Restore WMA Files after Deletion

WMA (Windows Media Audio) files are proprietary file format developed by Microsoft, this file is basically compressed audio file which is alike MP3. The file can be converted to various other standard formats.  However due to popularity of WMA files it is considered as one of the most preferred file for songs and other audio files, nevertheless we all know that users will have tons of favorite songs on their computer. Thus in case if it gets deleted then it is obvious that a user will be greatly disappointed, but there no need to get worried about it because deleted WMA files can be easily recovered without any trouble. In order to achieve recovery of deleted WMA files you may have to employ certain data recovery techniques, though most of them are simple but by using data recovery tool such as Remo Recover tool you can effortlessly recover all the deleted files without any trouble.

It is evident that when any file is deleted from your computer then most of the times users won’t be aware of it, but when the necessity comes then user will start worrying and searching for the file in whole computer. In some cases there are chances that the file may not have been deleted, but due to users deficiency in searching files make the user believe that the file is deleted.

Reasons for deletion of WMA files 

  • At times there becomes requirement of moving WMA files from one storage location to others, thus in case if there is any interruption in between the process of transferring then there are probabilities that you lose some files which were involved in transfer
  • When trying to remove unwanted WMA files from drive most of the times it is noticed that users go wrong in selecting files in bunch due to which deletion of incorrect selected files can happen
  • Users who are habitual of using shift+delete options can at times make use of same key combinations where it was not required
  • Emptying recycle bin without noticing that there are some required files within it can make the files permanently deleted

Apart from above mentioned reasons there are number of situations which can result in deletion of files but with the help of Remo Recover tool you can efficiently perform deleted WMA file recovery.

Benefits of using Remo Recover Tool 

  • By making use of Remo Recover software you can recover WMA files that are deleted due to any kind of situations
  • Comes with user interfaces that are very simple to understand, thus by this any novice user can easily accomplish the task without any difficulty, additionally the interfaces can make the recovery possible in just few clicks
  • Equipped with optimized algorithms which can make the recovery safer and secure
  • The tool is free from virus and other malfunctions due to which users are not required to get worried about the harm caused by this software
  • Apart from WMA files the software is capable of recovering various other files such as image files, video files, archive files, documents and many others
  • Can get installed on major operating system of Windows computers such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008

Additional Info: It is better that you take backup of your important files in some storage location which is safe and secure, because no one know when disasters can happen.

Restore Deleted MP3 Files from SanDisk USB Drive?

SanDisk USB flash drives offer a rapid way to back up, carry, share and transfer your files. This Flash Drive is provided with enough space to store your images, videos, audios, and other useful files. With their small seized designs and expansive storage, SanDisk USB drives allow you to store and carry files wherever you go. Apart from having all these unique features files get deleted from SanDisk USB drive. Given below is one such example for deletion of MP3 files from SanDisk USB drive

“Hi everyone, I have trapped in a very critical condition. Please can anyone help me out to restore deleted MP3 files from San disk USB drive? Last night I downloaded some of my favorite MP3 files and saved on my SanDisk drive. But after sometimes I tried to play those MP3 files from Sandisk drive but I am not able to found those files on my USB drive. Even I don’t know the reason behind missing of my files. Is there any way to get back deleted MP3 file from SanDisk drive USB? This is one of the instance in which data can be get deleted from USB.”

Following are some of other instances in which MP3 files get deleted from SanDisk drive:

  • Misplacing mouse point: When user sending/copying MP3 files from system to SanDisk drive or vice versa instead of selecting cut or paste selected delete option will erase all MP3 files at a time
  • Unexpected deletion of MP3 files: Many a times user prefer to make free space on SanDisk USB drive to store some important files on it, however deleting some unwanted files from SanDisk drive selected vital files from it
  • Power Failure: MP3 files can be deleted /lost due to sudden loss of power while sending MP3 files from system to SanDisk USB drive
  • Virus infection: User may unknowingly connect Sandisk USB drive to virus infected system for copying some MP3 files because of transfer of virus infected files causes deletion of all important files in it

These are the issues in which many people may delete their files and can be solved with the help of Remo Recover so that you can restore deleted MP3 files from USB in few minutes; refer this URL for more information

Important features of Remo Recover to regain deleted MP3 files from SanDisk USB drive:

  • It comes with a simple user interface, which allow you to regain deleted MP3 files from SanDisk drive in a very easy and effective manner
  • It recovers deleted as well as missing MP3 files from USB drives of all brands such as Sony, HP, Transcend, Kingston and so on
  • To get an idea about the performance of this recovery tool, download its trial version to retrieve deleted MP3 files from SanDisk drive
  • The built in find option help you to trace particular files on the basis of their file size, name, date of creation, extension etc
  • All the recovered files list can be viewed in Data view and File type view
  • Additionally this software is also available for other operating systems like MAC OS.
  • By employing this software you can also used to retrieve deleted files from Pen drive

Can I Retrieve My Pictures Folder from Windows?

