Know How to Fix Files Become Shortcuts

Have your files and folders become shortcut and you are looking for solution to fix the problem? If yes, don’t worry we are here to guide the victims of such issues.

Most of cases virus and malwares are responsible for problem which results in shortcut of files and folders. Be patient and we are going to fix the issue step by step. Let’s have a quick view on the reasons for such error.

It is assumed that most of the users are having this error due to virus, Trojan and malware programs. When the virus entered into the computer or device then such problem comes into existence. Here device means I am talking about SD card, USB flash drive, memory card, microSD card, external drive, etc.

What you need to fix the above mentioned problem?

  1. Few minutes of time
  2. Reliable antivirus software
  3. Windows based computer
  4. A removable device (SD card, external drive, etc.)

Check if the folder is hidden

The steps to check whether folder is hidden or not is mentioned below:

  1. Press Windows Icon button+R to open Run option and type “cmd” in order to open command prompt on your computer
  2. Type attrib -h -r -s /s /d drive name:*.* for example type F in place of drive name if your external drive is with the name F
  3. Press Enter key and check whether your files and folders in your drive are back to normal. If it still persists then you need to follow next step mentioned below.

Launch antivirus software and remove virus

  1. Download and install a reliable antivirus tool on your computer to remove all harmful virus and malicious programs.
  2. Scan entire drive with the antivirus tool and check whether the problem still persists on your system. If yes, follow below mentioned steps and fix the issue.

Apply Data Recovery software and format the drive

To know how to fix folders turned into shortcuts, be patient because this is the last step and I am sure you must be able to fix the issue.

Download software and launch on your computer to perform data recovery from device. It is a user-friendly tool which consists of numerous features. You just need to follow onscreen steps and within few steps you have your files in normal condition. You are able to restore recovered files on any device like external drive, DVD, computer partition, etc.

Solution to Convert OST to PST File

MS Outlook application is commonly used by everyone to send / receive emails and when you make use of Outlook tool, the mails, calendar, task and many Outlook items gets saved on Outlook Exchange server and on your system. The Outlook files which are saved on your system are kept in Outlook data files.

Outlook data files consist of two types OST file and PST file, these two data files are used by the MS Outlook.

OST file: OST (Offline Storage Tables) is the offline folder created by the MS Outlook application and MS Exchange to keep the offline copy of the content present in MS Exchange server. Whatever the changes you like to perform can be done in Offline folder later when the Outlook gets connected internet then changes get upgraded to MS Exchange server. In Some situation we cannot able to access the content present in OST file because of some unknowing reasons like corruption, damage or virus attract on your OST file, but by converting the OST file to PST you can easily access to the content of OST file on your pc. Now, how to change my Outlook OST file to PST? before discussing that let me explain you the reason for OST file corruption.

What is the main reason for OST file damage / corrupt?

MS Outlook application should get upgraded frequently, if refuses to upgrade the Outlook application then the OST file which was created by the Outlook might get damaged and OST file cannot be access by the user.

When you are performing some operation on OST file, if your MS Outlook tool gets terminated suddenly without any notification then your OST file gets corrupted and becomes inaccessible on your system.

If your system Operating System gets infected by harmful virus or malware then it infects all the saved files and application available on your system such as MS Outlook OST file also gets damage due to virus issue then your cannot able to access the content of OST file on your system.

If your OST file become inaccessible on your system then user search for alternative method to access the files of OST file, the best solution to access the corrupted / damaged OST file is by converting those OST file to PST file by using some third party repair tool like Remo convert OST to PST software on your system.

PST file: Personal Folder File (PST) file is another Outlook data files which saves the messages and other items of Outlook on your computer. PST file items can be moved or archive to another Outlook PST file, because each PST file has some size limit, when your PST file size limit gets exceed then you can move the files to other newly created PST file on your system.

Fix Windows PC Issues with a Restore Point

Facing troubles in operating your computer after installation of new program or driver!!! Don’t worry we solution for such kind of problem. Every system have a restore point so as to fix the problem such as Windows crash or slow system operating speed.

