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Mac FireWire is a high-speed serial bus which is initiated by Apple and developed by IEEE P1394. You can transfer files from one Mac system to another with high speed. However, it might happen that file becomes unreachable while transferring files through FireWire due to certain interruption. If you lose important files, then you must… Read Article →

Hard drive is storage device used to store our data such as albums, music, video, document file, emails and so on. It is made up of electronics and mechanical devices which may fail with time. As a result of which user is unable to access stored data. Some of the reasons for hard drive failure… Read Article →

External hard drives are extensively used for storing or transferring data from one system to another. As they contain large amount of data it is crucial for them to be safe and secure. As an instance, if in any case they get infected by some virus, formatting that external hard disk turns out to be… Read Article →

Microsoft Windows 10 is the latest Windows Operating System. It is easy to use and improved performance with built-in security feature and has lots of similarities to Windows 7 including Start menu. Windows is the most popular OS around the globe since many people use it due to its affordable cost and easy user-interface. Like… Read Article →

“Hey friends, I am using an external storage device to preserve my precious personal files which are systematically organized folder wise, so that I can easily find them quickly in my daily hectic routine and ease my work. But recently I got struck into a huge problem, as a tragedy took place when I accidentally… Read Article →

Restore Missing Music Files from External Hard Drive Nowadays, people are not ready to invest time for themselves due to their busy timetable. The best way to keep them far from tension, pressure that may be due to work or personal life is by listening to their most loved music. There are numerous devices like… Read Article →

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