Microsoft to Unify PC And Xbox One Platforms, Ending Fixed Console Hardware

Microsoft is going to unify its laptop and Xbox One play platforms into one system running Universal Windows Applications (UWAs), the top of the company’s Xbox division Phil sociologist has declared. It conjointly appearance possible that the Xbox One can become a lot of PC-like with backwards compatible hardware upgrades within the future.

images (4)During a press event in urban center last week, sociologist aforementioned that the Universal Windows Platform, a typical development platform that permits apps to ran into laptop, Xbox, tablets and smartphones, would be central to the company’s play strategy. “That is our focus going forward,” he told reporters. “Building out a whole play system for Universal Windows Applications.”

Speaking regarding the thought, Xbox head Phil sociologist distended on the thought, spoken communication that the implication for Xbox hardware specifically was a console that might on paper see a hardware upgrade mid-generation, and he decried the existence of people boxes that square measure barred into a similar technical school for 6-7 years before a completely new unit replaces them.

This is a completely monumental development for the business if this can be really the road Microsoft is headed down. Not only for Microsoft, except for its competition, as well. However will that modification the console landscape if the Xbox One is actually upgraded indefinitely, instead of replaced by one new unit once a collection amount of time?

In different [consumer technology] ecosystems you get a lot of continuous innovation in hardware that you simply seldom see in consoles as a result of consoles lock the hardware and package platforms along at the start and that they ride the generation out for seven years about,” aforementioned sociologist. “We’re permitting ourselves to decouple our package platform from the hardware platform on that it runs.”

What this might mean is that the Xbox One becomes a lot of sort of a laptop, with Microsoft emotional updated versions at regular intervals with a lot of powerful processors and graphics hardware. In theory, as a result of games are written as UWAs, older titles can stay compatible with the new machines.

This is, quite merely, AN astonishing development for the business, if the long run pans out the method sociologist sees it. During this state of affairs, there’s ne’er very AN Xbox 2. There’s simply AN Xbox One being upgraded over time sort of a laptop, however with games developed on the Universal Windows Platform system, they’d keep backward compatible despite new hardware. The package platform is separated from the hardware, permitting consoles to be upgraded with no need to maneuver to a complete “next” generation of hardware.

Outside of Microsoft, it’ll be fascinating to check however studios react. “In principle UWA feels like an honest plan,” says Sixth Baron Byron of Rochdale Atkinson-Jones, a veteran games software engineer, currently running his own indie studio, Xiotex, and dealing on sci-fi mystifier, Caretaker. “It offers a lot of unified platform or atmosphere instead of a fragmented operative systems running on a good a lot of fragmented hardware base. However, this can be all dependent on simply however onerous it’s to develop for and the way abundant of a company it’ll become.