Why Can I not Open or Format my Pen Drive in Windows

Can’t open or format your pen drive when connected to Windows PC? To provide solution, go through this page and know how to open or format pen drive…

The first thing you need to consider is to try to remove your pen drive by making use of safely remove icon on the taskbar. For this, click on safely remove hardware, select your drive and click on OK. Then once again plug in the drive to check whether you can access it or not. You can also try to plug in your pen drive on another USB port. Sometimes, it might be due to the fact that your port might not work properly so plugging into another port may help you in such situation.

Sometimes, your pen drive might not be recognized / open as it is not having the drive letter assigned to it. In such case, open My computer and check whether your pen drive is displayed and showing the drive letter. If it doesn’t show then you cannot access it. To solve this issue, try the following steps:

  • Click on Start
  • There type Run
  • type compmgmt.msc
  • Then click OK
  • Click on disk management
  • Check whether your drive displays there and highlight it
  • Then right click on your drive
  • Later, select the change drive letter and paths option
  • Now, assign a new drive letter and make sure the drive letter you choose is not used
  • Click on OK

Another reason for not visible pen drive might be due to malware / virus. So, it is necessary to perform a full scan on your drive / computer with antivirus application. If the application tells there is no virus, then the problem is with your registry. However, by editing the filter on the registry this problem can be fixed.

Note: If you have knowledge on how to handle registry then go on else simply playing with the registry can damage your computer. Here are steps to fix registry

  • Initially, click on start
  • Then click on Run
  • Next, type regedit and click on ok
  • Once registry opens, locate the Upperfilters registry value on the following path:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlClass{4D36E980- E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

  • Now, right-click on the entry and select delete
  • Click ok

By following the same steps as before, you can find the LowerFilters registry value by using the following path:


  • First, right-click on the entry and select delete
  • Then click on ok
  • As both entries get deleted, close the registry editor
  • Then restart your computer
  • As the computer finishes starting up, try your pen drive again and check whether it works.

While following these steps to open or format your pen drive, if you come across loss of files from it then immediately stop using the drive and make use of professional recovery tool like Remo Recover software. The advanced scanning algorithm of the tool scans the entire drive to recover data from formatted pen drive in a span of minutes. The step by step procedure lets any sort of users to restore various file formats whether it’s audio, video, pictures, PDF, etc. with ease.

Tutorial for Recovering Data from Formatted TF Card

TF card is nothing but Micro SD card that we normally use as external memory card on smart phones, camcorders, and cameras to store various files including media files like images, videos, and music files. As it is used on various electronic gadgets, any careless operation while using it can lead to loss of data stored over it.

Now, let us know some common scenarios that cause deletion or loss of data from TF card, so that you can avoid such circumstances in future.

  • Accidental or intentional formatting TF card without taking backup of files results in huge loss of data from TF card
  • External threats like virus or malware infection can corrupt TF card to a great extent. When you try to access corrupted TF card, you may encounter with format error message like ‘Disk in the drive not formatted, do you want to format now?’ Formatting is the only option to make further usage of TF card and people usually format TF card in such situation
  • Formation of excessive bad sectors, reformatting TF card without data backup, etc. are the most common data loss scenarios that can happen over TF card

At any stage you may face these data loss scenarios, so it is better to have proper backup of the files on some storage media. But, some users still unaware about these scenarios whereas some do careless in backing up their data and come across any of the above discussed unexpected data loss scenarios. Those users need not worry, because many data recovery tools are available to recover data from formatted TF card. As a first step of data recovery, stop further usage of TF card as soon as you come to know that files are lost or deleted from TF card, because saving new files on TF card reduces the chance of data recovery.

Recover Data from Formatted TF Card using Remo Recover Application:


Both lost and deleted files from TF card can be easily recovered with the help of Remo Recover software. A group of technical experts has developed this software with advanced scanning technology that helps in performing deep scanning of TF card and recovering missing or erased data from it. Just download and try its free demo version before purchasing the licensed version in order to evaluate the tool. Demo version scans your TF card, recognizes and recovers all types of files in few clicks. After the completion of recovery process, demo version allows you to preview all the recovered files in either File Type View or Data View. To save the recovered files, you need to purchase the complete edition. Please follow the link http://www.remorecover.com/windows/recover-data-from-formatted-tf-card.html to know complete procedure to recover data from formatted TF card using this software.

