Restore External HDD Files in Few Steps

External hard disks are most widely used USB drive around the world due to its high storage capability and portability. Computer users often use external hard drives to save and back up huge amount of data as it comes out with large storage capacity of up to 2 TB.

Though usage of external hard drives has lots of benefits it is not free from data loss issues. You can lose your valuable data from external hard drives at any point of time due to either your mistake or unexpected things that occur in various circumstances. Let us have a glance at some scenarios that cause data loss from external hard disk drives.

Formatting: Intentional or unintentional formatting of external hard drive without having data backup results in huge amount of data loss. At times, when you want to format a particular drive of your external hard drive and by mistake you may format a wrong drive and lose your valuable data

Accidental Deletion: While you are erasing unwanted files in order to free up the space for storing new files, you may unknowingly delete few essential files along with useless files

File Transfer Interruption: Any sort of interruptions like power failure, or abrupt ejection of external hard drive from the system while transferring files from computer to external HDD or vice versa can result in deletion of files

Other Scenarios: Other scenarios where in you may face loss or deletion of files from external hard drive are deletion by third party tools, virus infection, formation of bad sectors, accidental deletion of partition, improper conversion of file system, reformatting, and many more

Recover your Files using Remo Recover Software:


As soon as you come to know that some important files of you has lost or deleted from external hard disk, then avoid further usage of the hard drive in order to prevent overwriting of files and make use of Remo Recover software which is one of the best external hard drive recovery tool in market. In fact, you can test the tool before purchasing by downloading and running its free demo version. Demo version, with its advanced scanning technology scans your external hard drive, recognises and recovers more than 300 types of files in few clicks. It also has one more advanced feature called “Save Recovery Session”, by choosing this option you can avoid rescanning your external hard drive after purchasing full edition, because you can resume with saved recovery session using “Open Recovery Session” option and save the recovered files at your desired location.

Other Features of this Tool:

  1. Remo Recover supports data recovery from different types of hard drives such as SATA, IDE, SCSI, PATA, etc.
  2. Data from NTFS, ExFAT, FAT16, Fat32 file systems can be recovered with this software
  3. With this external hard drive recovery tool, one can restore lost or deleted files from various brands of hard drives such as Transcend, Toshiba, Western Digital, Seagate, Dell, and many more
  4. Moreover this utility also supports data recovery from other storage devices including pen drives, memory cards, flash drives, Flash drives, and so on
  5. It supports different versions of Windows OS starting from Windows 2000, XP to the latest version i.e., Windows 10 operating systems

Smart Steps to Restore Media Files from Hard Drive

Steps to use Remo Recover (Windows) software to retrieve media files from hard drive:hard-drive-recovery

Let’s discuss how we can recover media from HDD using special recovery tool i.e. Remo Recover (Windows).

Step 1: Install the free trial version of Remo Recover (Windows) which you have downloaded.

Step 2: launch the installed application by running it and then choose recover photos button present on the main screen.

Step 3: Next choose the recover deleted / lost photos button on next screen of the program to retrieve media files from HDD.

Step 4: Choose the drive from which you need to restore deleted / lost media and then choose next to begin the recovery process by the software.

Step 5: After the completion of recovery process, you can view all the files in two forms of view that is file type view and data view.

Step 6: Choose the save recovery session to avoid rescanning after the purchase of Remo Recovery and if you want to load those retrieved files then buy the software online.

From the above recovery process of Remo Recover (Windows) you can easily retrieve media files from hard drive.

Special benefits of using Remo Recover (Windows) which help us to retrieve media files from hard drive:

  • If the media files stored in hard drive gets deleted / lost due to some reason as mentioned in next paragraph, then we can make use of Remo Recover (Windows) software which helps us to retrieve deleted / lost media files from variety of hard drives like SATA, PATA and ATA.
  • This software not only restores lost / deleted media files from hard drive but also restores missing media files and it has the capacity to restore media files from corrupted or formatted hard drive in effective manner.
  • The tool can scan the entire hard drive and recovers all media files which has been deleted / lost even when the hard drive is crashed and if you face any issues while doing recovery process of media files, then technical team will be there to help you in recovery process.

Case scenarios for the delete of media file from hard drive:

  • Accidentally file deletion: It is one of the common issue faced by user, he/she might delete media file from hard drive thinking it is unnecessary.
  • Third party tool: Any third party application like antivirus might delete your media file and folders from hard drive which is infected with virus.
  • File missing while transferring: when you are transferring enormous quantity of media files from one drive to another, then you might lose some important file due to sudden interruption.
  • Virus or malware issue: if your hard drive gets infected with virus then it also affects your media files stored in hard drive and you might lose some files stored in your hard drive.

These are some scenarios for delete of media files from hard drive we can easily retrieve those media files by using Remo Recover (Windows) on your Windows OS.

Great Tool to Recover Data from Dead External Hard Disk

Evidently, hard-disks are of great use to us as we store our entire data in it be it music, video files, audio files, documents or anything. But simultaneously, one needs to have a copy of backup of that data as well. But if there is only one copy a particular data present on your external hard disk (i.e. without any backup) then chances are that you may end up losing your data under any unfavorable situation like your hard disk going dead! But whatsoever, you can always make use of Remo Recover utility to recover data from dead external hard disk.