My Pictures Folder Recovery from Windows

The greater part of the users utilizes Windows operating system as a result of its user friendly features and operations. In this manner, it gives a default folder called My Pictures to store different varieties of pictures regardless of its format. In this folder there will be a few pictures that are put away by operating system in which a hefty portion of the users store their photographs. Since, there are pictures saved by operating systems likewise, if there happens any issues like system crash and all then you may lose photographs available on it.

Let us have a brief idea regarding the situations that cause loss of My Pictures folder from Windows

Unintentional Formatting – It has ended up being one of the basic purposes behind losing folders like My Picture. This happens while formatting other drive containing undesired information or extremely infected you may click on My Pictures folder accidentally that bring about loss of images.

Malware Infections – There are various routes for dangerous viruses to attack My Pictures folder display on Windows system like when system is exposed to web, while exchanging files from infected devices or downloading any application from obscure sites. When infections get into system, they will reproduce themselves and can perform operations like delete, modify and so on My Pictures folder.

Human Errors – Many a times, users may click on delete option while review or editing few pictures accessible on My Pictures folder or using untrusted third party tools may delete without earlier data to users.

After facing issues like this, you may be thinking the answer how to recover My Pictures folder. In such case, you are in the right page to think about the splendid utility called Remo Recover. This instrument can perform My Pictures folder recovery adequately inside less compass of time.

Charging features of Remo Recover to recover My Pictures folder

  • Remo Recover is one of perfect software that can be utilized to get back My Pictures folder by crushing all conceivable situations that are dependable
  • This instrument is outlined with basic GUI interface that gives simple guidelines to help assorted types of users for ease installation
  • It can scan the entire drive in less compass of time in order to retrieve My Pictures folder at the soonest
  • Facilitates with a feature called Find tool utilizing which users can search their recovered records in less time from gigantic measure of data list
  • Technical group will be available for 24*7, to solve interruptions that happens during establishment, recovery process etc.
  • Remo Recover can also be used to recover deleted files from a folder on all most recent versions of Windows operating system

Basic steps to restore My Pictures folder from Windows utilizing Remo Recover

  • Install and run the Remo Recover software on your Windows system
  • Select Recover photos option from main screen out of different alternatives
  • Now pick the drive from where you have to retrieve pictures and after that click on Next button to begin the scanning procedure
  • Once the scanning process gets finished, you can see the pictures before saving it utilizing Preview alternative
  • At last save all the required files on desired location

How to Recover Lost Bitmap Files from Windows?

Get Back missing Bitmap Files

Bitmap Files are also known as BMP files or DIB (Device independent bitmap) is a file format used to store bitmap digital images especially on Microsoft Windows and OS/2 operating system.

Benefits of Bitmap files format

  • Excellent clarity of images
  • Provides an option called compression, to print the pictures
  • Pixel values may be modified individually

Even though having so many advantages, there are chances of losing BMP files from Windows system due to abnormal circumstances like accidental deletion, unreliable third party tools, hard drive corruption etc. Some of them are discussed below in detail.

How Bitmap files go missing from Windows system?

Virus Attack – It is common to use third party tools like antivirus software, partition tool, Adobe reader etc. to prevent system from viruses or to perform various operations on Windows system. If those applications are infected from viruses, then it gets transferred to computer. These harmful viruses spread themselves across the hard drive where Bitmap files are present and make them inaccessible.

Transfer Error – While exchanging Bitmap files from external storage devices to Windows system, if there are any interruptions like sudden power failure, abrupt ejection of external storage device etc. that stops the process results in loss of files.

Human Failures – Sometimes you might unintentionally delete Bitmap files using shift + delete keys or accidentally format the partition containing Bitmap files on Windows system.

If you are one among them to lose Bitmap files from Windows system, don’t panic!!! Here is optimal software called Remo Recover to restore lost bitmap file efficiently.

