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Have your files and folders become shortcut and you are looking for solution to fix the problem? If yes, don’t worry we are here to guide the victims of such issues. Most of cases virus and malwares are responsible for problem which results in shortcut of files and folders. Be patient and we are going… Read Article →

MS Outlook application is commonly used by everyone to send / receive emails and when you make use of Outlook tool, the mails, calendar, task and many Outlook items gets saved on Outlook Exchange server and on your system. The Outlook files which are saved on your system are kept in Outlook data files. Outlook… Read Article →

Facing troubles in operating your computer after installation of new program or driver!!! Don’t worry we solution for such kind of problem. Every system have a restore point so as to fix the problem such as Windows crash or slow system operating speed. Before we start with the process to restore the system at a… Read Article →

When you first purchase a new Windows system, you must focus on downloading applications and transferring your favorite stuffs on computer. However, rather than collecting stuffs from everywhere you would go to protect your files or configure privacy on the system. There are certain files and data that you never want to share with anyone… Read Article →

It is not a surprise to see self-driving vehicles in Consumer Electronics Show in 2017. The manufacturers and suppliers are all set to display demonstration of this autonomous vehicles. This year many others exhibitors are ready to showcase similar technologies which allows cars to communicate wirelessly. These cars are equipped with embedded in road signs,… Read Article →

Employee authorization is crucial as it facilitates with recruiting and holding workers. It conjointly builds a team of higher productive employees. According to 2016 survey done by my organization it was found that has 44 % of pros which needs a manager who empowers them to freelance. Employers have lot of tools before to… Read Article →

Yes! You have heard it right! Soon Smartphone could be your passport. With the improvement in technology, it always surprises all the users around the world and helps them for doing betterment of daily works which might create obstacles in their life. Until the development of smart phone devices, nobody had ever envisioned about what… Read Article →

Budd Van Lines, vice president and CIO- Douglas Soltesz, is facing a severe issue of increasing flood of data on his system’s storage device. This problem is not only faced by him, but other people also having. So, they are searching for the new storage technologies to deal with the data deluge. Douglas says- if… Read Article →

You do most of your add apps, however you manage your files within the Finder. This window and file manager is that the heart of OS X, and offers a superfluity of options for operating with files: sorting, tagging, copying, moving, etc. There also are variety of how to figure with windows within the Finder,… Read Article →

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