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When we talk about Outlook 2010, things go sometimes complicated or at times very handy. Here in this article we will make it easier for you in locating the server settings in Outlook Step 1: You need to open the File tab which is holding your Account Details Step 2: In this step, you should… Read Article →

At times, you might face problem in starting the MS Outlook application installed on your PC. As you attempt to open Outlook email, you could get an error saying that – “Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Unable to open Outlook window” With such Outlook start-up issues, you will ultimately fail to open or access any mails… Read Article →

Are you worried on how to restore deleted partition? Well, in this page we will provide solution on the following things: What to do after partition deletion? How to restore deleted partition? Other scenarios for the loss of partition By partitioning hard drive you can manage your data to categorize your files. It’s also useful… Read Article →

Today, wide verities of flash drives are available in the market. Well, here, we are mainly focusing on PNY Turbo 128 GB USB flash drive. It appears as there is nothing to say about PNY homely appearance except its sliding cover as it’s the worst thing about the drive. Also, this cover doesn’t provide protection… Read Article →

Can’t open or format your pen drive when connected to Windows PC? To provide solution, go through this page and know how to open or format pen drive… The first thing you need to consider is to try to remove your pen drive by making use of safely remove icon on the taskbar. For this,… Read Article →

It may happen that your antivirus software might delete a suspicious file from your storage medium. Then what will be your next step?? Never conclude that files once deleted cannot be recovered irrespective of the situation you have lost that particular file or folder. In this tutorial, you will get to know about the tricks… Read Article →

Hi, I have stored all important file in a compressed file format so that there would be less chances for corruption. But when I am trying to extract data from compressed file, it seems like broken. I want to get back data from compressed RAR file as soon as possible. Can anyone suggest how to… Read Article →

Even though there are various alternative hard drive browsers, Windows Explorer is still favorite hard drive browser for most of the Windows users. Now, let us consider a situation, where you have a hard drive of 250 GB capacity, and when you opened Windows Explorer to see its properties, it showed only 160 GB capacity…. Read Article →

If your precious images has been lost or deleted from camera, mobile phone, or computer, then need not worry, just go through this article to learn how to recover photos easily in few clicks. Remo Recover is an ideal photo recovery software that brings back all the deleted or lost images from your storage device… Read Article →

Have your files and folders become shortcut and you are looking for solution to fix the problem? If yes, don’t worry we are here to guide the victims of such issues. Most of cases virus and malwares are responsible for problem which results in shortcut of files and folders. Be patient and we are going… Read Article →

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