How to Unformat Mac Hard Drive

By utilizing the Remo Recover shard driveoftware you can easily unformat Mac OS hard drive to get all the formatted data. This tool is specially designed and developed for the Mac devices to retrieve all the data stored in the hard drive. With the help of advanced powerful algorithm this utility deeply scans your Mac hard drive and fetches all the deleted contents from it.  This Remo recover is known for its unique features and one of the best recovery toolkit available in the market. Demo version of this software is available with free of cost you can check the efficiency before purchasing the full version.

List of key characteristics of Remo Recover:

  • Remo recover software can recover data from partitioned and re-partitioned volumes. And also it has the ability to recover files which are emptied from Trash and lost or deleted.
  • This tool can recover data like media files, document files and many more. You can sort them on the basis of name, size, date and file type.
  • You can unformat hard drives on Mac devices like iMac, MacBook Air and Mac Mini. And also you can utilize signature search and find tool option for fast processing of data.
  • This Remo recover software provides free built in preview option to view the formatted data and save recovery session to save the scanned session which avoids rescanning of drives again in future.

Additional features of Remo Recover software:

  • Remo recover software can be installed on all the different versions of Mac computers  Mac OS X Lion, Mac OS X Leopard and Mac OS X Snow Leopard.
  • In this tool all the recovered data can be saved to any location which is accessible by Mac operating system and Remo recover is non destructive software which works only in Read mode.
  • Remo recover software is free from malware or virus infections so it is very much safe and secure to install in to Mac devices.
  • The user interface provided by this tool is very simple users will not find any difficulty to use this tool kit.

When Remo Recover is useful?

Remo recover is the best software and it is more useful under the following circumstances:

  • When your data stored in the Mac hard drive gets affected by virus or malware infections and accidently formatting the wrong volume instead of unwanted volume.
  • When data stored in the hard drive gets corrupted or damaged and presence of bad sectors in the Mac hard drive.

Steps to install Remo Recover:

Download and install Remo Recover software on your Mac operating system launch the application by double clicking on the icon. Click on Recover Volumes or Drives option and select Formatted or Re-Formatted Recovery to unformat the hard drive on Mac operating system. Select the hard drive to perform the recovery process and click on Next button to start. After the completion of process you can view all the formatted data by using inbuilt preview option. Finally you can save the recovered data by using the save option which is available in licensed version.