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Today, wide verities of flash drives are available in the market. Well, here, we are mainly focusing on PNY Turbo 128 GB USB flash drive. It appears as there is nothing to say about PNY homely appearance except its sliding cover as it’s the worst thing about the drive. Also, this cover doesn’t provide protection… Read Article →

Can’t open or format your pen drive when connected to Windows PC? To provide solution, go through this page and know how to open or format pen drive… The first thing you need to consider is to try to remove your pen drive by making use of safely remove icon on the taskbar. For this,… Read Article →

TF card is nothing but Micro SD card that we normally use as external memory card on smart phones, camcorders, and cameras to store various files including media files like images, videos, and music files. As it is used on various electronic gadgets, any careless operation while using it can lead to loss of data… Read Article →

Memory cards are a powerful and convenient means of data storage and transfer. It is a tiny coin sized flash memory drive but it has enormous amounts of file storage capacities – ranging from few hundred Mega bytes to several Giga bytes. There are also various categories of memory cards available depending mainly on their… Read Article →

The Memory Stick PRO Duo (MSPD) are the better and revised editions of the early memory sticks which have better data storage capacities (up to 32 GB) and faster file transfer rates, with or without High Speed feature. These devices are built by Sony and work mainly with Sony digital cameras and are incompatible. Here… Read Article →

Verbatim is a Japanese company that creates and markets storage media devices and various flash memory products.  It is excelled is manufacturing all kinds of storage products including SSDs (Solid State Drives), Floppy drives, Tapes, Multimedia cards, SD cards, CF (Compact Flash) cards, CD – DVDs, USB pen drives, Siprelay operations, etc. Talking about Verbatim… Read Article →

A USB drive is nothing but a storage device that contains flash memory used for saving and retrieving data from other devices like computer, laptop etc. They are removable and rewritable devices and physically smaller when compared to optical disc. Features of USB drives Portable, cost effective, light weight Provides large storage space Does not… Read Article →

Today, everyone uses flash drive for storing and retrieving data because of its small structure and portability nature. Flash drive is one among external storage devices which is commonly used to store different file types such as audio, video, photos and other files. It can be connected to any electronic device like personal computer, laptop… Read Article →

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