Before we start with the process to restore the system at a previous point, let’s discuss few things about System Restore:

A system restore is actually a recovery tool through which you can reverse the changes that you made on your computer. It is a snapshot of Windows at a certain point of time. The system restore works as an Undo (Ctrl+Z) button in Microsoft Office.  It is quite common that you get into the trouble after installing application on your system. If you want to get back into the previous state then you need to follow the below mentioned steps. The best thing about system restore is that it automatically creates a new restore point after installation of new driver or any piece of software. However, you can also create a restore point manually.

Follow the steps to create a restore point manually:

For Windows 7 based system

  1. Left click on Start button and in the left pane open Control Panel.
  2. Type Restore Point in the search box at the top right of the screen.
  3. Click on Create a restore point in order to customize the restore point.
  4. A new window appears on screen with System Protection tab opened.
  5. Choose drive for which you want to create restore point and click on
  6. You need to name the restore point and the date and time is automatically added.
  7. Once you got the notification for successful creation of restore point the close the tab.

You should create a restore point at a regular interval so that you can reverse your computer to the latest point of time.

Steps to restore the system with previous point

  1. Open Control Panel > Type restore point in search box > Click on Create a restore point
  2. In the System Protection tab, select the drive and press on System Restore button
  3. Another window appear on screen choose either Undo System Restore or you can also choose different restore point as it depends on your choice
  4. Press Next button to proceed and then you need to confirm the restore point that you want to apply. Press Finish button to start the process.

Note: Avoid interruption while restoring the system to the previous point. It may leads to severe data loss after system restore. However, it is possible to recover data after system restore with ease.    


  • System settings are restored to the previous point
  • Applications that are installed after restore point get uninstalled
  • Drivers and Windows updates will get uninstalled that were installed after the restore point

Create an Ideal Windows 10 Security Setup

When you first purchase a new Windows system, you must focus on downloading applications and transferring your favorite stuffs on computer. However, rather than collecting stuffs from everywhere you would go to protect your files or configure privacy on the system. There are certain files and data that you never want to share with anyone and want them secure. Such sensitive files are taken care from you and encrypted so that it’s to open or access on your Windows system.

Follow below mentioned tips in order to set up Security in Windows 10 system

  • Start with clean installation of Windows 10 operating system even though you have new computer. It removes junk software from the system that the manufacture thought you would like this. In order to re-install operating system you can check this link.
  • Disconnect your device with Microsoft account so that Microsoft doesn’t know about the log in to the system. In order to disconnect the Microsoft Account, follow the given steps:
  1. Open Start > Search Account > Manage your Account
  2. Press Sign in with a local account instead
  3. Create a user name and password
  4. Log out and then re log in with new credential
  • You can also tweak number of setting according to your choice like General, Location, Camera, Microphone, Speech, inking & typing, Account info, Contacts and Calendars.
  • Protect your personal data and apps from other users. The built-ins system can’t protect personal data and apps that you download on computer. However, you are able to download third party tool in order to secure data and apps. Basic things you must keep in mind while you start working on system:
  1. Install updates antivirus scanning tool
  2. Download privacy protected extension on browsers
  3. Always use VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • Lock down your system if you went outside for few minutes. Prevention is better than cure so it is necessary to keep your system locked when you are not working. Few precautionary measures:
  1. Enable a lock screen
  2. Keep your machine in safe place
  3. Secure your Wi-Fi

Learn How Cars Talks to Roadways and Traffic Signals

It is not a surprise to see self-driving vehicles in Consumer Electronics Show in 2017. The manufacturers and suppliers are all set to display demonstration of this autonomous vehicles. This year many others exhibitors are ready to showcase similar technologies which allows cars to communicate wirelessly. These cars are equipped with embedded in road signs, traffic lights and other parts of the road infrastructure.

When cars seek advice from one another, it’s called vehicle-to-vehicle communications (V2V). Once they communicate with the route or traffic signals, it’s called vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I). Conjointly, the technology is thought as V2X.

The hope for V2X is that after cars and infrastructure are all equipped with compatible wireless technologies, the period, automatic communication among numerous vehicles can improve safety and convenience whereas reducing traffic and fuel consumption.

Because therefore few vehicles presently have V2X technology put in, the advantages to average drivers are mostly theoretical. In our demo, we tend to rode in cars equipped with systems by trade suppliers urban center and Savari that warned of impending collision with different connected cars throughout lane merges, emergency stops, and at intersections.

