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Windows 8 is the most popular operating system used across the world. It consists of number of advantages and features over older versions. In spite of several advantages, sometimes files get deleted permanently from system in Windows 8. Can anyone suggest third party tool to recover permanently deleted files in Windows 8? Under such horrible… Read Article →

There are always chances for failure in technology. For such circumstances, we always employ back up plan in order to protect files and folder. In computer hard drives, we always store important files such as photos, documents, videos, songs and losing them is really horrible condition for us. But sometimes due to certain errors, data… Read Article →

SSD’s data loss is very common on Windows computer and it is the major problem with many end users across the world. There are many reasons for loss of data such as logical errors or mistakenly erasing data by user, etc. If you come across such circumstances of lost data from SSD drive then don’t… Read Article →

Have you ever been in such a frightful situation? or have you ever thought of loosing your files? As data is one of the most precious assets in your system, securing it is of great importance. Many people might have come across this situation of loosing their confidential data. But actually it’s a misconception as… Read Article →

“A week ago, i bought new computer, it was very fast but due to constant use its spped is now decreased and it used to take a long time to open single file on it. So to speed up my PC, i decided to restore it to factory settings. But in this hurry i forgot… Read Article →

So, you have lost data and want to recover it. You have chosen a right tool that has the capability to restore all your data within few minutes. This tool does not even damage your data during recovery process.  Want to know how to use Remo Recover Windows application? Then just read out this article… Read Article →

Recover Data from formatted RAID5 drive Let us know what exactly RAID mean RAID stands for Redundant Array if Inexpensive Disks is nothing but a data storage place that will combine multiple disk drive components into logical units to avoid data redundancy. This RAID5 drive contains three or five hard drives where each one can… Read Article →

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