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NETGEAR continues to deliver practicality to finish the industry’s most versatile management support for its access points — quad mode. Quad-mode operation provides four totally different modes of management for one access point: Standalone, Ensemble, Controller, or Cloud Managed Mode. With the freshly discharged software package, the WC7600 and WC9500 Wireless Controllers. Combining the support… Read Article →

In this page you will see general storage drive reviews and advice for buying SSD and various factors to consider when you actually purchase the SSD brands hard drive. SSD (Solid State Drives) Performance: In terms of performance, currently Samsung SSD 850 Pro which offers complete in-house solution and SanDisk Extreme Pro is really good… Read Article →

What is GPU? A graphics processing unit (GPU) is well known as visual processing unit (VPU) and it is a particular electronic circuit designed to quickly manipulate and modify memory to accelerate the generation of photos in a frame buffer planned for output to a display. GPUs are used in various devices including embedded systems,… Read Article →

A word of cautionary that monitoring program is controversial and most of the users are of the mindset that it is an attack of privacy to use internet. It always amazes me when doing radio and TV interviews on the topic of monitoring software, how often hosts ask if I feel that I am invading… Read Article →

Apple iPhone is one of the advanced and amazing phone used to communicate with people, store professional and business data files, capture and record images, videos, other media files, etc. iOS 8 is the advanced mobile operating system that can be used in iPads, iPhones, iPads, iPod touches, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus which… Read Article →

Introduction about iTunes: iTunes is a media controlling application created and released by Apple Inc., for both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. User can possible to use this iTunes in order to manage and access both video and audio files on your PC or laptop. Sharing or exporting Apple iTunes library from one system to… Read Article →

Apple added more apps and offers free download option to the people via Mac App Store to your new Mac OS X. Macintosh apps is a simple way to get more from Yosemite toting Macbook Air or Mac Mini. The App Store offers many Mac games and handy applications that is available for free as… Read Article →

Printing has presented its status ever since computers came into reality. Most of the computer users prefer to take some part of print in their every work with system. But the delicate part is to take specific file as printing done with the smallest number of steps as per user requirement. There are different ways… Read Article →

Definition about Apple CarPlay: CarPlay is part of an Apple standard which permits a car radio or head unit that can be view and act as controller for an iPhone. This app is available on all iPhones from the iPhone 5 to latest model of iPhone 6 plus. Most of the latest cars adopted CarPlay… Read Article →

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