Create an Ideal Windows 10 Security Setup

When you first purchase a new Windows system, you must focus on downloading applications and transferring your favorite stuffs on computer. However, rather than collecting stuffs from everywhere you would go to protect your files or configure privacy on the system. There are certain files and data that you never want to share with anyone and want them secure. Such sensitive files are taken care from you and encrypted so that it’s to open or access on your Windows system.

Follow below mentioned tips in order to set up Security in Windows 10 system

  • Start with clean installation of Windows 10 operating system even though you have new computer. It removes junk software from the system that the manufacture thought you would like this. In order to re-install operating system you can check this link.
  • Disconnect your device with Microsoft account so that Microsoft doesn’t know about the log in to the system. In order to disconnect the Microsoft Account, follow the given steps:
  1. Open Start > Search Account > Manage your Account
  2. Press Sign in with a local account instead
  3. Create a user name and password
  4. Log out and then re log in with new credential
  • You can also tweak number of setting according to your choice like General, Location, Camera, Microphone, Speech, inking & typing, Account info, Contacts and Calendars.
  • Protect your personal data and apps from other users. The built-ins system can’t protect personal data and apps that you download on computer. However, you are able to download third party tool in order to secure data and apps. Basic things you must keep in mind while you start working on system:
  1. Install updates antivirus scanning tool
  2. Download privacy protected extension on browsers
  3. Always use VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • Lock down your system if you went outside for few minutes. Prevention is better than cure so it is necessary to keep your system locked when you are not working. Few precautionary measures:
  1. Enable a lock screen
  2. Keep your machine in safe place
  3. Secure your Wi-Fi