We additionally saw however these vehicles might warn a driver that he or she was approaching a construction website, or on the point of run a red lightweight, or perhaps facilitate alter speed to cruise through inexperienced.

In our demos, alerts showed up onscreen, however they may even be delivered by moving the driver’s seat or through audible alerts. However, these systems are deployed can primarily be up to automakers.

These V2X systems will add bicycle with different advanced safety systems, like autonomous emergency braking technology that uses camera, radar, or measuring instrument to find and forestall associate degree accident.

The Department of Transportation has been researching V2X for many years, however the concept has gained urgency within the past few months. In Dec, the DOT projected a rule that might need automakers to put in the technology in new cars that might share info concerning every car’s speed, location, and direction, also as different information.

Steps to Empower Management Strategy Talent

Employee authorization is crucial as it facilitates with recruiting and holding workers. It conjointly builds a team of higher productive employees. According to 2016 survey done by my organization it was found that has 44 % of pros which needs a manager who empowers them to freelance. Employers have lot of tools before to empower their workers due to the fast advancements in technology. However, you are able to leverage new technology in order to raise workers and guide them to being independent.

Provide academic materials


The Internet is dynamical method we have a tendency to educate our workers and the way we have a tendency to learn new skills and competencies provide workers access to online tools to empower them to find out and continue their skilled development by building each soft and arduous skills.

Sites like Coursera, Udemy, and Khan Academy provide varied courses on many subjects. It produces associate degree action arrange that defines goals for every worker so that they have a voice in their learning and are unbroken on course so as to raise them regarding their passions, wherever they see themselves within the next year or 5 years, and the way they require to reach their role. Guide your workers with career coming up with and empower them to require action towards those goals.

Guide them on social networks


Social media may be a nice resource for workers to find out a lot regarding their business and expand their skilled network. Encourage them to affix retailers like LinkedIn and begin to follow business thought leaders and similar firms.

When workers are in tune with their field of labor, they are hungry for a lot of information. Feed their craving by referring them to relevant prestigious skilled organizations and acquire their memberships. Professional organizations are nice for workers who need to expand their business information and skilled network, share ideas and learn from colleagues at events, develop a way of authority over their career, and hunt down substantive experiences to assist higher their communities.

Offer perceptive feedback


Feedback is crucial for employees to become higher workers and develop a lot of skills, and most of them understand this as reality — 72 % of workers assume their performance would improve with a lot of feedback, in keeping with a 2014 study from work-board.

Fortunately, advances in technology modify firms to trace performance. Talent management platforms are the right resolution for firms that need to supply correct, impactful direction for every staffer.

Very Soon Your Smartphone Can Be Used As a Passport

Yes! You have heard it right! Soon Smartphone could be your passport. With the improvement in technology, it always surprises all the users around the world and helps them for doing betterment of daily works which might create obstacles in their life. Until the development of smart phone devices, nobody had ever envisioned about what it is capable of.

soon smartphone could be your passportHumans tend to make mistakes and may forget the passport on the way to the airport. Then, do not worry De La Rue– the world largest producer of passports in the UK and British banknote printer has declared its future plans were, soon Smartphone could be your passport which turns into a paperless ID proof.

With this declaration of new technology, we are liable to witness the end of physical passports utilization soon. It’s like mobile boarding cards and airline tickets which can specifically be utilized from smart phone mobile devices. In the same manner, the paperless smart phone passport might likewise utilize the same innovative techniques, however with various viewpoints and security measurements for safety. The CEO of the organization, Martin Sutherland, expressed that project is already started and the work is in.

It is said that, the paperless digital passport might requires a new hardware to be establish on the Smartphone to guarantee the secured storage of e-passport permit. With the new equipment, the odds of imitation, duplicating and so forth, will get wiped out. At this moment, the De La Rue organization is looking forward in determining the difficulties that users could go through in utilizing the digital passport.

Suppose, this innovation is implemented, then it could probably dispose of the utilization of physical passport. Hence, there could be less risk of losing it. In any case, the organization ought to guarantee the clients about complete security for their passport is the foremost vital document for many travelers from all over globe. Right now, the project is in initial phase of advancement thus we have to sit tight further for its execution.

