Formatted Hard Drive Folder Structure Recovery

“Hey friends, I am using an external storage device to preserve my precious personal files which are systematically organized folder wise, so that I can easily find them quickly in my daily hectic routine and ease my work.

But recently I got struck into a huge problem, as a tragedy took place when I accidentally formatted my external hard drive. My external hard drive contains some vital files on it, and those files are well arranged in separate folders. These folders are related to my official work as well as my personal work.

While I was thinking how to recover formatted hard drive folder structure, one of my friends informed me that it is very much possible to rescue formatted hard drive folder structure with the help of recovery tool.

With the lot of expectation, I have downloaded few free recovery tools that demands restore formatted hard drive folder structure. But unfortunately these tools does not work for me. I do not know what is wrong with all those tool that have not provide me satisfactory results.

So now I am in need of a software that supports recovery of formatted hard drive with folder structure on Windows system. Can anyone suggest me a best and effective tool to restore formatted hard drive folder structure?”

Is there anyone else who is looking for a software that will recover formatted hard drive folder structure? If so, then simply have a quick glance over the below content and get the useful information that helps you to retrieve formatted hard drive folder structure.

What is a folder and folder structure?

Folder is a collection of file/files, in which you can create sub folders or you can simply place a single file or multiple files. A folder allows you to put any number of files in it and these files could be of any type like images, audios, videos and documents.

The arrangement of file/folders which is made within a folder is known as folder structure. This structure could be with respect to file/folder names, date of creation, date of modification, recently used, file/folder size, and type of files that a sub folder contains etc.

This pattern will help you to recognize or find the files/folders of your choice in very quick time. Whit this method you can save your valuable time and ease your work to its max.

However as time, you could get stuck with some severe issues on your system, where formatting is the only option left for you. At this instance, you are forced to format your storage device which contains your valuable files and folders.

When you perform this operation, it is understood that the files and folders that are present on the hard drive will be vanished. But loosing those files/folders is not acceptable for you, as these contains important data in it.

Well here is where recovery of formatted hard drive with folder structure will help you out, and to make it happen you need to rely on the best and most trusted tool to restore formatted hard drive folder structure i.e. Remo Recover Windows.

Yes, Remo Recover Windows is that tool which can easily regain formatted hard drive folder structure, as this powerful tool is designed and developed with most complex code. So if you have ever performed formatting operation on your system storage device and want to bring back files/folders without altering its structure? Then simple make use of Remo Recover Windows tool and perform recovery operation of hard drive which is formatted.

Remo Recover Windows supports recovery of folder with its structure from a formatted hard drive on all the latest Windows Operating System such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008.

Some eye-catching features of Remo Recover Windows tool:

  • Simple yet effective tool to retrieve formatted hard drive folder structure
  • Free demo version available for every user, so that you can check out the recovery results before purchasing the licensed copy
  • Only few simple and countable steps to perform folder recovery operation
  • You can restore folders from hard drive after formatting which may contains files like images, audios, videos and any kind of documents
  • No need to worry about harmful viruses, as our recovery tool is completely scanned with good and latest antivirus application and it is totally virus free software
  • Supports recovery of folder from the file system like FAT, FAT-16, FAT-32, NTFS and NTFS5
  • Allows you to preview recovered data prior to save
  • This tool will help you to find folders based on its attributes like name, size, type and date
  • 24/7 our customer care service is available for you to assist you about Remo Recover products