Ultimate features of repair hd videoRemo Recover:

Remo Recover software comprises of whole bunch of amazing features to recover the lost data from dead external hard drive. Few of the prominent features high-lightening the force behind strong data recovery procedure is listed below:

  1. Products of Remo Recover are famous for their simple and decent interface and this one is no any exception either. This tool of Remo Recover is pretty easy to handle and to perform the desired data recovery from the external hard disk. Even the new users could also make use of this with very ease.
  2. This software provides you with the ‘Preview’ option using which you can view the list of all the recovered data once the scanning process is done.
  3. This tool is fully secure from any kind of viruses and malwares and any such unethical entities. Being encrypted with digital signature, this program ensures that your concerned hard disk remains fully safe even after its application.
  4. The option ‘Save Recovery Session’ has been proved to be a great business deal to its users since it provides them an extra benefit to save the whole scanning procedure. And seeing the accuracy and precision of the software when you get the registered version of this software you can continue from the previously saved session itself by selecting ‘Open Recovery Session’. You then do not need to go through the whole procedure again. Further you can ‘Save’ the entire recovered data to your desired location.
  5. Being compatible with any file-system based partition is one of the positive aspects of this data recovery software.
  6. Moreover, data recovery from various interfaces of external hard drives is also supported. For example: SATA, SCSI, ATA, PATA and SSD.

Method to Recover Data from Dead External Hard Drive using Remo Recover:

Retrieving your data from the dead external hard drive is a matter of few clicks. All you need is to follow the below mentioned steps to restore lost data.

Step1: Download and install Remo Recover on your Windows machine. Now run the software and click on ‘Recover Drives’ option from the main screen.

Step2: Now select the appropriate option (as per your requirement) from the wizard.

Step3: You will be made available with all the hard drives available or attached with your Windows computer after you select the appropriate option from the previous step. Then select your dead external hard drive from which you wish to recover your data and click on ‘Next’.

Step4: Then the list of all the recovered data will be shown to you which you can view using ‘File Type View’ or ‘Data view’ as per your interest.

Step5: You can also use ‘Save Recovery Session’ option to save the whole procedure and then continue with the ‘Open Recovery Session’ option to ‘Save’ the recovered files right from where you stopped.

Data Recovery from Damaged Hard Drive

No one wants to lose their essential data from hard drive. But sometimes unfortunately people will lose their important data or files from their hard disks. This might due to corruption, damage or inaccessibility of the HDD. Suppose if your hard disk is damaged and as a consequence if you lost all your files, then it is not so easy to get back all the lost data.

Well, now you can put an end for finding hard drive recovery software, because lost file recovery from damaged hard drive is achievable with the help of Remo Recover Software. It has deep and dominant scanning algorithms, using which it finds and retrieves all the files from damaged hard drive within couple of mouse clicks. It is competent in retrieving all files like PDFs, spreadsheets, zip files, MS office files, photos, videos, audios, and many more swiftly. But still it is strongly advisable to stop storing new data to the damaged hard drive so as to increase the possibility of file recovery.

Potential reasons causing data loss from damaged hard drive:

  • Suppose if you are re-installing OS in your system and if anything goes wrong in during the process, then it will surely affect the data in your hard disk and finally it becomes inaccessible.
  • Interruption caused during partitioning, formatting, repartitioning and reformatting will also result in loss of data from the HDD.
  • If the file system or database of the hard drive gets corrupted then there is a chance of hard disk data becoming inaccessible.
  • Sometimes bad sectors may form on your hard drive which also plays a key role in the hard disk damage.
  • Indecently performing de-fragmentation, that is used for creating free space will also results in damaged hard drive.

Recovering Data from Damaged Hard Disk using Remo Recover Tool:

By using Remo Recover application it is very much feasible to rescue your lost or deleted data from damaged, formatted or inaccessible hard disks in a smart and perfect way. Indeed, it is the top rated and recommended hard disk recovery tool by industrial experts and many of the users. It comes up with a user friendly interface which helps even a non-technical user to use the software with very much ease. It supports almost all versions of Windows Operating Systems such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2012.

  • The utility supports retrieval of files from hard drive, SD card, pen drive, etc. that is installed with FAT12, FAT32, NTFS, and also NTFS5 file systems.
  • It has the ability to perform damaged hard drive restoration process on hard disk drives that are having SATA, IDE, and SCSI interface.
  • The utility is accessible in demo version also, so you can just download the demo version if you want to assess the software features before purchasing for the actual software.

The damaged hard drive recovery procedure:

To start the process of recover data from damaged hard drive, just download the free demo version of the Remo Recover software. Once the software gets installed, run the tool and select option “Recover Drives” that appears on the main screen. Then pick “Partition Recovery” option given in the very next screen and look through for the hard disk from where you need to restore data and then click on “Next” to proceed. On completion of the restoring process, you can preview all your recovered files from the damaged hard drive using the “Preview” option.