After the completion of this technique is finished, the organization could get an outline regarding possible mistakes. Thus they can guarantee its security by facing every single other challenges. Before the approval of paperless passport, all the countries in the world should accept their proposition and there are some more things ought to be considered. Along these lines, once this innovation comes into picture, then there is no need to carry physical passport. The users mobile phone device would be their digital passport whether they are using iPhone 6S, Motorola, Samsung phones or any other smart phones.

Need Storage Device That Deal With Increasing Data Flood

Budd Van Lines, vice president and CIO- Douglas Soltesz, is facing a severe issue of increasing flood of data on his system’s storage device. This problem is not only faced by him, but other people also having. So, they are searching for the new storage technologies to deal with the data deluge.

Douglas says- if you gave me an endless amount of storage medium, I could save my data in it. The latest four months of high quality observation video from the organization’s workplaces and warehouses now expend 60 TB hard drives on his NexentaStor NAS and SAN platforms. Video is one reason his storage needs are growing every year, 50 % to 80 %. In the event that he had twice as more storage capacity, he says, his clients would simply request to keep their video twice as long as previous one.

Current hard drive technology finishing their decade long keep running of steadily expanding densities, IT stores are waiting for the launch of new technologies with respect to storage devices, for example, shingled magnetic recording (SMR) and phase change memory (PCM) to support storage space densities. Meanwhile, they are holding down expenses and boosting the information access with programs that de-duplicates, virtualize, and stores information on disk drives, server-side flash memory and solid state drives (SSD).

With the increase in business profits, the need of storing more data in hard drive storage device also increases for the people. Due to this, drive might not be sufficient to save huge amount of files. Then, user thinks of deleting few data which are not important for them. In this process, they do a common mistake and erase wrong data and it will be data loss problem. Hence, in order to recover data go through this link.

A senior vice president of storage vendor Seagate Technology Mark Re says- After consistently using for about 10 years, it expands densities, disk that utilization PMR  (perpendicular magnetic recording) are topping out at around 1TB for each square inch says Mark Re, a senior VP at capacity seller Seagate Technology.

In the 2nd half year, Seagate will start transporting drives that utilization SMR (shingled magnetic recording) to crush more information onto drives by covering the information tracks on them like shingles on a rooftop, a capacity expert at IHS iSuppli, Fang Zhang says. That ought to in the end help drive densities to 1.3T to 1.4T bits for each square inch, says Re, who includes that Seagate’s SRM drives will begin with desktop structure elements and spread to different platforms, for example, storage device arrays on next year. The following development, which will take drives to 5Tbits for every square, is heat assisted magnetic recording (HAMR), which utilizes a little laser to change the properties of the drive.

6 ways to super-charge your Finder Windows

You do most of your add apps, however you manage your files within the Finder. This window and file manager is that the heart of OS X, and offers a superfluity of options for operating with files: sorting, tagging, copying, moving, etc. There also are variety of how to figure with windows within the Finder, mistreatment multiple windows, or simply mistreatment tabs in a very single window. Here square measure six ways that you’ll super-charge your Finder windows.
download (20)

View a lot of data

When you’re within the Finder, you’re viewing files and folders, square measure 2 read choices that may assist you work a lot of expeditiously by showing you a lot of data concerning your stuff. Within the read menu, select Show standing Bar and Show Path Bar. As you’ll see below, the standing Bar is at all-time low of the window, and shows the quantity of things within the window, what number square measure hand-picked, and the way abundant free house remains on your disk. And therefore the slider at the proper of the standing Bar helps you to amendment the dimensions of icons in your window.

The Path Bar, simply higher than the standing bar, shows the file path of the chosen item. This not solely shows you wherever the item is on your Mac’s drive, however conjointly helps you to drag a file or folder to 1 of the folders you see within the Path Bar.