Why Remo Recover to retrieve lost Bitmap files from Windows?

  • Remo Recover is ideal recovery tool that can recover lost Bitmap files from Windows system effortlessly
  • This software is planned with built in powerful recovery algorithms to perform lost Bitmap file recovery at the earliest
  • With the help of a feature called Save Recovery Session, you can save time as it avoids rescanning of drive
  • Using an option called Preview, users can view the images in advance before saving them on particular location
  • This software can be installed on different versions of Windows operating system like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2008 and Windows 2003 to recover lost Bitmap files
  • Technical team will be available for 24*7, to solve any interruptions that takes place during installation, retrieval process
  • Apart from this, Remo Recover can also be utilized to regain lost data from accidentally formatted Windows 8 system. Browse here to know more about the software and its retrieval process.
  • Demo version is available for users to check the efficiency of software in prior

Steps to recover lost Bitmap files from Windows using Remo Recover

  • Download and install the software on your Windows system
  • Run the software and click on Recover Photos from main option
  • Then select Recover Lost Photos
  • Now select the drive from where you want to retrieve Bitmap files and click on Next button
  • The software will begin scanning process of that drive
  • After completion of process, recovered files can be previewed
  • At last save the required files on desired destination


How Can I Regain My Files Which I Lost Due to Virus?

Computer virus is a malware program, when executed get replicates by producing its copies on other computer programs, data, boot sector and hard drive.

Common reasons due to which Windows system get infected from viruses

Email Attachment – This is one of the common reasons for computer to get infected from virus. When files are exchanged through mails, files get infected from viruses by the time they reach destination. Thus, the system to which files are copied also get infected from viruses.

Downloading Software – While downloading softwares or applications from any unknown websites, check whether the content is free from virus. If not, the chances of viruses getting transferred to your system is more. Sometimes, harmful viruses get replicated themselves and have capacity to delete, modify data available making those files inaccessible.

Due to Transfer Process – During the process of transferring files from external storage device to your computer, perform antivirus scan to prevent system from virus. If the device used to transfer files are infected from virus, then through files it get exchanged to your system even.

Unreliable Third Party Utilities – Antivirus software, Adobe reader, partitioning tools, Picasa etc. are some of the frequently used third party tools from internet. When these tools are infected from viruses, then no doubt it will be carried to your system.

If you are one among them to face issues as mentioned above, first try removing viruses using good antivirus software. Even then if your system is in same situation, then make use of best software called Remo Recover. Refer this URL for more information how the retrieval process take place.

Different types of viruses

Boot sector virus – Boot sector is a part of computer that indicates where to load operating system. Boot sector virus is special type of virus that infects this part of system.

File virus – These viruses enter through internet or external storage devices that mainly infects the files that are saved on storage devices like hard drive.

Macro virus – They are one more type of viruses that infects word files.

Multipartite virus – These viruses has the capacity to infect both files and boot sector of system.

Polymorphic virus – They have the ability to alter their own code on different computer to avoid it by antivirus software.

Why Remo Recover?

Remo Recover is one of the award winning, reliable, secure tool that can be use to get back files that are lost due to viruses. This software is designed with advanced recovery mechanism that has ability to perform scanning process on entire drive in few minutes. It requires only nominal disk space for installation process. Recovery of files from corrupted, infected, formatted, reformatted hard drives, memory cards, external storage devices etc. can be achieved in less span of time. With the help of a feature called Save Recovery Session, rescanning of drive more than once can be prevented and hence time can be saved. Remo Recover can be installed on different versions of Windows operating system like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2008 and Windows 2003. Apart from this, Remo Recover can also be used recover files after partition format, you just click here to know more about its recovery process. Users can have brief idea about this software in advance using demo version which is cost free.



How to restore deleted PowerPoint file using Remo Recover?

Windows is one of the normally utilized operating system around the world because of its user friendly properties and basic operations developed by Microsoft. Some of the attractive features of Windows operating system are give tremendous memory space, helps various of software/applications to get introduced, encourages with built in applications and many more.

Brief information regarding PowerPoint files

PowerPoint is a slide show presentation project created by Microsoft that comes as a part of Microsoft Office suite. It mostly contains individual pages called slide, more than one slide might be consolidated to make essential presentations that could be utilized either in personal or business related task.

