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Computer virus is a malware program, when executed get replicates by producing its copies on other computer programs, data, boot sector and hard drive. Common reasons due to which Windows system get infected from viruses Email Attachment – This is one of the common reasons for computer to get infected from virus. When files are… Read Article →

A USB drive is nothing but a storage device that contains flash memory used for saving and retrieving data from other devices like computer, laptop etc. They are removable and rewritable devices and physically smaller when compared to optical disc. Features of USB drives Portable, cost effective, light weight Provides large storage space Does not… Read Article →

Today, everyone uses flash drive for storing and retrieving data because of its small structure and portability nature. Flash drive is one among external storage devices which is commonly used to store different file types such as audio, video, photos and other files. It can be connected to any electronic device like personal computer, laptop… Read Article →

Pictures are exceptionally vital in everyone’s life as they are the best measure to keep memorable movements alive for more period. Ordinarily, pictures caught utilizing digital cameras are exchanged to Mac system for saving them securely. After Windows operating system, the second biggest operating system utilized worldwide is Mac because of its user friendly features… Read Article →

As we know after Windows operating system, the second largest operating system used by the users is Mac because of its user friendly features and operations.  Basically it is a graphical user interface based operating system developed by Apple Inc. Salient features of Mac operating systems are: Provides large storage memory space for data saving… Read Article →

Windows is one of the normally utilized operating system around the world because of its user friendly properties and basic operations developed by Microsoft. Some of the attractive features of Windows operating system are give tremendous memory space, helps various of software/applications to get introduced, encourages with built in applications and many more. Brief information… Read Article →

DLL stands for Dynamic link library whose implementation is done by Microsoft based on shared library concept with Microsoft Windows and OS/2 operating system. During the utilization of DLL files, users should be cautious because they are similar to EXEs, without which DLL files cannot be executed directly as entry point is required. Features of… Read Article →

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