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MOV is a widely used video file format on iOS devices. It is compatible with QuickTime player on both Windows and Mac systems. But sometimes you come across the scenario that you are unable to play sound on system. Under such circumstances, you are looking for tool to fix QuickTime MOV file that is unable… Read Article →

Most of the Mac users generally use Command + Delete keys or use Terminal to remove useless data from their Mac computers. But, during this action, sometimes in hurry, people delete some of their vital files along with useless files. This unexpected disaster can happen at any time and most of the users believe that… Read Article →

It is not a surprise to see self-driving vehicles in Consumer Electronics Show in 2017. The manufacturers and suppliers are all set to display demonstration of this autonomous vehicles. This year many others exhibitors are ready to showcase similar technologies which allows cars to communicate wirelessly. These cars are equipped with embedded in road signs,… Read Article →

Hello Friends!!! I am using webmail at my workplace. Yesterday, I added my account to MS Outlook 2016. When I start Outlook 2016, it does not send/receive emails automatically. Every time it need to press Send/Receive All Folder button to download emails from the server. Does anyone suggest how to resolve Outlook not updating automatically… Read Article →

With the advanced features of iPad Mini tablet, it is the most widely used Apple device around the globe. It comes out with many advanced features such as iSight HD camera that is capable of capturing High Definition videos and images of supreme quality, and it has a display of 7.9 with 1024*768 resolution powered… Read Article →

When compared to other data, photos are very precious and close to our hearts, isn’t it? Yes, many of you people will agree it. Since, photos are the only means to relive our past memories, most of you might have safely stored your important photos in one or the other storage devices. Today, most of… Read Article →

RAR is a compressed file format developed by WinRAR Archive tool. RAR file may include text, audio, video, document file and multimedia file. But sometimes due to few reasons RAR file may get corrupt and user is unable to access data. In such severe condition, user is looking for reliable tool to repair RAR file… Read Article →

Hello Friends!!! I am using Windows 10 system at my home. In order to prevent few private files, I used third party tool to hide. Yesterday, I wish to open to hidden files but I forget password of that tool. I want to get back my hidden files as soon as possible. Can anyone suggest… Read Article →

Employee authorization is crucial as it facilitates with recruiting and holding workers. It conjointly builds a team of higher productive employees. According to 2016 survey done by my organization it was found that has 44 % of pros which needs a manager who empowers them to freelance. Employers have lot of tools before to… Read Article →

Have you lost emails from Outlook profile on Windows 10 system? If yes don’t worry, there are few third party tools capable in recovering lost emails with utmost ease. Remo Repair PST is one of the efficient tools that recovers lost emails with few mouse clicks. Few benefits of Remo Repair PST are mentioned below:… Read Article →

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