Best Hard Drive, SSD and Storage Solutions

In this page you will see general storage drive reviews and advice for buying SSD and various factors to consider when you actually purchase the SSD brands hard drive.

SSD (Solid State Drives)

  • Performance: In terms of performance, currently Samsung SSD 850 Pro which offers complete in-house solution and SanDisk Extreme Pro is really good choice with 10-year warranty.
  • Mainstream: Reliability and performance are the biggest concern about SSD buyers. Samsung 850 EVO is a top rated drive which uses 3D V‐NAND and very high performance. The Vector 180 is also a great deal and if you are in search of cost effect drive than BX100 which is the best low price hard drive.
  • mSATA: This drives are mainly designed for embedded solutions and ultra-thin portables. One of the top performing drive which provides both performance and storage capacity currently available is Samsung 850 EVO mSATA SSD.
  • M.2: Similar to mSATA, this M.2 class devices are built for embedded solutions and ultra-thin devices but includes many more advantages and not limited to mSATA’s legacy architecture. This kind of devices are very costly but offers power consumption and better performance.

3.5″ Desktop Hard Drives

  • Enthusiast: The WD Black 6TB is a good choice for consumer performance HDDs. It is a perfect solution for those who are looking for SSD alternatives with huge capacity and best deal if you are using for gaming applications. But, if you are looking for low price then Hitachi Deskstar 7K4000 is a good option.
  • Mainstream: The key point of mainstream system builds are now SSDs but still the Seagate Barracuda LP, home servers and the Seagate Desktop HDD15 are really good option due to low cost and power consumption.
  • NAS HDDs: Many hard drive vendors started segmenting disc for specific use. The most preferred NAS devices are WD Red Pro (4TB) and the Seagate Enterprise NAS (6TB).

2.5″ Notebook Hard Drives

  • Hybrid Hard Drives- The first hybrid HDD is Seagate with Momentus XT. It is available up to 500GB and 1TB and the hard disk itself uses extra 4GB flash storage efficiently.
  • Enthusiast- The Western Digital Scorpio Black is one notebook that constantly rise to the top. Those who are looking to update their laptops for gaming performance to SSD based system, Cruicial MX100 SSD is relatively a good option.
  • High capacity- A standard to almost every notebooks computers is the Samsung SpinPoint M9 with 2.5-inch drives and also offers 2TB of storage in a 9.5mm drive height.

Portable Storage

  • Standard 2.5: One of the top performance and high capacity of 4TB drive in this class is Seagate Backup Plus Fast Portable and the WD My Passport Pro is also suggested due to its high performance, good capacity and relatively easy to use bundled tool.
  • Portable SSDs: This are very much expensive and good choice for those consumers who are looking ultra-portability and speed and are ready to pay hefty cost. There are not many devices released in this category but some are Samsung Portable SSD T1 and Seagate Seven Portable.
  • Wireless: The portable wireless hard drives in the market have many options but LaCie Fuel Corsair Voyager Air and the Seagate Wireless Plus available up to 1 TB.

Desktop Storage (DAS)

  • Performance: LaCie is a perfect companion for media enthusiasts and professionals because of premium design and advanced technology used with all of their devices. Apart from various LaCie drives, the G-Technology G-SPEED Studio 4-bay is also a very good DAS.
  • Single drive: The current leader in this type of class is Seagate Backup Plus External Hard Drive, which includes 8TB storage space in just a single drive.