Eye-catching Features of Remo Recover Tool:

This software is capable of recovering videos, audio files, pictures, Word documents, PowerPoint presentation files, Workbook, PDF files, and many more with utmost ease. Moreover, it recovers data from formatted as well as corrupted TF cards easily in few clicks. He supported memory cards by this software are TF card, CF card, MMC card, xD card, SDXC card, SD card, SDHC card, and many more. Data from all major brands of TF card such as SanDisk, Sony, Transcend, Toshiba, Samsung, and so on can be retrieved by this tool. Apart from memory cards, it also supports external hard drives as well as computer’s internal hard drive, pen drive, flash drive, FireWire drive, etc.

Recover Pictures from Memory Card

Memory cards are a powerful and convenient means of data storage and transfer. It is a tiny coin sized flash memory drive but it has enormous amounts of file storage capacities – ranging from few hundred Mega bytes to several Giga bytes. There are also various categories of memory cards available depending mainly on their size, data storage capacity and file transfer rates. Some of the most famous memory cards are SD cards, microSD cards, SDHC cards, and the like.

No doubt the memory cards are a very hands means of file saving and sharing but another side to these flash storage devices is that they are easily prone to different kinds of data loss situations. These scenarios can cause huge amounts of data loss when occurred and hence they are at best avoided. But sometimes, there are occasions that are simply unavoidable and there’s nothing one can do much about them in order to prevent them from occurring. In all such unavoidable situations where data loss is obvious, there is no option left with you but to make use of data recovery application to retrieve deleted / missing data from a memory card.

 A perfect data recovery solution for Mac:

In order to carry out successful and effective data restoration on your memory card on a Mac, you will require a trusted and powerful data restoration app. And one of the best tools around is Remo Recover for Mac software to recover images from memory card. It is an all in one file recovery utility for all Mac OS X based computers and other devices. This software can successfully bring back all deleted or lost items from a memory card. The recovery process is so easy to carry out that even a novice Mac user will be able to operate the tool with ease. Following are some of the most helpful features of the software.

Advantageous features of Remo Recover for Mac tool:

  • The software can easily detect more than 300 different types of files formats and retrieve all of them with accuracy. It includes almost all forms of media files, software APKs, Zip archives, and all other data from a memory card
  • The app supports file recovery on all kinds of flash storage devices that includes SD memory cards, microSD cards, pen drives, USB sticks and many more. Apart from flash storage devices, this tool can be used to restore data back on external hard drives as well
  • This tool is compatible with all major versions of Mac OS X that includes OS X Lion, OS X Mountain Lion, OS X Snow Leopard, OS X Mavericks, OS X Yosemite, etc.
  • A free trial version of the application is available to download and use which helps new users to test the software

This tool can get all your photos and other contents back of all file types even from a formatted Sony camera memory card. It is one amongst the most powerful apps that can successfully retrieve lost / erased pictures with ease. Also the interface of Remo Recover is totally hassle free and extremely simple to use even for beginners.

Recover Memory Stick PRO Duo Data with Ease

The Memory Stick PRO Duo (MSPD) are the better and revised editions of the early memory sticks which have better data storage capacities (up to 32 GB) and faster file transfer rates, with or without High Speed feature. These devices are built by Sony and work mainly with Sony digital cameras and are incompatible.

Here in this page, let us find out how to execute PRO Duo memory stick recovery using Remo Recover software, which is the safest method of recovering sensible data. Also get to know some of the most prevalent actions that people from various fields encounter on a habitual basis that makes them perform data recovery on Memory Stick PRO Duo cards.

Some of the most observed actions that people encounter while accessing MSPDs:

  • While trying to move pictures or any other items from a Memory Stick PRO Duo card to a PC, you may accidentally click on the Delete button, costing you your important data
  • Assuming that you are removing some unwanted images or any other files, you may erase important ones without examining them
  • Erasing important files using Shift + Delete combination keys from Memory Stick PRO Duo or any other memory device
  • Formatting the Memory Stick PRO Duo card due to some reasons such as, to clear severe virus infections, for the purpose of changing file system format of the memory stick, and the like
  • Sometimes the Memory Stick PRO Duo card may turn inaccessible due to serious errors such as system corruptions, bad sectors, and the like

In all such cases, there will be no other option left with you but restore Memory Stick PRO Duo card data using a reliable data recovery tool.

