Fix AVI File Windows

“Hi friends I have so many AVI file stored in my Windows Operating System. Till few days there was no problem playing video files. But since two days they are not playing smoothly. I think those files got corrupted but I am not sure what was the actual problem. Is there any tool that can repair AVI file? If yes, then kindly share it with me.”

AVI is the most used video data file kind that’s gathering popularity currently pertaining to store video files with high definition.AVI supports lots of video formats without any codec issues and this made it more popular among users. Many times, you may come across some difficulties while playing AVI video files. Frequently, this particular problem arises when AVI video files get damaged because of a number of factors, such as, virus invasion, data file system corruption, quick electric power failing, and many others.

Even then, don’t get tensed, since you are the right place to get solution for your problem. You possibly can fix all the errors successfully that creates data corruption through the use of Remo Repair AVI software. It keeps the quality of output AVI video and will be same as just before data corruption. Before you go with the mending process, let’s list out the possible mistakes that could come while playing any infected AVI video file.

What sorts of difficulties you could possibly encounter while playing damaged AVI video:

  • The AVI video is playing but without sound and sometimes sound is audible but no video is playing.
  • The video will never open up in any kind of player.
  • The image gets freeze, but sound continues to play.
  • Audio, video is not synchronized.

Remo Repair AVI offers a clever approach that will help you in fixing corrupted or damaged AVI files which consists of superb functionalities. The software is very smart enough that it will find all the corrupted files and it repairs on its own with it’s in –built repair algorithm. It is a non-destructive program which creates a healthy copy of the damaged video file so that it won’t harm the original source file.

The software is shaped out with simple user interface which will help users to mend the files without any difficulty. As soon as it finishes the process of repairing the AVI files, the software allows the end user to Preview the results before restoring them to your system. The tool is available in trial version with all the features embed in the licensed version except the ‘Save’ option for storing files into your system. In order to save those repaired files you can buy the licensed version of the software. This feature allows user to evaluate the capability of the software so that a user can decide whether to invest on it or not.

Factors making AVI video file damaged:

You can find so many reasons for this particular AVI video file corruption like unsupported media player, unfinished download, codec errors, power outages, header file corruption, CRC problem, external risks, and many others. When these kinds of troubles come, you can find aid from Remo Repair AVI application in order to make your damaged AVI video playable on your Windows Computer.