disk then just locate iTunes folder as said above then copy and paste them onto hard drive. From HDD you can move the library on the hard drive in the applicable iTunes folder on Windows PC or Mac computer.

The Best Apps for your Mac that Make your Life Easier

Apple added more apps and offers free download option to the people via Mac App Store to your new Mac OS X. Macintosh apps is a simple way to get more from Yosemite toting Macbook Air or Mac Mini. The App Store offers many Mac games and handy applications that is available for free as well as paid and you can transform it in your own way that depends on the way you use the utility and enjoy with your device.

The top 10 apps to install on your brand-new Mac OS X

The below listed 10 solid suggestions will make your life better and all new Macintosh user will be happier especially excited to use this freely downloaded apps on their devices:

LaunchBar: Just from keystroke a LaunchBar can be invoked that indexes and helps to link all sorts of stuff on your Mac machine. Its very easy to pick music, contacts, apps, emoji, search history, bookmarks, and more as it allows you to perform Finder actions by using Command-shortcut and also do calculations.

Default Folder: The Open dialog, the Save dialog and Finder window navigation are the three elements upgraded in Default Folder increases efficiency. Once the app is installed it wraps all your open, save dialogs and you can also snap the last opened document by setting the file-navigation dialogs.

TextExpander: This is the modern advanced version of “macro-instruction expansion” or “macros” to replace common phrases with some keystroke. By TextExpander you can compose message with selectable fill-in values to automate replies.

1Password: The 1Password is a secured app to generate integrated password based on your rules and even stores one or more identities like address info, credit card details, etc. Versions are supported and easily run on Windows, iOS and Android.

Dropbox: This app contains single folder in which you can store anything and also synchronized to any system logged into the same account. It offers two types of sharing. The shared folder synchronize the contents to all user who have joined the folder and the shared link helps any recipient to browse the contents or download file or folder. Any changes made in Dropbox is updated very easily as it maintains copy centrally.

Skype: This app is mostly used by the people to make and receive calls to landlines and you can group Internet calls with higher quality. Skype has inexpensive calling plan with cheaper per-minute rates, both audio and video calls are supported, transfer of files, screen sharing as well as instant messaging.

CrashPlan: It is best to archive your files, preferences, and apps and able to recover older drafts. You can backup any selected document locally to any drive by the CrashPlan and also provide peer-to-peer option.

Airfoil: One of the Apple’s audiovisual-friendly device AirPlay has certain limitations such as iTunes Apple tool that has AirPlay option that are overwhelmed by the Airfoil which takes only audio output / input from any software and route it to any AirPlay-compatible receivers.

VLC: All kinds of videos can be played using VLC that can read different audio formats and convert videos which it can not read. Directly open YouTube URLs, you can subscribe to podcasts, create video playlist and also play Internet radio channels.

GraphicConverter: This is used for image file by which you can edit image, crop, re-size and up- and downsampling is also possible. GraphicConverter is very much similar to Photoshop and import images directly from cameras and upload to Google+, Flickr, etc.

Top Ways to Print Files in Windows 10

Printing has presented its status ever since computers came into reality. Most of the computer users prefer to take some part of print in their every work with system. But the delicate part is to take specific file as printing done with the smallest number of steps as per user requirement. There are different ways to take print many files including Word document, Adobe PDF file, Excel file, and so on. In this article, guides you how to take print on Windows 10 operating system and there are four dissimilar ways of printing. In the very first way is the outdated way, where user can find the “Print” icon and prints the require page. The second way is that by just right snapping on a respective file and selecting the “Print” option. Whereas in the third way by using “Jump list” from the task bar and print the necessary file. The last way is that use the Jump list from the start menu of Windows 10 computers and find the item then take a print of particular file.

Microsoft released its latest versions of operating system known as Windows 10 OS. This operating system consists of very advanced feature that is print-to-PDF option. With the assistance of this option users no need to worry about downloading the Adobe software to effectively print to Portable Document Format file easily and instantly.

There are many top ways to print files in Windows 10:

  1. In this step it is most straight way of printing and Windows users can easily find the “Print” icon from the menu list and then click it in order to print PDF file. Next, open the Portable Document Format document that you like to have the print out. Then, find the “Print” icon on the top of the page and select it to have a print.
  2. Next, in the window you can see the print settings that help to set the print elements as per your required and when it’s done fine then click on “Print” button, that is at the bottom of the Print window.

Other way to print files on Windows 10:

  • Printing a Word or Excel file is one of the other way to take a print of Word or Excel file. Open the Word/ Excel file that you need to take a print out. Now, search for “File” button on top of the page and then click on file option.
  • Next, from the left window pane, find the “Print” option. Select it that results you to a new portion at the right window pane. Search for “Print” option from the screen and then click on it.

Note: At times, Windows 10 users fails to take print of Word or PDF document due to corruption of the file in such circumstances they need to repair the respective file by using Remo Repair Tool so in order to know how to repair the file then just follow this link.


Features of CarPlay on Apple Phones

Definition about Apple CarPlay: CarPlay is part of an Apple standard which permits a car radio or head unit that can be view and act as controller for an iPhone. This app is available on all iPhones from the iPhone 5 to latest model of iPhone 6 plus. Most of the latest cars adopted CarPlay app including Honda, Volvo, the VW group, Ferrari, Hyundai Kia group, Mercedes-Benz and General Motors. Apple’s associated with car application, CarPlay will start seeming in new cars in the year 2015. The promise is that it will permit iPhone users to use all the functions that they want in the car without making any dangerous interruptions.

Which iPhones are compatible with CarPlay?

CarPlay will work fine with the iPhone 5 and later models or versions of Apple phones. So, which means the iPhone 5, 5c, iPhone 5s, as well as the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. This app also compatible with the new edition iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models.

How to connect Apple iPhone to CarPlay?

In order to connect an iPhone with a car you have to plug Lightning cable into the dashboard of the car. As soon as your car senses that your iPhone has been connected via cable, then it will spontaneously encounters the CarPlay icon on your iPhone screen and update compatible apps. An important note: As your phone is connected with CarPlay app then mobile phone’s screen will get locked in order to eliminate any invitation to use it while you are in driving.

What are other apps that work with CarPlay?

There are various third party programs available for CarPlay can be integrated by Apple. Subsequently, this platform allows only a dozen or more apps primarily. The third party apps such as Apple’s Beats Music, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Radio, and Stitcher. CarPlay apps also allows Siri for personal assistant. CarPlay generally follows the model of Apple TV and in addition it support for only a few select apps.

Will CarPlay enabled cars also support Android phones?

CarPlay is basically just an app in a car’s dashboard presentation. Therefore, almost every automobile maker that has said it plans to allow CarPlay has also promised to support Google’s Android Auto, which also works in a parallel manner. As engineers at Ford Company said that they are not in the business of selling Android smartphones. Most of the carmakers intent to support both CarPlay and Android Auto, and as well as their own apps.