How to Recover Files from Corrupted External Hard Disk?

How to perform data recovery on corrupted external hard disk?

An external hard disk is a portable storage device which is used to connect to a computer system with the help of USB cable or wireless connection. External hard disk is capable of storing large number of files and is usually used to backup their important data such as media files, documents, etc., then can be disconnected and stored in a safe place.

There are many advantages of using external hard disk drives, like ability to hold large amount of data, files can be shared easily, etc. You can transfer or copy large files quickly from one computer to your hard drive and vice versa. External hard disk drives are also called as removable hard disks.


In this article, get to know some of the most known causes for data loss on portable hard drives and how external hard disk drives get corrupted. In the following session, learn an effective way of performing data restoration on external media storage volumes with the help of Remo Recover. Also get to learn why this data restoration utility is one of the most recommended applications to perform file restorations on crashed portable storage volumes.

There are many reasons for your external hard disk to get corrupted:

  • Faults in manufacture which prevents your hard disk to work normally as it may happen that the manufacturer company had delivered faulty hard disk
  • Due to power failure there is chance of getting the hard disk data corrupted. It can also occur due to using unreliable power sources which give discontinuous supply of power
  • System BIOS is unable to detect the hard drive
  • Internal failure can occurs inside the hard disk drive due to bad sectors or blocks
  • Virus attacks while connecting your hard disk to a computer can erase the data, change the hard disk operation or the system file can get corrupted
  • Sudden system shutdowns due to power failures and force restart can cause files to become corrupt and your hard disk inaccessible

Recovering files from corrupted external hard disk using Remo Recover:

There is an effective method to recover files from corrupted external hard disk drive. With the help of Remo Recover tool, you can recover data in a faster and reliable way. It can restore data from hard disk which is has been crashed or does not boot. The data which is recovered can be saved in a separate storage device.

Some important features of Remo Recover are:

  • You can see the data according to the types of files
  • You can create disk image files to skip the bad sectors and then recover those files from the disk image files
  • Remo Recover tool is able to recover any type of file and any amount of data
  • You can use the demo version to check the recovery results. In the demo version of this software you can recover and view the data before saving those files to your system

Quick Method to Restore Data from Dead External Hard Drive

“I Have Kingston 1TB external hard drive with valuable information stored in it, but when I plugged it to my system I can’t seem to access it, I guess the hard disk is either dead or damaged. I have 20GB of important data in it. Is there any way I can make data recovery from dead external hard disk?”

First and foremost thing, is your drive making any kind of clicking or scraping noise that it never made before? If there are no suspicious noises, then problem might be with your computer. Try another USB port. If none of your USB ports works, then better try another computer.

Still you are not able to get those files? Then your external hard drive might be dead. There can be numerous reasons that may be responsible to become hard drive dead. No matter how important the data actually is, it’s always possible to recover data from a dead external hard drive. However it is known that 99% of the cases go for recovery software that has always been successful in recovering data effectively from dead external hard disk. One such software is available in the market called as Remo Recover Software, which is cost effective and the most popular tool known for its data recovery from dead external hard disk.

Reasons responsible for Dead External Hard Drive:

Unexpected File System Error: Sometimes your external hard disk may display error messages related to the file system during its usage which indicates that files do not exist or it is corrupted to access, this shows that external hard disk is going to die soon.

Noises: while accessing files from external hard drive it produces slight noise. This noise will become louder or faster, and when drive stop working abruptly then there is something really wrong with your external hard drive.

Corrupted Files: Important hard drive files may become damaged or corrupt when any interruptions occurs while transferring files from system to external hard disks or vice versa and also prevents user to access their files stored into external hard disk.

Virus Infection: usually hard disks contains large amount of important data stored. Using your external disks on multiple and untrusted system causes virus and other malicious viruses to enter into your hard drive. So it is advised to keep it virus free by making use of some reliable antivirus software.

Power Failure: Sudden system shutdown due to power outrage that can cause external hard drive files to become corrupt while copying or retrieving process is being carried out, which will make your external hard disk dead later.

External hard drive may eventually become dead without giving any grinding or scraping sound. In sorst situation, you may have not taken the backup of your external drive data to another device. Just don’t worry, Remo Recover software is famous data recovery from dead external hard disk, which helps you restore dead external hard drive data smoothly in few mouse clicks.

Key Features of Remo Recover Software:

Remo Recover Software is able to recover files from dead external hard drive as well as from failed, corrupted or damaged hard drive on Windows Operating System. It is compatible with Windows Operating System and its major versions such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2003. This tool supports you to recover data from external hard disks like image files, email, videos, audios, documents, etc from all brands of external hard disks such as Seagate, Western Digital, Kingston, Transcend, HP, SanDisk, Toshiba, and more.

Remo Recover supports data recovery from dead external hard drive with ease due to its user friendly graphical interface, so that even a non technical person can make recovery of data from external disks without any difficulty. This application enables you to deep scan dead external hard disks so as to find out lost files with its original content in a short interval of time. Use the demo version of this tool and check the data recovery performance.