Using Remo Recover to retrieve Memory Stick PRO Duo card data:

You can retrieve all kinds of files from Memory Stick PRO Duo card with absolute ease and efficiency using Remo Recover tool.  This powerful utility is an extremely useful data recovery application for performing data recoveries of all types and on all kinds of flash storage devices. It is one of the most bankable tools for recovering various types of files including pics, movies, apps, docs, emails, archives, etc. amongst others.

Excellent features of this software:

  • Remo Recover is equipped with a powerful and effective search engine that is combined with a user-friendly interface, making data recovery an easy task
  • It supports data recovery on almost all external media storage gadgets including external hard drives, SD memory cards, Memory Stick PRO Duo cards and many more
  • The inbuilt feature of this app lets you to view all recovered items from the Memory Stick PRO Duo card much before storing them back to any desired location on your host computer or any external storage devices directly
  • You can restore all data from a storage device with the help of demo version of this software itself. Later on, you can choose to get the full version of this tool for further process

Utility to Perform Verbatim SD Card Recovery

Verbatim is a Japanese company that creates and markets storage media devices and various flash memory products.  It is excelled is manufacturing all kinds of storage products including SSDs (Solid State Drives), Floppy drives, Tapes, Multimedia cards, SD cards, CF (Compact Flash) cards, CD – DVDs, USB pen drives, Siprelay operations, etc.

Talking about Verbatim SD cards, these flash storage devices came in various categories and classes depending upon the data transfer speed and data storage capacity. For example, a Class 2 Verbatim SD card could be ideal for use in phones and tablets, whereas a Class 10 Verbatim SD card is specifically designed for professional photographers to capture high-res image and video data. any Verbatim SD cards can come in various data storage capacities ranging from a few GBs up to several hundred GBs of storage space.


Here in this page, you shall be made familiar with various reasons that can tend to cause data loss on Verbatim SD cards in particular and the steps to prevent them. Also find out how to conveniently recover all important data from Verbatim SD cards which is lost, deleted or inaccessible due to any reasons. And eventually, get to know why Remo Recover is the best Verbatim SD card recovery tool for recovering data from Verbatim SD cards, in particular.

Various reasons that can tend to cause data loss on Verbatim SD cards:

  • Virus / malware infections can cause severe damage to all the contents that are present on the SD card. Hence, it is better to refrain from using it on untrusted computing platforms in order to keep it free from malicious softwares and as well secure from various data loss hazards. Making use of any trusted antivirus app can help prevent unnecessary damage to Verbatim SD cards
  • Facing accidental or unintentional file erasure on Verbatim SD cards such as accidentally deleting selected items, formatting the memory card from within a housing device, formatting the memory card via an attached computer, etc. are some of the most general actions of data deletion on all external flash storage devices, in general
  • Physical factors such as heavy stress or strain, bending or breaking of the storage device, undergoing extreme temperatures, physical damages, corrosions, etc. are a serious threat to these flash storage devices that can cause data loss that is beyond restoration. So try not to expose your Verbatim SD cards to such harsh physical conditions which may cause such drastic results
  • Any corruption or damage to the file structure of the Verbatim SD cards due to any reasons may cause the device to get corrupted and to lose access to all its stored contents. Formatting the Verbatim SD card drive will be able to solve this issue, but you will have to retrieve all data from that flash storage drive as it will be totally wiped off after a normal device format
  • A Verbatim SD card device can be a means to store large volumes of important data. Using it on multiple computing system such as on your digital cameras, PCs, phones, card adaptors, music players, and the like can cause that device to turn inaccessible or damaged, having you to lose all of its contents

Retrieving lost / missing / deleted data from Verbatim SD cards:

You can, with high probabilities, try and retrieve all missing, inaccessible or deleted data from a Verbatim SD card using a reliable and powerful flash card recovery application called Remo Recover. It doesn’t matter what is the cause for data deletion / loss on that device really is, as this tool is designed to work well under all data loss situations. By making use of this tool, you will be able to effectively restore all lost / missing / deleted Verbatim SD card contents within just a few moments of time via any Mac or Windows based computer.

How to Recover USB Drive Not Showing Data?

A USB drive is nothing but a storage device that contains flash memory used for saving and retrieving data from other devices like computer, laptop etc. They are removable and rewritable devices and physically smaller when compared to optical disc.

Features of USB drives

  • Portable, cost effective, light weight
  • Provides large storage space
  • Does not require any battery or external power backup
  • Supports various devices for storing and retrieving data

Ideally users utilize USB drives very frequently as they can be connected to any devices for storing or transferring data in spite of knowing they are prone to data loss.