Advantages of PowerPoint

• With the assistance of visual effects, presentations might be made more appealing

• Flexible because that it might be utilized within different methods for your decision

• By using advanced signature to your presentation, it might be kept away from unauthorized users

Disadvantages of PowerPoint

• It obliges essential part like computer or projector to display

• Lack of interactivity

Few situations that causes deletion of PowerPoint files from Windows are:

Unreliable Antivirus Software – You might customarily scan your personal computer utilizing antivirus software to keep it safe from virus. During scanning process, if antivirus software come across any contaminated PowerPoint files it will erase those records without informing to its user.

Unintentional Deletion – Usage of wrong commands like shift + delete or choice like erase, when you are altering PowerPoint files or reviewing them results in deletion.

Emptying Recycle Bin – When PowerPoint files are erased by mistake then they could be restored from Recycle Bin. So, always check the contents of Recycle Bin before erasing them forever.

Improper Transfer Process – While exchanging PowerPoint files from Windows system to another devices, if there are any errors like power surge, inappropriate shut down of system, selecting wrong choice like cut and so on leads to deletion of PowerPoint files.

If you are one among them to face deletion of PowerPoint documents because of above mentioned reasons, then choose splendid recovery tool called Remo Recover. This device has the ability to restore deleted PowerPoint filesin basic way.

Striking features of Remo Recover

Remo Recover is a perfect recovery tool that can be utilized to get back erased PowerPoint files from Windows operating system. It can check entire drive inside few minutes. Remo Recover software is planned with simple user interface, so new users can download and install it effortlessly. With the assistance of inherent recovery algorithms, the deleted PowerPoint files might be recovered at the most earliest. Separated from this, gives a feature called Save Recovery Session that avoids from rescanning of drive more than once and hence time can be saved. Remo Recover can also be used to retrieve external hard disk data adequately. Users can check the ampleness of software ahead of time before buying.

Basic steps that should be followed to recover deleted PowerPoint files are:

• Download and install the software

• Click on Recover Deleted Files or Recover Lost Files

• Select the drive from which you need to restore deleted PowerPoint files

• Software begins the scanning process on the drive

• Provides a choice called Preview, to view the files ahead of time

• Lastly save the recovered files on desired location


Restore DLL files from Windows 7 system using Remo Recover

DLL stands for Dynamic link library whose implementation is done by Microsoft based on shared library concept with Microsoft Windows and OS/2 operating system. During the utilization of DLL files, users should be cautious because they are similar to EXEs, without which DLL files cannot be executed directly as entry point is required.

Features of DLL files are:

  • Memory Management – They will be arranged in organized way so memory won’t be wasted
  • Explicit runtime linking – DLL files can be loaded explicitly during runtime
  • Symbol resolution and binding – They are identified by numeric ordinal or by name that is optional

Importance of DLL files

DLL files are one of the very essential component to any Windows based operating system like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP etc. This is because all EXE files of any application or system depend on DLL files directly or indirectly. It contains code or data that can be used by more than one program at a time.

Apart from its benefits, have you come across DLL file deletion unintentionally or due to unexpected scenarios? Don’t worry!! Make use of best software called Remo Recover that can be utilized to retrieve .dll files from Windows 7 effectively.

Scenarios that are responsible for deletion of DLL files from Windows 7operating system are:

  • Accidental deletion – While utilizing DLL files, usage of wrong commands like delete or selecting DLL file instead of some other files to delete results in deletion of DLL files.
  • Unreliable third party tools – In spite of having many licensed antivirus software, if you are using untrusted software to protect from virus. Sometimes, during scanning process it will delete infected DLL files along with virus.
  • Virus attack – Viruses are major cause for deletion of DLL files as, they will target applications files and perform many operations like modify, delete etc.

Overview of Remo Recover

Remo Recover is optimal software that can be used to recover DLL files from Windows 7 operating system. It has the capacity to scan various drives of system in very less time. Remo Recover contains built in strong recovery algorithms that helps users to retrieve DLL files at the earliest. With the help of a feature called Save Recovery Session, rescanning process of drive can be avoided and thus time can be saved. If you come across any interruptions during recovery process, it can be solved as soon as possible because technical team will be available 24*7. This software can be installed on different versions of Windows operating system like Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP etc. Remo Recover can be utilized to recover files from Windows based laptops like Dell, Samsung, Lenovo that also explains how to recover Lenovo Ideapad effectively.

Safety measures

  • Make use of reliable third party tools
  • Have backup of important files in external storage device
  • Maintain power backup