New windows and tabs

To create a brand new Finder window, simply press Command-N. You’ll wish to use multiple windows once you’re moving files around from one folder to a different, or to associate in nursing external hard drive or network volume. However if you’ve got little show, multiple windows are often exhausting to navigate. For this reason, you’ll conjointly produce multiple tabs in a very single Finder window. To make a brand new tab, press Command-T

Move tabs

If you’ve got multiple tabs in a very Finder window, you’ll drag them to alter their order. Simply click a tab and drag it to the situation within the tab bar wherever you would like it to measure. However it gets higher. You’ll conjointly drag a tab from a Finder window to make a brand new window. Attempt it; create a brand new tab, then drag it removed from the window. You’ll see the Finder create a brand new window therewith tab’s item—folder or disk—selected.

Resize windows

In El Capitan, you’ll size Finder windows by dragging from any aspect or corner. Simply click and drag a window to form it larger or smaller. You’ll even create your Finder window fill the screen by clicking the inexperienced button at the highest left of the window. I realize this slightly an excessive amount of, however some folks, once operating with lots of files, might realize full-screen read helpful. To exit full-screen read, move your indicator to the highest of your show and click on the inexperienced button once more.

Minimize windows

You can minimize a window, causing it to the Dock by clicking the yellow button at the highest left, or pressing Command-M. After you do that, you see a fingernail of the window at the proper of the Dock; simply click it to bring it back to read. This can be helpful if you would like to access variety of windows, however not all at a similar time.

Set the dimensions for your Finder windows

For some reason, Apple has ne’er allowed you to line a most popular window size within the Finder. You will open a brand new window, resize it, then shut it, and realize that successive new window you produce may be a totally different size. Obtaining the Finder to recollect the dimensions you would like is difficult, but Macworld’s Glenn Fleishman offers a solution.

Microsoft to Unify PC And Xbox One Platforms, Ending Fixed Console Hardware

Microsoft is going to unify its laptop and Xbox One play platforms into one system running Universal Windows Applications (UWAs), the top of the company’s Xbox division Phil sociologist has declared. It conjointly appearance possible that the Xbox One can become a lot of PC-like with backwards compatible hardware upgrades within the future.

images (4)During a press event in urban center last week, sociologist aforementioned that the Universal Windows Platform, a typical development platform that permits apps to ran into laptop, Xbox, tablets and smartphones, would be central to the company’s play strategy. “That is our focus going forward,” he told reporters. “Building out a whole play system for Universal Windows Applications.”

Speaking regarding the thought, Xbox head Phil sociologist distended on the thought, spoken communication that the implication for Xbox hardware specifically was a console that might on paper see a hardware upgrade mid-generation, and he decried the existence of people boxes that square measure barred into a similar technical school for 6-7 years before a completely new unit replaces them.

This is a completely monumental development for the business if this can be really the road Microsoft is headed down. Not only for Microsoft, except for its competition, as well. However will that modification the console landscape if the Xbox One is actually upgraded indefinitely, instead of replaced by one new unit once a collection amount of time?

In different [consumer technology] ecosystems you get a lot of continuous innovation in hardware that you simply seldom see in consoles as a result of consoles lock the hardware and package platforms along at the start and that they ride the generation out for seven years about,” aforementioned sociologist. “We’re permitting ourselves to decouple our package platform from the hardware platform on that it runs.”

What this might mean is that the Xbox One becomes a lot of sort of a laptop, with Microsoft emotional updated versions at regular intervals with a lot of powerful processors and graphics hardware. In theory, as a result of games are written as UWAs, older titles can stay compatible with the new machines.

This is, quite merely, AN astonishing development for the business, if the long run pans out the method sociologist sees it. During this state of affairs, there’s ne’er very AN Xbox 2. There’s simply AN Xbox One being upgraded over time sort of a laptop, however with games developed on the Universal Windows Platform system, they’d keep backward compatible despite new hardware. The package platform is separated from the hardware, permitting consoles to be upgraded with no need to maneuver to a complete “next” generation of hardware.

Outside of Microsoft, it’ll be fascinating to check however studios react. “In principle UWA feels like an honest plan,” says Sixth Baron Byron of Rochdale Atkinson-Jones, a veteran games software engineer, currently running his own indie studio, Xiotex, and dealing on sci-fi mystifier, Caretaker. “It offers a lot of unified platform or atmosphere instead of a fragmented operative systems running on a good a lot of fragmented hardware base. However, this can be all dependent on simply however onerous it’s to develop for and the way abundant of a company it’ll become.