General reasons that are responsible for losing data from USB drives are:

USB Drive Corruption – There are many reasons for USB drive corruption like file system corruption, increased number of bad sectors, unsecured applications etc. because of which it cannot respond to read/write option. Thus, data present in USB drive cannot be accessed.

Virus Attack – When USB drives are infected from harmful viruses, data available in it become inaccessible as viruses has the capacity to edit or delete entire data.

Human Errors – The common reasons for losing data is mistakes done by users like accidental deletion, unintentional formatting of USB drives that in turn result in data loss.

Unreliable Antivirus Software – While using USB drives from transferring or saving data, users perform antivirus scan to keep their system away from viruses. During this process, if antivirus software comes across any infected files then files will be erased without any prior information.

Other reasons – Unreliable third party tools, power failure, abrupt system shut down, improper removal of flash drive etc. are other reasons that leads to data loss.

To overcome all the above mentioned scenarios for recovering data, best utility that can be used is Remo Recover and for more information about recovery process and it features click here.

Eye catching features of Remo Recover

Remo Recover is ideal recovery tool that can be used to retrieve lost data from USB drive by defeating all the data loss scenarios. It has the ability to scan entire drive in few minutes for quick retrieval of missing data. This software is planned with simple GUI interface to help new user to install and run it easily. Only nominal disk space is required for installation process. With the help of a feature called Save Recovery Session, rescanning process on drive can be avoided and hence time can be saved. Remo Recover supports other external storage devices like memory cards, iPods, thumb drive, flash drives etc. to restore lost data. Visit the mentioned URL http://www.remorecover.com/windows/flash-data-recovery-software.html for in depth knowledge about this software.

Simple steps to restore data from USB drive using Remo Recover

  • Download and install Remo Recover software on Windows system
  • Connect USB flash drive to system and select Recover Files
  • Choose USB storage device and click Next button
  • The Scanning process of the drive will begin
  • After completing scanning process, recovered files can be viewed in two option like File Type View and Data View
  • Lastly, pick required files and save them on desired location


How to Recover Missing Files from Flash Drive on Mac?

Today, everyone uses flash drive for storing and retrieving data because of its small structure and portability nature. Flash drive is one among external storage devices which is commonly used to store different file types such as audio, video, photos and other files. It can be connected to any electronic device like personal computer, laptop for sharing files with the help of USB ports.

However, there are more chances of losing data from flash drive because of the following general reasons.

Flash Drive Corruption – Flash drives are commonly used to store/access data, if they are corrupted due to hardware conflicts, software clashes etc. then data present in it will be inaccessible.

Accidental Deletion – When flash drives do not have enough memory to save new files, users tend to delete some of the older files. If users choose important ones along with other files results then data loss occurs.

Sudden Ejection of Flash Drive – During data transfer process, if flash drive connected to Mac system is removed abruptly or without clicking on Safe Removal option then the data that is being processed is lost.

File System Corruption – The main purpose of file system is to manage the data in organized manner. Once the file system is corrupted due to unreliable third party utilities, virus attack and so on user may lose data from the flash drive.

Interruptions during Transfer Process – While moving files from flash drive to any other electronic device like computer, laptop, sudden system shutdown or hard drive failure leads to loss of information.

In order to avoid all the above mentioned scenarios users should be careful by taking precautionary measures in advance. If users are facing data loss from flash drive then just make use of Remo Recover software. Refer the mentioned URL http://www.remorecover.com/mac/how-to-recover-missing-files-from-flash-drive-on-mac.html for depth knowledge about retrieval process.

Attractive features of Remo Recover

Remo Recover is one of the best software that can defeat all the abnormal scenarios to restore missing files from flash drives. Installation process of this tool requires only nominal disk space.  It has the capacity to scan entire drive in few minutes using powerful recovery algorithms for early retrieval of lost data. Recovery of data from formatted, reformatted, corrupted drive is effortless. With the help of a feature called Save Recovery Session, rescanning process of drive can be avoided and thus time can be saved. This software is compatible with different versions of Mac operating system like Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks. Remo Recover  can also be utilized to get back NEF files effectively using simple process.

Simple steps to recover missing files from flash drive on Mac

  • Install and run the software on your Mac system
  • Select Recover Files from the main screen out of other options
  • Choose the drive from where you want to restore files and click Next button
  • Then scanning process of that drive will begin
  • Once process is completed files can be viewed using two options like File Type View and Data View
  • At last save the required files on any particular destination of your choice